The Blessed Act of Giving, The Joyous Shower of Blessings

Sudama Sewa

Lord Krishna has always taught us with his life. We need your help to propagate the teachings and the values of Lord Krishna. Your contribution will help us build the abode of Lord Krishna and reach out to all those searching for answers.

Sudama Seva Installment (For Existing Donors)

Become a Sudama Sevak by donating 1-square foot with Rs 6000 and have your name displayed on the floor or wall surface. You can give it either as a one-time payment or through monthly installments.

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Food For Life

Through the FOOD FOR LIFE program, Iskcon Dwarka has offered hungry people nutritious, filling food. We have been able to feed more than 2.5 crore people. With each contribution you make, we will be able to feed 50 people. We urge you to donate through Iskcon for this blessed cause.

Pay by UPI

UPI Address: 8527405353@paytm