Advice of Lord Krishna that are Relevant in today’s time in the World

Advice of Lord Krishna

A lot of the teachings of Lord Krishna that we have read and know about, we have got from the Bhagwad Gita. The Gita, in essence, is a collection of all the important philosophical discourses from the time of Mahabharata. It includes divine words and teachings by Lord Krishna himself, which he gave to the Pandava warrior prince-Arjuna, who was hesitant to fight his cousins, uncles and friends on the battlefield. These words and texts are quite significant in their meaning and sense they hold, and to call them just words of courage to a young price from Krishna is akin to foolishness. In Advice of Lord Krishna mentioned it, is noteworthy because it contains what one can believe, a lifetime’s teachings that was said to suffice for all the souls that would be born over the centuries, and those with or without faith.

There is lot that can be learned from these teachings, however, there are certainly a number of specific texts and examples that can be called relevant and very much useful in today’s time, in the entire world. Reading it, one would get the best and most impactful teachings one can ever receive and get educated in ways of the world selflessly and effectively.

What are some of the Important Advice of Lord Krishna that Stays Relevant till Date?

To select a few and disregard the rest is not what you should intend to do when reading Lord Krishna’s many teachings. However, there are some that have retained their relevance in full effect:

  • The first important phrase to understand and remember is the one where Arjuna understands, through Lord Krishna’s teachings, that the human soul is eternal like a circle. No one can actually kill him, and therefore, he has no need to feel worried or fearful on the battlefield, in life. You can learn to be fearless and brave, live your lives respectfully, for you’re a mortal but your conscience, your soul is not.
  • Arjuna was educated by Lord Krishna about how he’s a mortal; a person who has been born empty handed, and will be empty-handed when he finally dies. From this, you can understand that everything you have is from God and everything you lose, or give, goes back to God himself. This teaches you to be selfless and not be engrossed in materials too much, because you won’t have them at the two most important times of your life, ever.
  • Another one of such important advice of Lord Krishna was that when he educated Arjuna about how reaching great goals aren’t impossible. Easier paths to the goal instead of obstacles are what prevent him from attaining them. From this, we can learn that there are no shortcuts to reaching our destiny, and to reach it, no obstacle can ever stop you if you are willing to struggle for it.

Apart from these, there are many snippets and important texts that you can read from the Bhagwad Gita which contains all of Lord Krishna’s teachings. You’ll find most of them to be quite insightful, and highly relevant to what you face from day to day. With these teachings by your side, you’ll be able to understand life’s meaning, the ultimate truth and many such important aspects of your mind and soul if you are determined enough.