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What is Spiritualism and Why to attain it in this World?


The rational intellect can’t make a person a better human being on this earth. It may be good for gaining material wealth but the qualities like unconditional love, self honesty, joy, humility and modesty in a human being are achieved only through the spirituality.

If you want to understand yourself better then spiritual lessons is the best way to achieve it. Once you attain spirituality, then you are able to achieve any goal of your life with maximum ease. The spiritual lectures assist and guide you in your daily life. The spiritual growth or awareness helps you to Discover Your Permanent Happiness.

How to attain Spiritualism in this world?

You need to integrate spirituality in all the decisions of your life both private as well as business. It assists you in everything you do or don’t do. Spiritualism is not something like a leisure activity that you will apply on mornings or evenings or on holidays.  You should integrate it completely in your life like clothing.

When we move out of our home, we ensure that we are adequately dressed all day around. We don’t dress up only on some rare occasions of our life. We always wrap ourselves in some clothes. And nobody on this earth likes to walk naked around.

The spirituality cannot be attained overnight. Once you connect yourself with this world you keep on achieving it from one day to the other. It needs a lot of training.

But the question is where to attain it in the world. We come across thousands of WebPages and publications on internet dealing with the spirituality topic. They tell us about how to become a better spiritual being on this earth. But there is a lot of difference between the practical training and the theoretical lessons.

The Hare Krishna Movement (ISCKCON) Center of spiritualism trains a person how to integrate and wear it as daily clothing. The qualtiy, reliability and truthfulness in the lectures of Hare Krishna Movement reflect in the character of the ISKCON devotees.

Benefits of attaining Spirituality

The spirituality lectures help you to Discover Your Permanent Happiness. Seminars on Spiritualism is beneficial for life. Once you land in the world of spirituality, it becomes easier for you to grasp it. The logic is simp

le, to become a doctor, you join a medical college and to become an engineer, you join an engineering college. Similarly to become a great spiritual being, you need to connect with the spiritual world of ISKCON.

It is not important how many angels support you after attaining the highest degree of spirituality in this world but the important is you are being provided the help.

A spiritual being do understands the feel and support he/she receives from the spiritual world. And how to make difference that the support is real and existing in nature, not an imaginary one likes dreams.

It is a scientific fact that all human beings on this earth have a sensor. At Hare Krishna Movement you are trained how to use this sensor for attaining spirituality. To understand it with a rational intellect of a man is impossible in this world.

This sensor is available to all human beings.  It is known by different names like gut feeling, intuition, sixth sense, instinct, and heart etc. All these names are vague for it and only meant for material gains.

You will be surprised to know this sensor is more developed in children than adults. This is the reason why it is easy to train a child than an adult. Spirulaity is to fight Hunger and other problems in the world. It shows you the ways to fight hunger in the world.

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