Best Way to do charity


The more we help others, more we feel happier. Various researches show that people who give time, money, or support to others are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their lives—and less likely to be depressed. The world is working on a tight schedule and no one possesses time to help others, but there are many best ways to do charity anytime and anywhere. Helping others is like helping ourselves, to spread the kindness and to live a peaceful life. Doing work for the noble cause always brings positivity in a person.


Why to do charity in ISKCON?

There are plenty of reasons to do charity in ISKCON. We are working for humanity from last many years. Your little contribution can help us in a bigger way to do something for others. In order to protect your money from scammers and fraudsters, you can directly come to us and know everything. Providing help to the needy is our major and only concern. This is the reason why we ask the able people to contribute to the noble cause of making others’ life meaningful and better. If you are willing to help and donate some amount, you can visit our website and donate as much as you can. Your little help can make someone’s life better.

Ways you can be Charitable?

Charity is not just a word it is a feeling of goodness inside a person. It is a way a person reflects his kindness toward others. Charity isn’t just about giving money but it is about giving anything that can serve others. We all want to help others, it is our nature, but we have many questions like what can I do or if my money is going to reach the people in need or the pockets of scammers. The major problem is our time, we are always over occupied with our work, family, and making money that we barely think about our other brothers and sisters suffering. It is our moral responsibility to help people in need, we must grab any opportunity we can help other humans. Let’s see various ways we can be of a service to humanity.

This is the least time consuming and most inexpensive way of charity. All you have to do is go and register with the nearest government organization for donating your organs. You won’t need those organs once you are dead so why not to give someone else a chance to live with your organs. Please don’t forget to carry your organ donor card with you all the time and let your family and friends know about your intentions.

Men and women can donate blood within a gap of 3-4 months. This way of charity isn’t just noble but also healthy for your body. Giving blood will only take 10-15 minutes of your time. The perfect age to donate blood is between the ages of 16 to 65. You can also donate platelets for patients with serious issues like cancer, blood disorders, and organ transplant.

We live in the age of science and many have lost their faith in religion. I am one of those people but there are many spiritual and religious organizations which are still working for the betterment of humanity and run various NGO and social services like free food or free housing etc. to people in need. One of such organizations is ISKCON. You can get complete details about their services for the poor and can make the donation to keep the culture going.

This was the first charity idea that came to me when I was young. We always have those clothes in our closet which we barely use and they are just lying there. Take those clothes and give it away, there are many people who need them. If you can’t find an organization who does that near you, find some time on the weekend and do it yourself. I promise you a feeling of utter happiness.

Reasons why Charity is the best thing to do

Makes it possible to connect with others:
Doing charity helps you to stay connected with others as it helps you to build a new community where you will find great people. So, you can expand your social circle and get new friends. Once you engage in the same activity with those people, you get to learn new skills of charity that enhances your personality.

Charity is good for your mind as well as body:
Helping others make you more kind and leaves a great impact on your mind. It makes you stress-free and doing good work makes you more positive, happier, and a good human being. Studies have also shown that people who do charity also stay physically fit and healthy.
Charity helps in promoting kindness among your children:
If you would be involved in the great deeds, your children would also learn the best ways to do charity that helps in building moral values. So, charity also promotes kindness and generosity in your family if you are involved in such good work.
Charity helps in enhancing money management:
If you fix some certain amount of money for donation every month, you can learn to manage your money in a better way. Since you would keep saving money for the noble cause of charity, you can be able to easily manage your other expenses as well. In this way, doing charity helps in enhancing personal money management.
Charity brings more meaning to your life:
While doing charity, you may find a lot of people facing several challenges in their life that would make you more kind and make you more thankful in life. Therefore, charity enhances your personality both professionally as well as personally.

Get involved in Charity activities at Iskcon Dwarka


If you want to get involved in the great deeds by donating some amount of money for the noble cause, then get involved in charity activities at Iskcon Dwarka that is one of the oldest and well-known spiritual organizations that has been working for numerous noble causes for last many years. The best way to do charity at Iskcon is that you can pay donation amount online that offers a lot of conveniences as you don’t need to go anywhere to pay donation amount. Simply visit our website and pay the donation amount as much as you want. It is sure that when you would start helping others, positive vibes would start building in your mind as well as the body. So, we at Isckon Dwarka, help you to find the best way to do charity without going anywhere.


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