Food For Life

We are in the 21st century and still fighting against the problem of malnutrition. According to a report, around 30% of India’s population is suffering from this problem. We all know that with an empty stomach, we cannot claim to be a superpower. According to WHO, malnutrition is more dangerous than any other serious disease. Food relief foundation of ISKCONDwarka was founded with an aim to beat malnutrition. We are delivering ‘Food for life’ in different corners of India with an aim to eliminate malnutrition.



It is one of a kind food distribution program. We provide vegetarian food to the people who are in the need of food. Our food is prepared by the temple devotees. We offer the food to Lord Krishna before distribution . The prasadam is capable of satisfying the soul and body.



We are distributing ‘food for life’ to around 7000 visitors on a daily basis. During weekends and festive season, the number of visitors reaches up to 10000. Apart from this, our volunteers and devotees distribute the food in orphanages and old-age homes.



Additionally, we distribute food in the low-income areas regularly. This noble cause is helping people all around the world during emergencies and disasters as well:


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