Know About Srila Sanatana Goswami Disappearance Day


Birth Of Srila Sanatana Goswami

Sanatan Goswami was born in around 1488 CE. He was the son of Mukunda, the private secretary of the Sultan of Gauda, Jalaluddin Fateh Shah. Sanatana was the eldest son of Mukunda and his younger brothers were Rupa and Vallabha(Anupama). There seems to be some controversy amongst biographers about Sanatana Goswami’s Birthplace. Some say that he was born in Navahatta (Naihati, West Bengal). While others believe that he was born in Bakla (Chandradvipa, East Bengal). Some others say that he was born in Ramkeli ( District of Maldah, West Bengal).

Sanatana and his brother studied Nyaya and Vedanta from the famous logician Vasudeva Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya. Sanatana Goswami renounced all worldly pleasures and remained detached and always absorbed in Studies.

The Badsa Hassain Shah, having heard of their profound scholarship and intelligence, decided to engage the two brothers as his ministers. On the death of his Father, Sanatana was forced to take up the post of Sakara Malik (Treasure) to the new ruler of Bengal. While his brother Rupa was given the post of Dabir–i- Khas (private secretary).

When Sanatan Goswami Met Chaitanya Mahaprabhu


In 1514 CE both Sanatana and his brother both met with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu for the first time beneath Kadamba and tamal trees when Mahaprabhu was traveling through Gauda on his way to Vrindavan. After meeting with Mahaprabhu their lives changed. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave them the names Sanatana , Rupa and Anupama.

Due to this meeting, they decided to renounce the world and join Chaitanya and his entourage. Sanatana and Rupa decided to resign from their post. Rupa resigned from his post but Sanatana’s resignation was refused by the Sultan. Sanatana stopped coming to court and feigned sickness but when the Sultan sent his personal physicians to treat Sanatanathey returned and reported that Sanatana was in perfectly good health. The Sultan personally visited Sanatana and tried to convince him to continue to render his Governmental duties and accompany him on a military campaign against neighboring states. Sanatana refused to do this then Hussain Shah had thrown him into prison. While in prison Sanatana received a letter from his brother Rupa telling him that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had left purito to go to Vrindavan and Rupa and Anupama decided to meet him there. Sanatana thought now what can he do? Sanatana manages to bribe the jailer with money Rupa had sent him for emergencies. Sanatana then crossed the Ganga River and made his way towards Vrindavan.

Six Goswami –

  1. Rupa Goswami
  2. Sanatana Goswami
  3. Jiva Goswami
  4. Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami
  5. Gopala Bhatta Goswami
  6. Raghunatha Dasa Goswami

Sanatana Goswami was the senior-most of the influential Six Goswami of Vrindavan.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Teaching Sanatan Goswami.

  1. To write Books teaching bhakti-yoga, the process of devotion to Krishna.
  2.  To discover and excavate the place in Vrindavan where Krishna had his Pastimes.
  3. To establish the service of Deities of Krishna in Vrindavan.
  4. To compile a book established for devotees of Krishna in order to create the foundations of Vaishnava society.

Sanatana Goswami Return To Vrindavan

Sanatana Goswami returned to Vrindavan, where he located various Lost places. He also established the worship of the deity of Madana –mohana. Soon after Sanatana discovered the deity, a rich officer in the Moghul army named Krishna Dasa Kapura built a temple for Madana-mohana. Later this temple was called Radha Madan Mohan Temple.

Books Written By Sanatana Goswami.

Sanatana Goswami Wrote 4 Important books in Sanskrit on Gauriya Vaishnava philosophy.

  1. Brihat-Bhagavtamrita – The Great Nector of the Lord’s Devotees.
  2. Hari-bhakti-vilasa – Performance of Devotion of Hari.
  3. Krishna- lila –stava – Glorification of the Pastime of Krishna.
  4. Brihad Vaishnava Toshani – That which brings Great Joy to the Devotees of Krishna.

Sanatana Goswami Disappeared on Full Moon Day of Asar in 1558 CE. His Samadhi is located next to the Madana-Mohana Temple.

Sanatana Goswami ki Jai.