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5 Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna that Everyone Should Know

Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is worshipped all across the globe with great devotion. As the name itself means, “all-attractive”, Lord Krishna has the ability to attract everyone with His charming aura. His divine lotus like feet is considered as the ultimate goal for all His devotees. In Vedic literature, the Lord Krishna is described as the vital source of all knowledge and therefore, His teachings are there in the sacred book, Bhagwad Gita. Vedas talk about the different incarnations of Lord Krishna. People all across the globe follow His principles mentioned in Bhagwad Gita to live a peaceful and happy life. But there are some unknown facts about Lord Krishna that no one is aware of. Read this blog to know unrevealed facts related to Lord Krishna’s life.

Following are the 5 Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna that Everyone Should Know:

  1. Innumerable names of Lord Krishna:

Lord Krishna has innumerable names, out of which, some of his popular names are Ghanshyam, Govind, Mohan, Devakinandan, Hari, Shyam, Baanke Bihari, VasudevaPutra and much more.

  1. The Kidnapping of Subhadhra:

Once, the great Pandava hero Arjuna was traveling and learned that Lord Balarama was arranging Subhadra’s marriage to Duryodhana. Since the handsome Arjuna also wanted to marry Balarama’s beautiful younger sister Subhadra, he worked out a secret plan to take her as his own wife. Arjuna put on saffron robes and carried the tridanda stick of a Vaishnava sanyasi. When he reached Dvaraka, no one even recognized him dressed in this way. Soon, Lord Balarama invited this particular holy man to lunch, where neither Subhadra nor Arjuna stopped smiling at each other. As Arjuna enjoyed the meal, they both relished the idea of marrying each other.

One day, when Arjuna saw the lovely Subhadra going by chariot to the temple, he decided to explain his plan to her mother and father, Vasudeva and Devaki. With their permission, Arjuna took his bow in hand, jumped into Subhadra’s chariot, and drove away with her. Her elder brother Balarama soon found out that His so-called sanyasi guest was none other than clever Arjuna, who had planned this trick simply to kidnap Subhadra. He was as disturbed as the waves in the ocean on a full moon day. He was so furious that He was ready to chase after Ariuna with a whole army of soldiers just to bring back His sister.

Before Balarama could begin the chase, however, Lord Krishna fell down at His feet along with Vasudeva and Devaki, and begged, “My dear Balaramaji, please just wait one moment. It is very clear that Subhadra wants to marry Arjuna. If You send Your soldiers to stop him, she will certainly be disappointed. Kindly avoid this disaster and pardon Arjuna.”

Lord Balarama looked at them thoughtfully for a moment and smiled. “Since everyone else is satisfied with Subhadra’s choice,” He said, “I should put aside My anger and call back My soldiers.” Instead of ordering a big battle, Balarama arranged for the happy and auspicious wedding of Subhadra and Arjuna with a huge dowry of riches, elephants, chariots, horses, servants and maidservants.

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  1. Lord Krishna’s 16,108 wives:

This may be a most unique and unknown fact about Lord Krishna that He had total 16,108 wives and 8 of them were considered as His principal wives also referred as “Ashtabharya”. The names of 8 wives of Lord Krishna were Rukmini, Jambavati, Mitravinda, Satyabhama, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Kalindi, and Lakshmana and each wife gave Lord Krishna 10 sons. Lord Krishna freed 16,100 women from the control of an evil spirit Narakasura who had kept all women forcibly. When all those 16,100 women returned to their families, none of their families agreed to accept them back. This is the reason why Lord Krishna married them. He just married them to protect their honour.

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  1. Krishna, the Ranch

Lord Krishna left Muchukunda’s cave. When He got back to Mathura, Kalayavana’s soldiers were still there. He beat them all and took all their ornaments and jewels back to Dvaraka.

Soon after this, Jarasandha came back again to fight with Krishna at Mathura.
Lord Krishna had already killed all his soldiers 17 times before, and had just finished killing all Kalayavana’s soldiers. Krishna had so many other things to do in Dvaraka and Hastinapura and did not want to waste time fighting with Jarasandha again, killing even more soldiers. Krishna and Balarama simply left the battlefield without fighting.

Because of that, Jarasandha started calling Krishna all kinds of names. He especially called Him, “Ranchor”, or “Coward”, because He ran away without fighting.

Krishna and Balarama went to the top of the very high Pravarshana Mountain.
Though Jarasandha looked for Them for a long time, he could not find out where They were hiding. So he poured oil all around the mountain and set it on fire so he could cate!

Them. As the blazing fire spread up the mountain, Krishna and Balarama jumped fron the very top right down to the ground. They landed on the other side of the mountain, about eighty-eight miles away. Jarasandha did not even see Krishna and Balarama get away. Since he thought They had been burned in the fire, Jarasandha stopped fighting at Mathura and went back to his home.

Of course, Krishna and Balarama were not burned up in the fire. They had left the mountain and went back to the city of Dvaraka in the middle of the ocean, where all Their family was living safely.

  1. Lord Krishna gave life to Guru Sandipani Muni’s dead son:

Lord Krishna gave life to Guru Sandipani Muni’s dead son:
After completing Their studies under Guru Sandipani Muni, Lord Krishna and His elder brother Balarama asked Their Guru about Guru Dakshina. So, Guru Sandipani Muni replied by asking Them to bring back his dead son who had vanished in some ocean near Prabhasa. To do, Krishna and Balarama took a trip to the spot where They got to learn that Guru’s son had been caught by a devil inside a conch namely Panchajanya. Then, They took it to the God of Death and asked for restoring him back to the life. This is the way; They brought him back to the life from death.

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