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Depression: Causes and Counselling

Counseling for Depression

Depression is becoming common among people. You might have been diagnosed with major depression, but you wonder why some people get depressed, and some don’t. Depression is a complex illness. No one knows what is causing it, but many possible reasons. Also, know about how counseling for depression helps to overcome your depression.

What are the causes of depression?

Many things can become the Causes of depression and can even increase your risk of depression, including: 

  • Abuse, Physical, sexual, or psychological abuse is more likely to lead to depression later. Year. Older people are at increased risk of depression. This can be exacerbated by other factors such as living alone and lack of social support. 
  • Some medications, such as isotretinoin (used to treat acne), the antiviral drug interferon-alpha, and corticosteroids, may increase the risk of depression.
  • Depression in biologically sensitive people can be due to personal conflicts or quarrels with family and friends.  
  • Sadness and sorrow after the death or loss of a loved one, although natural, can increase the risk of depression. 
  • Hormonal changes that women experience at different times in their lives can play a role.
  • A family history of depression can increase the risk. Depression is considered to be a complex feature. There can be many different genes, each with a small impact, rather than a single gene contributing to disease risk. Like most psychiatric disorders, the genetics of depression is not as simple and simple as the genetics of purely hereditary disorders such as Huntington’s disease and cystic fibrosis.  
  • Good things like starting a career, graduating, getting married can also lead to depression. This can also be a move, loss of work or income, divorce, or retirement. However, clinical depression syndrome is more than just a “normal” response to stressful life events.  
  • Problems such as social isolation from other mental illnesses and exclusion from families and social groups can increase the risk of clinical depression. 
  • Substance abuse. Depression can be a serious illness, or another illness can cause it. Almost 30% of people with addiction problems also suffer from severe or clinical depression. Even if drugs and alcohol make you feel better temporarily, depression will eventually worsen.

Which are the external factors that lead to depression?

Environmental causes are thought to affect whether someone gets sick. In addition to non-chemical environmental risk factors such as stress, environmental pollutants can also damage the human body and brain and cause illness. 

People are now exposed to the various synthetic chemicals found in the air, water, and food daily in the post-industrial era. Chemical pollutants, natural disasters, and non-chemical environmental stresses increase the risk profile for depression. 

Children’s trauma, long-term stress, relationship struggles, and significant loss can all cause symptoms of depression. DSM is currently aware of the impact of environmental pollutants on depression rates. It is well known that contaminants can cause congenital disabilities and physical health problems such as asthma and cancer. And medical scientists are beginning to investigate how chemical pollutants can harm people’s mental health. 

Electronic contamination 

Small research studies have shown a link between electrosmog and chronic mood disorders such as depression. People are surrounded by low-intensity electromagnetic fields, thanks to appliances and other devices that are part of the lives of modern society. Researchers have discovered that certain radio wavelengths can exacerbate depression and anger in some people. 

Natural disaster 

Natural disasters can affect people prone to depression and artificial disasters such as terrorist attacks and wars. However, people who are naturally less prone to depression may develop symptoms after a traumatic event. 

Serious loss can lead to sadness, but in some cases, grief can become more pronounced and persistent, leading to depression. Losing a loved one or home in a natural disaster can depress even the most resilient.

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What are psychological or emotional factors for depression?

There are many Depression symptoms. Both physical and emotional trauma can significantly impact the incidence of depression. Both one-off traumatic events and ongoing trauma can increase developing depression. Also, it doesn’t matter if someone experienced the trauma himself or witnessed it. 

Both cases are known to cause depression. Traumatic events that are directly experienced or witnessed can change how people process emotions. Even learning about traumatic events in the news can affect your risk of depression.

Cousneling for Depression

Which are metaphysical factors for depression?

From the scriptures, choose the name of God that is most meaningful to you and repeat it over and over without pausing. One of the most recommended today is the Hale Krishna Maha Mantra. 

You can recite it mentally or as a Japa meditation. You will feel the power in a short time. In one method of this spiritual practice, all scriptures in the world agree. The power hidden in the name of God is like the power hidden in the seeds of a tree. Just as seeds need soil and water to sprout such large plants, the name of God also needs constant repetition to exert its power. 

God’s name and spiritual practice also raise your mind’s vibration level and calm the restlessness that may be there. This also creates a shield of resistance or protection from dark, subtle beings and curses trying to influence you negatively or cause difficulties in your life. 

The advantage of spiritual practice is that the higher your vibrations, the higher the darkness, confusion, negativity, or evil forces and influences of all other forms. Your view of life and the purpose of life will be clearer. 

God’s name is the only sovereign and unmistakable means of eliminating depression. With the highest level of spiritual development, you can enter into a spiritual ecstasy that makes you forget all worries, difficulties, and material situations. But that’s another topic. 

Attend regular prayer services at temples or ashramas. The sacred vibration gives you additional spiritual and spiritual power to deal with your problem. 

Study the scriptures every day. This gives you discriminating power, which gives you dynamic power. Sealing the lower prompts of the spirits will be your most effective weapon. 

You must recognize that you are not your body and mind through such spiritual practice. You are different from all these dramas that are happening around you. Also, you have nothing to do with the suffering or suffering that can result from identifying them. 

When people mock and criticize you for trivial reasons, you don’t have to believe or accept it. You can avoid such things with the strength of really knowing yourself and proceed with confidence in understanding who you are. 

Your spiritual identity is always perfect and complete. You have to go back to it and reconnect with your true identity. Love and light are always around you. You will find no reason to sit in the dark and cry when you do so. 

How can you overcome your depression by Counseling?

Despite what a person suffering from depression might think, mentally, overcoming depression is quite easy. It’s a big problem because it’s all a matter of perspective or perspective based on spiritual nature. Depression can be cured by undergoing Counseling for Depression. 

The mind has a mysterious power to magnify the problem, making it look bigger and bigger than it is. This attitude and perception need to change. Don’t listen to the urges. Ruthlessly reject them and throw them away. 

Spirituality may not completely cure all forms of depression, but it does help. In many cases, mental development can lay the foundation for changing your mind when you are depressed, allowing you to rise beyond your depressed state of mind. I can do it. 

It can quickly lift you from any depression or despair you may be feeling in other cases. These recommendations range from observations of physical or medical factors to external, psychological, and metaphysical factors. 

1. First, analyze yourself thoroughly to determine the cause of the problem. Don’t hurry. Please sit down and think through. Please write down your thoughts on a piece of paper and ponder them. If necessary, spend a few days together. Pray to the God within you and lead you to the righteous. 

2. Don’t listen to the prompt that you can’t solve and overcome the problem. The God in you and the loved ones around you can effectively solve or solve all your problems. Please do not give up. And also ask for counseling for depression


You are not alone. When you feel that your life is going deep into the darkness, we will be there to pull you out into the light, giving you a purpose to live once again. Contact our experts for counseling for depression.

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