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Live a happy life with Life Style Management Program by Iskcon


In today’s competitive era, the lives of people have become so tough that people don’t find time togroom themselves in the aspect of behaviour. Lots of disappointments due to career problem, health problem, family problem, etc. lead to nothing but anger or depression. The emotional imbalance not only affects the behaviour but it has a direct influence on the health of a person. This is the reason that Iskcon Dwarka has come up with the life-changing program i.e. life style management program. Life style management program allow a person to have self-control that is helpful in staying away from everything that can harm him. At Iskcon, we help you in balancing your life by the concept of SQ, PQ, and EQ. EQ stands for the Emotional Quotient that is the way to have control over your emotions and others as well. Learning to have balanced Emotional Quotient can help to provide the ability to understand and manage emotions in a better manner. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient that evaluates one’s ability of rational thoughts. IQ helps you in becoming smart enough to achieve success in life. Last, but not the least, SQ stands for Spiritual Quotient that evaluates how well you are working towards your goal and what can actually make you happy. So, our life style management program is aimed at building positive thinking in the minds of human beings so that theyaccept whatever life offers to them.


Controlling Anger with Life Style Management Programs


Anger is something that can destroy a person mentally as well as physically. A state of anger usually comes, when something does not happen according to our will or when someone misbehaves with us. But anger can do nothing, but destruction. So, it is essential for every human being to manage their anger in a good manner. Our life style management program is based on the approach of mantra meditation that helps a person to stay calm in every situation.



Life Style Management Program help to manage time wisely



Every person nowadays is stuck with the busy and hectic schedules that they don’t get time to give time to their own priorities in life. Though people use to create so many checklists, schedules in the mobile phones, and much more, it can lead to nothing but the wastage of your time. The life style management programs at Iskcon follow the approach of the Clock and Compass Method where clock symbolizes schedules, commitments, activities, appointments, goals and compass represents what is important or important for us. So, problems occur when the gap between the compass and clock increases, therefore, life style management programcan lessen this gap for you. From making your home a better place to live to have self-control over emotions, controlling anger, and bringing meditation into practice, Life Style Management program can change your perception towards life and bring a lot of happiness in your life.




The art of self management

  • What is the need of self control?
  • What is Universal Government?
  • Learn Work-Life Balance by PQ, EQ & SQ.
  • Learn the way of positive thinking.

How to manage your Anger?

  • Root cause of anger
  • The ABC & CB analysis to overcome anger
  • The right way to express anger
  • Anger & D-anger

Knowledge to blissful living

  • Know the secret of blissing living
  • Learn effective study methods, GIGO and myth buster
  • What is the impact of association i life?
  • Practical Tips to grasp and apply what you read

Making home a temple

  • What is the need of a temple?
  • Is it necessary to come to the temple?
  • Idol Worship Vs Ideal Worship

Meditation retreat

  • What is to meditade in Meditation?
  • What are the obstacles in meditaion
  • Learn easy and effective ways of meditation

Effective Time Management(optional)

  • The clock and the compass method
  • The four generations of time Management
  • Learn Time Management Matrix & Quardants of Life
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