Who is Lord Balram Ji?

Balram Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of Shravan month to celebrate the Appearance Day of Lord Balaram. The Godhead Shri Krishna had a supreme personality, the origin of all incarnations, and his first expansion is Shri Balram Ji. Krishna and Balram Ji look similar, and they live in Vaikuntha as a Gawal bal. Garg Muni predicted that this child, full of infinite power, would be called Balaram. Balramji is of the same color as the clean white clouds. He serves in the work of God’s creation. And he also enjoys the ecstatic feelings of love of Godhead in the form of Sheshnag. Despite knowing the supernatural powers of his younger brother, Balramji never left Lord Krishna alone. Balramji as an elder brother, is a symbol of love and respect. Lord Balaram is very dear to Lord Krishna. Balram Ji is the Original spiritual master. He is the spiritual master of Adi-Guru. While roaming in the forests, many trees used to bow down, like they were bowing down to Balaramji.

Balram Ji is also Known as Haldhar because of the use of a plow. Lord Haldar has solutions (hal) to all our problems.

Balram Ji is also known as Sankarshan because he is transferred from the womb of Devki to Rohini.

Balram Ji is also known as Rohininandan because he is the son of his mother, Rohini.

Balram Ji, another name is Dauji because he is the elder brother of Lord Krishna.

Lord Balrama’s Incarnation

 Whenever Shri Krishna incarnates in this material world, he comes with his companions. In the same way, when Lord Krishna was in this material world 5000 years ago, Balramji had already come to the Earth before him. When Devaki got her 7th pregnancy, she realized a divine child, and she became apprehensive about her safety. Even Kansa was alert after seeing the brilliance of Devaki. He thought that maybe the 7th child would become the reason for my death instead of the 8th one. At that time, the Lord ordered his inner power, Yoga Maya, to transfer the womb of Devaki to Rohini, the house of Vasudeva’s friend Nanda in Gokul. Thus Balramji was born in the house of Nand Baba in Gokul.

Lord Balrama’s Exquisiteness


 Lord Balarama is a sixteen-year-old boy full of youthful luster with a complexion as fair as the crystal. He usually wears blue garments with a garland of beautiful flowers and his hair tied in a graceful topknot. His voice is very grave and captivating. Lord Balarama’s beauty is indefinable and is personified by the splendid earrings touching his cheeks, a tilak made from musk on his face, gunja garlands and strings of jewels on his broad and strong chest, heavy armlets and bracelets on his solid and tight arms, and the lustrous anklets on his feet.

 There are some stories in which Balramji has a unique role – 

  1. Dhenukasur – Balramji killed the cruel demons sent by Kansa. He is a mighty Demon assumed in the form of an ass.
  2. Pralambasura – One day, when Balram Ji and Krishna were playing with Cowherd boys, this Demon entered their game in the form of the cowherd boy.
  3. The salvation of Yamuna Devi. 
  4. He freed Samba from the Kauravas
  5. Romaharshana was killed for not respecting Vyas Dev.

Balaram Ji Marries With Revati

In the era of Satya Yuga, there lived a king named Raivata who had a daughter, Revati, who was perfect in all senses. Unfortunately, Raivata could not find a suitable match for his daughter, so he decided to ask Lord Brahma about the same. Since they were in the Brahmaloka and a short period in the Brahmaloka is equivalent to millions of years on Earth, Lord Brahma informed the king that at that moment, Dvapara Yuga was concluding on Earth. Lord Balarama himself, living on the Earth, was more than qualified to be the husband of his daughter, Revati.

King Raivata followed the instructions of Lord Brahma and approached Lord Balarama with a proposal of marriage of his daughter, Revati. However, they both were from Satya Yuga, so they were much larger physically. The Lord Balarama placed his plow on Ravati’s head until she shrunk to an appropriate height to be able to marry the Lord.

The Five Rasas Of Lord Balarama Loved For Krishna.

 1) In Shant Rasa – If God wants to rest, he becomes a bed, his vehicle, flag, clothes, ornaments, everything, mridanga, Kartal, dholak all are the form of Shri Balramji in shant rasa. While using all these, we should give them a lot of respect.

 2) In Dasya Rasa – Serves Krishna. When Krishna comes to Braj after feeding cows and gets tired, Shri Balramji presses his feet.

 3) In SakhyeRaas – Plays with Krishna, steals butter and serves him by teasing him.

 4)  In Vatsalya rasa – Shri Balaramji serves Krishna in Vatsalya Rasa. He does not allow him to do anything wrong, does not allow him to bathe in the river or go far away, does not allow him to go to the mountain.

5) In Maduraye Rasa – Serves the Lord in the form of Anand Manjari, the younger sister of Shrimati Radha Rani.


Lord Balram ji’s only goal was to please Krishna. Balaram Ji is the source of all strength. He provides us the spiritual strength to worship Krishna, obey the guru’s orders, and stay in the association of the guru. So let’s pray to Shri Balram Ji to give us the spiritual strength to serve Lord Krishna that is the ultimate accomplishment of this human life.

Balram Jayanti Mahamahotsav ki Jai.

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwakadhish ki Jai.

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)