Importance of Indira Ekadashi

Importance of Indira Ekadashi

Story of Indira Ekadashi

Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, retorted, “This Holy day is called Indira Ekadashi. A person’s sins are forgiven if they fast on this day, and their ancestors who have perished in hell are freed. Oh, best of monarchs, one who only learns about the Importance of Indira Ekadashi which gains the huge virtue attained by offering a sacrificed horse.

A king by the name of Indrasena lived in the Satya-yuga and was so strong that he defeated all of his foes. Mahishmati-puri was the name of his empire. Because he provided for his subjects, the illustrious and deeply pious King Indrasena was wealthy in gold, grains, sons, and grandsons. He also had a strong devotion to Lord Sri Vishnu. He liked yelling “Govinda! Govinda!” as he sang My name. So, King Indrasena deliberately committed himself to a life of pious spirituality and devoted a lot of time to contemplating the Absolute Truth.

One day, Sri Narada Muni, the ideal orator, was seen descending while King Indrasena presided over his assembly in happiness and serenity. Narada Muni descended from the sky, appearing as white as a conch and gleaming like the moon, a jasmine blossom, and a lightning bolt. His head is covered in matted reddish hair. Devarishi Narada, a saint among the devas (demigods), was treated with the utmost reverence by the monarch, who saluted him with joined palms, welcomed him inside the palace, provided him with a comfortable seat, washed his feet, and spoke words of welcome. Are all seven limbs of your kingdom prospering? Maharaj Indrasena said Narada Muni.

The well-being of the king, his ministers, his treasury, his armed forces, his friends, the Brahmanas, the sacrifices made in his realm, and the necessities of the king’s subjects are the seven limbs of a king’s domain. Are you more and more dedicated to serving Sri Vishnu, the Supreme Lord? Are you preoccupied with thinking about carrying out your professional responsibilities effectively?

“By your kind grace, Oh greatest of sages, everything is quite well, the monarch retorted. Today’s sacrifices in my kingdom are successful just because of your presence! Please have mercy on me and let me know why you came to visit.

“Then Sri Narada, the wisest of the gods, uttered, “Oh lion among kings, hear my amazing words.” I was extremely warmly praised by Lord Yamaraja when I descended from Brahmaloka to Yamaloka and was given a great seat. I saw your father in Yamaraja’s gathering as I praised his sincerity and magnificent service to the Supreme Lord. Despite his intense religiosity, he was forced to visit the Yamaloka since he broke an Ekadashi fast before it was supposed to. I have a message for you from your father. He stated: “King Indrasena resides in Mahishmati. Please let him know that I currently reside in Yamaraja’s realm due to my previous immoral conduct.

Oh, son, PLEASE observe the approaching Indira Ekadashi and contribute lots in charity so that I can ascend to paradise. Please deliver him this word from me.

According to philosophy, every living thing is an individual, and for each individual to return to their true home—Godhead—they must engage in Krishna awareness. According to Garuda Purana, someone in hell cannot develop Krishna awareness since doing so calls for mental calm, which is impossible given the reactive torments of hell. A sinner can escape hell and reach the heavenly planets if a sinner’s relative who is tormented in hell donates some charity in their honor.

However, according to this Brahma-vaivarta Puranam-based narrative, if the sinner’s relative observes this Ekadashi fast in support of his suffering relative, the relative enters the spiritual world immediately.

In which month this Ekadashi falls?

“Narada continued, ‘I have come to you, Oh King, only to convey this message. It would help if you observed the Indira Ekadashi fast to support your father. Oh great, Naradji, please be kind and instruct me on how to observe a fast on Indira Ekadashi. Please also inform me of the month and day it falls on. Your father will enter paradise because of the merit you accumulate.”

“Oh king, please listen as I relate to you the entire process of observing the Indira Ekadashi, Narada Muni retorted. This Ekadashi falls during the darkest two weeks of the Ashwin month.

Importance of Indira Ekadashi

Glories of this Ekadashi

Oh, king, your father will unquestionably be promoted to the abode of Lord Vishnu if you carefully observe a fast on Indira Ekadashi in this manner, with restrained senses. After speaking, Devarishi Narada instantly left the area to bless another person.

“King Indrasena observed the fast with the help of his family members and enslaved people, exactly as the holy saint had instructed. On the Dvadasi tithi, flowers began to fall from the sky when he broke his fast. Indrasena Maharaj’s merit from keeping this fast allowed him to free his father from Yamaraja’s rule and helped him achieve a fully spiritual body. Indeed, Indrasena witnessed him riding Garuda Vahan to Lord Hari’s home. When it came time to pass the throne to his son, Indrasena could administer his country without difficulty. He later traveled to the Vaikuntha spiritual realm.

“These are the splendors of the Indira Ekadashi, which takes place in the darkest two weeks of the Ashwin month. Oh, Yudhishthira.

Anyone who hears or reads this account will undoubtedly enjoy their time in this world, be free from the effects of their past crimes, and, at the time of death, return to Godhead, where they will spend eternity.”

What is the process of observing fast on Annada Ekadashi?

  • Rise early in the morning, take a bath, and then perform some service for God with complete trust on the Dashami tithi the day before Ekadashi.
  • At noon, take a second bath under running water, and then with faith and dedication, give sacrifices to your ancestors.
  • Make sure you only eat once on this day and sleep on the floor at night.
  • “Take this sacred oath when you awaken on Ekadashi morning: “Today I must fast entirely and give up all types of sense enjoyment.” Do this after thoroughly cleaning your mouth and teeth. Give me sanctuary at Your lotus feet, Oh lotus-eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead, Oh faultless one.
  • Stand in front of the Sri Shaligram Shila at midday and worship Him obediently, according to all the laws and regulations. After that, offer ghee oblations into the sacred fire and tarpana to aid your ancestors.
  • Next, provide eligible Brahmins food (clearly not prasadams made with grains) and charity by your ability.
  • Take the pindas you previously provided to your ancestors, give them a sniff, and then present them to a cow. Then, offer flowers and incense to Lord Hrishikesha and spend the entire night watching over Lord Sri Keshava’s Deity.
  • “On the Dvadasi tithi of the following day, early in the morning, worship Sri Hari with great devotion and invite Brahmin devotees to a lavish feast.
  • Feed your family members after that, and then eat your dinner quietly.

Oh, king, your father will unquestionably be promoted to the abode of Lord Vishnu if you carefully observe a fast on Indira Ekadashi in this manner, with restrained senses, and will earn all the benefits of Ekadashi. After speaking, Devarishi Narada instantly left the area to bless another person.

Why should we donate to this Ekadashi?

Any day is perfect for donation purposes; all you need is the heart for a good deed. An auspicious occasion like this Ekadashi is perfect for making Lord Krishna happy by helping society become a better place. You can visit the Iskcon Dwarka website to support a cause among the multiple causes we are associated with. You can find more details on Iskcon Dwarka’s website, like the cause and how to donate money your contribution.


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