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Food Donation

Food Donation


One of the easiest and most effective ways we can and should utilize, to serve the Lord is through donation. Amongst all the donations one can make, what better than to give to the poor and needy, and of them, the donation of food is the most satisfying, not only to the one who receives it but to the one who feeds a hungry person. It is such a simple, and yet such an effective way to help others.
There are numerous NGOs available around the country that provide one with this beautiful opportunity, to serve GOD, to extend a helping hand, to experience what can only be experienced by one who provides this food donation, and you can simply pick one at your convenience.
Yes, Charity is a Good Karma, but more than that, it also makes this beautiful world an even better place to live. If we think of it, if each of the privileged individuals were to take to this endeavor, to donate food to the poor, none will ever have to sleep on an empty stomach ever again.
Food distribution is a step, very vital to get close to the Lord, as we all are His (ahaṁ bīja-pradaḥ pitā BG14.4) and He likes our cooperation with our fellow beings.

Donation of Food as Charity at ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple runs one of the most successful food distribution programs in the country, as we have already experienced in this tumultuous time of the COVID-19 pandemic (more than 2.5 crore meals served and still counting…) and you can be a part of it, simply by helping us help others. This one kind deed will never go unnoticed in the eyes of God. Your contribution will feed numerous hungry people.
ISKCON Temple’s “Food for Life” program is our humble charitable endeavor in this direction. This program was initiated by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON, with a vision to not let anyone, ever, go hungry. What he once began, has now expanded multifolds all over the community, to serve food to one who has need.
This tradition, to serve our society, to help the disadvantaged, is ongoing still, with full force. Let us join hands to reach what is still beyond, to those who are still unserved, to give what is a necessity to survive. Let them wait no longer.

Feeding the Poor - Is this Charity worthy?

Food is what keeps all species alive, we all know it is the foremost basic necessity of life. Lord even says that the living entities sustain on grains ( annād bhavanti bhūtāni BG3.14). Thus to feed someone implies keeping that person alive, sustained, and nourished.
ISKCON Food Donation
In other words, you are saving a life. What cause can be more Worthy? In our country, we have numerous people who are unable to afford a single meal for themselves, or their families: the situation has been made more dire due to present socio-economic conditions. To be able to feed even a few of them is an exceptional act of charity that one must not let go.

Why Should We Donate?

It is the need of the hour, and if one is privileged, it is our duty to help the needy. Lord says: as a privileged/ respectable person does, so shall the common man follow (yad yad ācarati śreṣṭhas tat tad evetaro janaḥ BG 3.21). So let each of us set an example, the others can follow.
With privilege comes responsibility, right? Now is the time to take up this responsibility on one’s shoulders. Does not matter how small, to serve your fellow humans is to serve God. Let us serve them by providing basic sustenance.
Also giving food as charity is a part of our Vedic culture, it is integral to our heritage. Where our motto has always been: “Simple living and High thinking, Paropkar Paramo Dharma”, the question we should ask is not “why We should donate to feed the poor?”, BUT instead, “how many can I feed today?” Donation is a means for hunger alleviation from society at large.

FAQs about Food Donation

Where Can I Make this Donation at Iskcon?

You can visit the ISKCON Temple website and donate to ‘Food for Life’. The program has various listing prices that are utilized to feed different numbers of people. For example, for 50 meals you can donate INR 1000; for 100 meals you can donate INR 2000; for 250 meals you can pay INR 5000, and so on. Your donation helps the hungry and poor people to get healthy nutritious meals.

How Does my Food Donation help Iskcon?

ISKCON has been feeding numerous needy and hungry people for a long time now. So when you donate to ISKCON for this program, you make a difference. An additional 50 meals, means an additional 50 people fed.
You can be assured that any money donated by you towards the ‘Food for Life’ program, will be used for this purpose only. So if you visit ISKCON Temple’s website, you can directly go to the ‘Food for Life’ program page and donate any amount to feed the poor.

How Does It Work?

ISKCON has been feeding people, already for a long time, but in limited though large numbers. But during this Lockdown period, we have expanded our capacity to feed 5 lakh people per day and are planning to expand it further to feed 10 lakh on a daily basis, to counteract any unforeseen situation in the future.
ISKCON Delhi has already made an exceptional contribution to supporting society in this unprecedented period of disarray and chaos created by the pandemic. We have already served 2.5 crore meals during this lockdown, and are still continuing.
So anytime you donate money for feeding the poor that number goes up and please understand it is not just a static, it represents a meal that helped a person like us: to not be hungry, to not feel Neglected, to not lose hope, and to not give up Faith.
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Krishna once said that good deeds made, gifted, frugal, and done without faith are shown as no or “assat.” Therefore, neither here nor below is useful. Let us take a step closer to the devotion of Kanha and do our bit to help others in need.


Krishna once said that good deeds made, gifted, frugal, and done without faith are shown as no or “assat.” Therefore, neither here nor below is useful. Let us take a step closer to the devotion of Kanha and do our bit to help others in need.