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Tax Exemption

In India, what is tax exemption? 

Welcome to India’s intriguing world of tax exemption, where helping a cause you care about warms your heart and comes with a few benefits! In layman’s terms, tax exemption is a government-granted relief that allows individuals or organisations to lower their taxable income. Isn’t that a win-win scenario?

Tax Exemption for Charitable Donations in India

This is where things become fascinating for those with caring hearts. India promotes philanthropy by providing tax breaks for charitable contributions. By donating to organisations such as ISKCON, you are helping society and are entitled to tax breaks under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Know About the Section 80G in the Income Tax Act

Section 80G, the Income Tax Act’s unsung hero, is your ticket to charity and savings. This section assists individuals who offer their hearts and money to support charity initiatives such as those promoted by ISKCON. When you donate to ISKCON, you are supporting their good causes and laying the road for a tax break.

What is Eligibility for Claiming Deductions Under Section 80G?

Let’s get to the matter: who can dance to tax breaks under Section 80G? Fortunately, it covers a wide range. Individual and corporate taxpayers in India can deduct gifts made to organisations designated under Section 80G. Fortunately for you, ISKCON proudly has that permission, making your gifts twice as powerful.

What documentation is required to Claim a Section 80G deduction?

Ah, paperwork is a necessary evil in the world of tax breaks. But don’t worry; claiming your Section 80G deduction is simple. When you donate to ISKCON, ensure you get a receipt acknowledging your generosity. This receipt, a virtuous document, will be your key to unlocking the doors of tax breaks.

A digital receipt from ISKCON’s secure contribution portal is just as legitimate for those tech-savvy donors. The Income Tax Department appreciates your dedication to making a difference; these receipts prove that dedication. Now that you’ve mastered the convoluted donation tax exemption information maze, here’s the icing on the cake.

The Art of Giving and Receiving

Consider the following step as you bask in the beauty of your newfound tax knowledge. Your contribution to ISKCON projects promotes positive change and impacts your tax returns.

At the core of this page lies a subtle appeal to join ISKCON in their endeavour to make the world a better place. If our goals and beliefs coincide, we invite you to donate and become a part of something bigger than yourself. Feel the thrill of donating, see the transformation it brings, and let your tax returns reflect more than just financial savvy. Remember that your giving now shapes a greater tomorrow for you, society, and future generations. Cheers to making an impact!

Tax Exemption Donation FAQs

You can avoid taxes by donating to ISKCON, a recognised charitable organisation, under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Donations to such organisations are deductible, lowering your taxable income and providing the double benefit of supporting a worthy cause while minimising your tax responsibility.

Section 80G of the Income Tax Act permits taxpayers to deduct contributions to qualified charity organisations. It promotes philanthropy by granting tax breaks to individuals and corporations who donate to authorised charities such as ISKCON.

Donate to ISKCON and make sure you get a legal receipt to get tax breaks. Following Section 80G, this acknowledgement is documentation for claiming donation tax deductions on your taxable income while giving to ISKCON’s humanitarian projects.

No minimum donation amount is required to obtain Section 80G tax exemption. Every contribution to ISKCON, whether large or small, is tax deductible, creating an inclusive approach to giving.

While there is no maximum limit for Section 80G gifts, the charity tax deduction amount is limited to a certain proportion of your taxable income. For personalised advice, speak with a tax advisor.

Yes, tax receipts are issued by ISKCON Dwarka for donations. The processing time may vary, but you will receive your receipt as soon as possible. 

Tax exemption certificates are normally supplied after the donation has been made. If not received within time, Pls contact ISKCON Dwarka’s accounts office.

Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can claim tax exemptions under Section 80G for donations from authorised charity organisations, including ISKCON. Check that you comply with the relevant papers and rules for NRIs.
To claim tax exemption, keep the ISKCON receipt as confirmation of your donation. This document and the organisation’s 80G certificate certify your deduction eligibility.

Yes, ISKCON Dwarka takes in-kind donations regularly. All kinds of In-Kind donations are accepted after discussion with temple authorities. 

Donating to ISKCON provides tax benefits under Section 80G and the satisfaction of contributing to good causes. It’s a perfect marriage of generosity and financial prudence, allowing you to assist worthwhile causes while minimising your tax exposure.
The limit for cash donation under 80G tax exemption is Rs. 2,000 annually. Contributions above this level must be made in non-cash modes to qualify for deductions. Maintain compliance with this legislation to ensure a smooth contribution experience.
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Krishna once said that good deeds made, gifted, frugal, and done without faith are shown as no or “assat.” Therefore, neither here nor below is useful. Let us take a step closer to the devotion of Kanha and do our bit to help others in need.


Krishna once said that good deeds made, gifted, frugal, and done without faith are shown as no or “assat.” Therefore, neither here nor below is useful. Let us take a step closer to the devotion of Kanha and do our bit to help others in need.