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In Braj, Giriraj is called Baba which means father – one who fulfills every desire.


The King of the Heaven is Indra. Once, he was resting in his city Amravati and many sages were sitting around him and all were glorifying him. For his entertainment, many apsaras were dancing in front of him. So, Indra was getting all that much, so he was blinded with pride. Indra is the King of Rain that’s why everyone on the earth used to do Yagya for him, by which his pride was increasing. The all that much which he was getting, he got too attached from that. This attachment of Indra (also of all people) gets becomes the cause of grief and pain.

“Attachment to anything means attachment to suffering”

Because Krishna was not able to see Indra to getting suffer by that pride or grief. Krishna was getting that he (Indra) is too attached to his pride that’s why he is too suffered. Lord Krishna was wanted to pay relief to him. Because Krishna had understood that this pride has come in between my devotee and me.


In this Lila, Krishna was only of 7yrs old. After the shepherd’s Cows, Krishna was coming back home when he saw that there were arrangements are going on for any big festival. Everywhere, there was an environment of joy. When he saw that joy-

Krishna asked Nandbaba that “What is going on?”   

Then Nandbaba said:

“From generations, we are worshiping Indra as he is a great Demigod and provides Rain to us”

Krishna said: “Baba! It is not like that, we used to get according to our KARMA, as our Karma is; we get like that. Who is he?”

Nandbaba said: “If we do not perform Indra’s worship then he will be disappointed”

Finally, all get convinced that to not do worship for Indra and to do for Goverdhan Ji. All arrangements were done for Indra but Krishna diverted that arrangement towards Goverdhan Ji by sitting down. Then all Brahmans were called to chant all Vedic hyms.

By this Indra get too disturbed and he thought of revenge.


“Namaste Girirajaya sri govardhana namine;

Ashesha klesha nashaya parmananda dayine”

I offer my respectful obeisance to the King of all hills, Goverdhan (the source of enjoyment for the senses, land, and cows). He is a servant of Krishna and is Krishna himself. He puts an end to unlimited sufferings and bestows the supreme bliss.Krishna said to all Brajwasi that “anything which you all cooked, offer it to Giriraj Ji. After it we will do Goverdhan Parikrima. He said to all that get raedy perfectly while doing Goverdhan Parikrima.


At the time of Goverdhan Parikrima, there were some spy of Indra, present and they were making notes as to explain all that to Indra.

Indra asked to spy that “You are coming from Braj, my worship item has not arrived yet!”

Spys are explaining that “Worship was done but not yours. That brajwasi did the worship of a mountain at the behest of a black child named Krishna.”

Indra got too angry at that time and to destroy everything, he sent Samvartak clouds there. These types of clouds are being used for Holocaust. Now, Indra was forcing every Demigod that to go and help the Samvartak clouds to destroy Braj. He said “as because Brajwasi have done offense against me. Till today, I protect them and they all forgot me, on the behest of a child Krishna, they are worshiping a rock.” 

Now, the Holocaust has been started in Braj and the Brajwasi got to understand that all this is happening by Indra as he is in the mood of revenge.


All Brajwasi went near the Krishna for help. Krishna used to do anything to solve the problems of his devotee, then Krishna thought I’ll glorify Giriraj Ji by lifting him. Krishna lifted Giriraj ji on the nail of small finger of the left hand.

In Srimad Bhagavatam, it is told that while holding Giriraj ji Krsna didn’t face any pain rather he hold Giriraj ji as like a child holds a mushroom.Then in a very sweet voice, Krishna called everyone under Giriraj ji he said to everyone that all are safe under Giriraj ji. Krishna holded Goverdhan ji for 7days & 7 nights. With Krishna, everyone was happy but not Yashoda Maiya. She knew that my child Krishna is not too much strong, how would he lifted Giriraj ji? Krishna was standing in Tribhang roopa and his peacock feather was appearing like a rainbow. It is being told that when Krishna holded Giriraj ji then many pretty places came out but Brajwasi didn’t want to go for them, they all wanted to stay with Krishna.

Finally, Indra realized that the mistake has done by him then:

When Indra saw that he couldn’t give pain to Brajwasi rather he saw that they all were now more blissed then he realized that he did a mistake. Then he ordered to all clouds and said “Stop! I have done a mistake. This child is none other than, he is God. The sky got clear completely. This was the extreme failure of Indra that he couldn’t do anything! Indra was only thinking that I have done an offense! Then he thought that I should take the suggestion to anyone, then he took the help of one the dearest person to god, of Surbhi cow. Then she said, go with a very decent feeling for to apologize in front of God. Indra went to Krishna to be sorry by hiding behind all Cows. Surbhi cow said to Krishna that Indra has done an offense, please! Forgive him. Indra came out and he paid his obeisance to Krishna. He put his crown in the lotus feet of Krishna. 

Date & Timings of Govardhan Puja 2021

Govardhan Puja for the year 2023 will fall on 14 November 2021. At ISKCON Dwarka the celebrations will take place in accordance with the divine timing. 


  1. Intimate sweetness
  2. Amazing Opulence
  3. Simplicity 

Goverdhan puja day should be made a special day. This is the day on which we should leave our false pride and to remember that Krishna is our Owner. Apologize to Krishna that if any mistake has been done by us in past – beg for forgiveness and to improve ourselves. We should tell to Krishna that I was wandering far from you, till today but now take the turn to You, Krishna. From today, I surrender to you, please! Protect me.

Giriraj Maharaj Ki jai

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish Ki Jai

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi) 

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