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Ekadashi is considered as an important day for Vaishnavites. This day comes twice in a Lunar month, in the dark fortnight and in the bright fortnight. One the day of Ekadashi, it is recommended to not eat or drink anything for the entire day. According to scriptures,it is said that sin resides in food grains on Ekadasi. So,one should abstain oneself from grains and lentils on this day. Vaishnavites fast on Ekadasi for the pleasure of Lord Krishna. This is the reason that it is essential for you to have information of Ekadashi calendar.

08 January Sunday Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
09 January Monday Gauna Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
Vaishnava Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
23 January Monday Shattila Ekadashi 
07 February Tuesday Jaya Ekadashi
22 February Wednesday Vijaya Ekadashi
08 March Wednesday Amalaki Ekadashi
24 March Friday Papmochani Ekadashi
07 April Friday Kamada Ekadashi
22 April Saturday Varuthini Ekadashi
23 April Sunday Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi
06 May Saturday Mohini Ekadashi
22 May Monady Apara Ekadashi
05 June Monday Nirjala Ekadashi
20 June Tuesday Yogini Ekadashi
04 July Tuesday Devshayani Ekadashi
19 July Wednesday Kamika Ekadashi
20 July Thursday Gauna Kamika Ekadashi Vaishnava Kamika Ekadashi
03 August Thursday Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
18 August Friday Aja Ekadashi
02 September Saturday Parsva Ekadashi
16 September Saturday Indira Ekadashi
01 October Sunday Papankusha Ekadashi
15 October Sunday Rama Ekadashi
31 October Tuesday Devutthana Ekadashi
14 November Tuesday Utpanna Ekadashi
30 November Thursday Mokshada Ekadashi
13 December Wednesday Saphala Ekadashi
29 December Friday Pausha Putrada Ekadashi


Things to do on Ekadashi Day :


  • Wake up early and take a shower. Stay calm and relax your mind and body.
  • Do not eat grains and lentils.
  • Give maximum time for spiritual activities like chanting the Holy Name, reading and hearing about the glories of The Lord.
  • If it is not possible to remain empty stomach,then one can have fruits or Ekadasi food prasad.
  • If have unintentionally missed Ekadashi, you can also fast on the next day of Ekadashi and discontinue fast on the third day. To avoid such mistakes, stay updated with Ekadashi calendar always.
  • Do not sleep in the daytime and also avoid shaving and oil massage this day.
  • If you don’t fast on Ekadashi, avoid having a meal more than one time in a day. It is recommended to not to have a meal after midday during Ekadashi.
  • Always make sure to break the fast during the Paran Time.
  • Also, avoid having heavy food initially as your stomach was empty during fasting and it might pain your stomach to eat heavy food all of sudden. Make sure to start a day with fresh fruit juices or light food.
  • Also, make sure to not overeat a day before fasting as it might become difficult for you to stay empty stomach on the day of fasting.

Why is Ekadashi Fasting good for you?

Good for digestion:

There is no doubt that fasting on such an auspicious day of Ekadashi brings spiritual benefits in your life, but fasting is also good for your health. Since, you keep your body away from the heavy meals three times in a day on the fasting day,so your body as well as the mind feels more relaxed than other days.

Connects your soul with the super soul:

To get rid of your sins and bad karma, it is essential for the people who fast on Ekadashi to remember supreme power for the entire day. If you don’t keep God in your thoughts, your fasting may go useless. So, fasting done with a pure heart can connect your soul with the super soul.

Liberation from the life and death cycle:

Hindu sages believe that the Ekadashi fasting can help you to liberate from the large life and death cycles if fasting is done without any feeling of greediness.

At Iskcon Dwarka, Ekadashi is celebrated with a great enthusiasm and reverence. 24 hours Sankirtan is held. So, come and get yourself filled with a great devotion.

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Krishna once said that good deeds made, gifted, frugal, and done without faith are shown as no or “assat.” Therefore, neither here nor below is useful. Let us take a step closer to the devotion of Kanha and do our bit to help others in need.


Krishna once said that good deeds made, gifted, frugal, and done without faith are shown as no or “assat.” Therefore, neither here nor below is useful. Let us take a step closer to the devotion of Kanha and do our bit to help others in need.
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