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International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

We celebrate the International Yoga Day Festival on June 21. The first time this festival was celebrated was on June 21, 2015, by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, with his lecture at a meeting with all the countries. Then, permission to celebrate the International Yoga festival was granted.

With Yoga, breathing exercises, and various Yoga poses, our body, mind, and soul can be healthy completely. With the help of Yoga, not only can we get rid of diseases, but we can also cure many physical and mental problems. Yoga creates new juvenile energy in our lives and makes our bodies powerful and flexible while reducing stress. 

Meaning of Yoga:

Yoga is the word in the Sanskrit language that means to join. Yoga is used to connect the soul with the Supersoul. At present, only those parts of Yoga are mentioned in which we can make this body healthy. If our body is healthy, then we can more effectively take the names of Krishna and remember Krishna’s past times. In Bhagavad Gita, it is mentioned that Yog means to get connected with God. The yoga process involves poses and breathing exercises. The aim of Yoga is to get detached from the material world.

Different Types of Yoga:

There are different types of Yoga. Karma yoga, jnana yog, Hatha yog, Bhakti yog. Different people are taking different types of Yoga, and we can understand that everyone is trying to follow the path of Yoga. Out of different types of Yoga, Bhakti yoga is the best and is the final aim, and if someone really wants to understand God, then he should follow Bhakti yoga.

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Process of Bhakti Yoga:

Yoga is the practice of connecting ourselves with Krishna. Hence we follow various processes of Bhakti yoga, which involve listening, chanting, remembering Deity worship, service to the lord, serving to the lotus feet of God, prayers, execution of orders to become his servant, serving as a friend, complete surrender.

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Who Can Perform Bhakti Yoga?:

Whosoever follows the Bhakti yoga can understand Krishna and can go to his abode. Bhakti yoga can be performed by any person, society, or gender. A person is known as a yogi only when he is detached from all the material activities. We all know about Dhruv Maharaj, who was just a five-year-old kid when he was insulted by his stepmother. Then his mother showed him the way of austerity, and he did very tough Yoga and austerity. He got to see the Supreme Lord, and after seeing Lord Krishna, he was so satisfied that his wish of getting his father’s kingdom was vanquished.

Best of all, Yogis:

So when we connect ourselves with God, we are more satisfied than this material world and experience extreme pleasure. Chapter six of the Bhagavad Gita describes that of all the yogis, one who is completely surrendered to Krishna and thinks about him all the time is always connected to God, and he is the best of all.

So let all of us on this international yoga festival get connected with Krishna and understand the real meaning of Yoga.

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