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Spread the Love by Donating Prasadam

Krishna Prasadam

Iskcon donation has made its mark by helping thousands of people get meals. This blog will help you understand the importance of Krishna prasadam and the right means by which you should cook and carry it.

Why should we always try to take Krishna prasadam?

To understand what a placer is, we need to resolve common misconceptions. In general, we feel that we own what we own for our enjoyment. And materialists are constantly trying to acquire and enjoy more and more possessions. This is a materialistic outlook on life. 

You can also Donate money for prasadam. Prasadam means Krishna’s mercy, and Prasadam is the wreckage of what was prepared and prepared for Krishna’s joy and offered to him for Krishna’s joy. Prasadam is not important as Krishna tasted and enjoyed it. 

As soon as Krishna tastes something, it becomes transcendental. There is no difference between Krishna and Krishna Prasad. This means, for example, that you can get the same benefits by respecting Krishna Prasadam (Krishna eats Prasadam, but believers do not say “eat Prasadam”-respecting Prasadam. Or it means to respect Prasadam) Face Krishna. Prasadam is very powerful. 

Prasadam has something great. This is demonstrated by the experience of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as described in Sri Caitanya caritamrta Antya 16.108. 

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu states All materials. Everyone has tasted these substances before. However, these ingredients have an extraordinary taste and unusual aroma. Try them out and see the difference in inexperience. Aside from the taste, even the aroma is pleasing and forgets all the other sweetnesses. 

Unusual and very attractive, The scent and taste that make you forget all other experiences are the attributes of Krishna’s lips. When they tasted, their hearts went crazy for the ecstasy of love. 

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It is best to carry your Prasadam 

Food cooked by people without spiritual consciousness adversely affects our consciousness. I have a lot of personal experience in this regard. Grains, in particular, have this special power to convey awareness to those who are preparing and even serving. If you have to eat out, you should avoid foods that contain grains. It’s best to stick to salads, vegetables, and juices. 

In unavoidable circumstances, the Spiritual Master is more merciful and tolerant than Krishna, so cooking outside can serve the Spiritual Master spiritually and honestly. Still, the spiritual master does not want to take it. Should not be provided. 

I was convinced that I was a pure vegetarian when I mentally served a soup with a small number of onions without knowing the ingredients, but I liked the bad taste of onions, so even the first spoonful of this soup Couldn’t eat. I internally apologized to the spiritual master and threw away this soup. 

In work situations, it’s best to carry your own Prasad. Srila Gurudeva (Sankarshan Das Adhikari) Does this. He travels around the world and always carries Krishna Prasadam. Srila Gurudeva & Gurumata should be hungry rather than eaten outside. I carry from home the Prasadam that his wife cooks every morning and offers to the gods. 

The food I bring home is far better in cleanliness, quality, and taste. Sometimes my colleague also shares a plaza with me, which is delicious. Sometimes, if she can’t cook in the morning, I can bring Prasadam from the day before, but that’s better than eating out. 

Cook cleanly for Lord Krishna at home according to the rules. You can get instructions on cooking and sacrifice from local believers you meet in person. Then, after cooking, chant the mantra and make a tribute to the altar on a clean plate reserved for Krishna. Wait at least 1015 minutes for the Spiritual Master to serve and taste Krishna. 

That way, no one can collect food from that plate that shouldn’t be eaten, and Prasad is now ready to serve everyone else. The love you give to cooking is very important, which also means cleanliness, care, and proper awareness when it comes to cooking.

Krishna Prasadam

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Which food to be avoided in prasadam?

Do not eat sweets mixed with eggs. Others will understand and respect our decisions if we do them skillfully and explain why we cannot take anything when asked with patience and kindness. They also take the time to learn. 

Recently, some of my friends invited us to a party. I had to go inevitably. But they had a hard time preparing vegetarian food for us, especially without onions and garlic. It wasn’t ideal because they have a material consciousness, but we thanked them for their efforts and emotions, so we provided food to the spiritual master and gave it to them. 

I took it. In another situation, a friend ordered special takeaway food from a local temple restaurant! See how Krishna cares for his followers. Pay attention and always follow higher principles. That way, your situation will become more and more advantageous to ensure success and constantly practice Krishna’s consciousness. 

Mushrooms are ignorant and should not be offered to Spiritual Masters or Krishna. Vinegar is also made by fermentation and should be avoided, but many believers and temples use vinegar for cooking. 

For example, my Spiritual Master knows that he doesn’t use vinegar, so I’ll omit it for dishes that require sourness use lemon juice, tamarind, tomatoes, and other sour ingredients instead.


Hope you understood the importance of donation and the prasadam. You can also be a part of the Iskcon food donation campaign and do your part to help the people who are in need. 

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