Discover Your Permanent Happiness

Find the key to happiness with ISKCON Dwarka’s Discover Your Permanent Happiness Programs. The Center for Permanent Happiness has launched stellar seminars that are going to help you seek the answer to most of life’s questions, leading to eternal happiness. The session is 12 hours long, and takes six days to complete, at the end of which you will come out enlightened.

In a world full of tension and grief, we are yet to find complete happiness in our lives, and this permanent happiness seminar is going to alter that. The program is a life-changing experience, which helps you to learn the practical truths of life and emerge as a better human being. Discover your permanent happiness and come closer to God. 

Solving Personal Problems using Discover Your Permanent Happiness Programs by Iskcon


Who are You? Are you in search of Happiness? Does God really Exist? Why do bad things happen to Good people? If God is one then why so many religions?


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ISKCON Dwarka brings a ‘Discover Your Permanent Happiness’ seminar to answer the questions that YOU have been seeking and that has challenged the human intellect since eternity. It is a 12hours session spread across six days, these shall be a life changing experience with a systematic and scientific program that helps you understand simple and practical truths of life for a better life style management.

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How will I benefit from the course?

  • 1. Offers a life changing experience with a systematic and scientific answer that helps you understand simple and practical truths of life for a better life style management
  • 2. Helps you to empower yourself with timeless vedic techniques to successfully tackle the stress and other by products of the modern life style
  • 3. The new found energy and knowledge helps you to harness your power of mind and attain inner peace and fulfillment by understanding the realities of life, to be able to live in harmony with your self as well as all with those associated with us either socially or professionally.
  • 4. Help you to harmonize yourself with the Law of Karma and equip you to face the adversaries of life with peaceful and balanced mind.
  • 5. Empower you to eliminate the undesirable self destructive habits and traits.
  • 6. It is a road map to inner peace and fulfillment to lead a life with conscience and harmony.


Salient features


Professionally qualified mentors
Scientific understanding of God, Soul and Life
Slide show presentation
Exciting Q&A and interactive sessions
Meditation technique
Certificate awarded




Search for Happiness

  • 1 Speaciality of human birth.
  • 2 why scientific, technological and medical advertisements have not made men happy?
  • 3 What is the right method for the body, mind and soul to be happy & healthy?
  • 4 Real vs Relative problems of life.
  • 5 Is it possible to remain happy and peaceful eternally in this world?

Does God really exist?

  • Is faith in God a belief or provable scientific reality?
  • Four defects that stunt our research!
  • Did everything start from a 'Big bang' or a 'Big brain'?
  • See a demo on how 'seeing is not believing'
  • What is the proof that vedas are true?
  • How can Vedas help me have a healthy body, mind and soul?
who am i

Who am I?

  • Am i a bundle of chemical or anything more than that?
  • Existence of soul -: Factor Fantasy?
  • Can the presence of soul be proven scientifically?
  • Practical benefits of the knowladge about the soul.
  • Are we gods or God's?
bad things

Why bad things happen to good people?

  • Laws of Karma: Understanding Action, Reaction & Inaction.
  • If God is all merciful why there are so many problems?
  • Understand modes of Goodness, Passion & ignorance.
  • Original beauty and Counterfeit beauty
  • 'Locked up' in material world Why?
  • The anti-material world of mirth and merry beyond!
who am i

If God is one, then why so many religions?

  • Why has God created different religions?
  • Do all paths lead to same Goal?
  • Ascend from Fear to Love.
  • Is God a formless light or is He a Person?
  • God Vs Demigods
bad things

Yoga for the modern age

  • What is yoga & type of Yoga?
  • Practical tips for a peacful life - the ABCD formula.
  • What is the easiest way to be stress free?
  • Yoga for this age.




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