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Krishna: The Butter Thief

Krishna - The Thief of Butter

This Lila that involves Krishna and butter is the loveliest of Lord Krishna’s songs. Yasodha bound Krishna with a rope when women came to complain about Krishna’s clever method of stealing butter from their homes. Let’s know about Krishna – The Thief of Butter.

We All Have Love for the Lord

When a player wins a match, it gives him a natural lift. As a result, we elevated Bhagavatam to a position of supreme importance. In honor of Bhagavatam’s birthday, we paraded him down the street today, and if you’d like to give him props, we’d be honored. At least one resident ran out of the lamp to worship Bhagavatam, which was on the head and our chanting.

 Krishna Used to Steal Butter

 There was a naming ceremony. In the presence of Garga Acharya, to avoid causing scandal, the names of Krishna & Balarama were given out secretly in a goshala without fanfare. After all, no one wanted to invite trouble, so why make a big deal out of something so innocuous? When Krishna was asked what was in his mouth when he opened it, he replied, “- Inside” was the entirety of the universe. OH! The entire cosmos comprises dirt and earth, so yes, I did take a few pinches, and no, you cannot see what’s inside. Earthly planets and elements other than dirt (such as water, fire, air, and ether) were also present.

Yasodha saw herself inside, reprimanding Krishna, which was beautiful. Then, he was a thief and a friendly kid, so he’d steal. Yashoda’s complaint box would be packed every day. Lord Krishna’s stories reveal that he tried to be caught red-handed or white-handed, but she said you must prove, and Krishna has tried both ways (Devotee answered blue to blue).

 A person’s hand becomes white and bluish when they have butter. There were numerous attempts to seize Lord Krishna, but only one woman, Prabhavati, succeeded. Have you heard of her? No. Success! She had him in her grasp and dragged him along when she suddenly started yelling here! Yashoda runs to check out this lady in the Nanda Bhavan, who had her covered and her face covered. 

When she looked closer, Krishna wasn’t there, as the person was Prabhavati’s husband. You can only imagine Prabhavati’s humiliation in this situation. That’s it! She got him! My name will be on the front page of the Mathura newspaper because Prabhavati caught the Krishna – thief of butter. When she left Nandabhavan, her husband was waiting for her in the little lane back to her house, so she rushed back. He agreed and said, “Oh, that’s great!” That was the son of Prabhavati, not Prabhavati’s son. He vowed that the next time he tried this on her, he would become her husband; he had already become her son, so how could Krishna be a thief? Everything belongs to him; we are “sastenudanda mandate” (his property).

Everyone adores Krishna, the butter thief because so many pastimes revolve around the thief of butter. So it was just a fun pastime for him, but everyone seemed to enjoy it, including the ladies who woke up early to see Krishna stealing butter. Believing that thieves like Krishna might be disappointed if I don’t have enough ready butter, I need to get up early to ensure plenty for the thief. As a result, they would prepare butter as a form of competition for rising early in Vrindavan.

There were Many Attempts Made to Catch Hold of Krishna.

The two sons of Kuber, Yamala-Arjuna, and Arjuna, were freed, and the demigods saw Krishna in an awkward position and offered to help. There is only one person who can untangle the knot that my mother has tied, and that person is the one who thanks you for asking and offering to help. In other words, they had just completed the virtuous circle around Krishna and were on their way home when suddenly, a dust storm erupted, and everyone began running for cover. 

Sukhdev Goswami describes a simple pastime in just two verses: the fruit lady, who comes with a large basket of fruits and “krinikrinihi bhoh phalanit” (S.B. 10.11.10), asking customers to “buy fruits” and then offering them “this fruit that fruit” and so on. The fruit vendors come to Nanda Bhavan hoping to catch a glimpse of Krishna, so she spends more time sailing around Nanda Bhavan than anywhere else (laughs). Her primary goal is to catch a glimpse of Krishna so she spends more time on the water. In other words, “srutvasatvaramacyutakphalarthidhanyam” is for certain “sarvaphalapradah” “srutvasatvaramadayayayau” (S.B 10.11.10)

How Mortar Helped Krishna?

 Screaming fruits, fruits, fruits, he rushed out of Nanda Bhavan. Then Krishna comes, and he takes his time, which is good for her. She wants Krishna in her sight as long as possible so she can keep taking darshan. Take your time, baby, she says. First, he had 20 tiny grains in his first, but he had little barely by the time he arrived. He’s coming and gripping those grains tighter, but they’re leaking more. Now she is returning “Phala vibrating style” (S.B 10.11.11). Krishna had both hands full with “Tavakarakamal” dvayam-two, DVI-two, and he was described as “acyuta,” which means what? 

 So she took the few leftover grains and gave them to the boy, Yashoda’s gorgeous baby while focusing on the Lord’s magnificent moon-like face. She loses track of how many fruits she has given out, and she wants him to remain longer because she knows that if she stops, He will turn around and leave her with nothing. She has emptied her basket to keep him longer. You can see as many as He’s balancing them and looking at other fruits; Krishna wants us to surrender everything “Manas deho geho jo kishu more arpila tava pade nanda Kishor.”  


In the middle of this, Lila, Sukhdev Goswami recounted that when Krishna was rescued, Nanda Maharaj came to the scene, picked up the baby, and, delighted to know it was safe, he began praying to the Lord for the child’s protection. Having recently suffered an attack, Nanda Maharaj and others are gathered in brhadvan Gokul, where Upananda, Nanda Maharaj’s eldest brother, is present. So Upananda is in the legislature, famous for his “jnana-vayo-dhikah.” He is the elderly member present for starters, and for the “jnana” experience, he is the most experienced.

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