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All You Need To Know About Dhanteras


Why It Is Known As Dhanteras

Dhanteras is also being called Dhan Triyodasi and Dhanvantri Triyodasi. According to Scriptures, during the Samundra Manthan (on Kartik Krishna Triyodasi), the Ansha Avatar of Lord Krishna, Lord Dhanvantri, appeared. In the hand of Lord Dhanvantri, there was a nectar-filled pitcher for which the Sur – Asur (Demons and Demigods) all were greedy. Only for that Nectar the Samundra Manthan happen, and on the other hand of Lord Dhanvatri, there was the Ayurved Shastra in which he was very skilled, that’s why this day is known as Dhanteras or Dhan Triyodasi.

Some years ago, the Indian government also celebrated Dhanteras (Dhan Triyodasi) as National Ayurved Day. For to propagate the Medical Science in the world, the Lord had taken the incarnation as Dhanvantri. If in any hospital you would visit, you will see the picture of Lord Dhanvantri because He is one of the incarnations of Lord, and only he gave us the knowledge for Human Development. That’s why on this day, the one who practices Ayurveda, he worships the Lord Dhanvantri. In Indian culture, the place of health is superior to money. This is also popular today that

 Phela such Rogi kaaya,

Dusra sach Dharma Maya”.

That’s why on Diwali, the first importance is given to Dhanteras which is completely comfortable according to Indian culture. It is being said that on the day on Dhan Triyodasi, Goddess Laxmi also appeared (during Samudra Manthan), then immediately she went near to Lord Vishnu, and Lord got married to her. In reality, Goddess Laxmi is the eternal companion of Lord Vishnu but whenever Lord appears in this world, she performs past times, like:

Goddess Sita and Lord Ram are the eternal companions of each other in Vaikuntha, but when they appeared in this world and performed past times as if they were not staying with each other before provided, we should understand that all these are past times.

How Sri Laxmi Shower Blessings US

As same as, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu are always with each other. Because Goddess Laxmi appeared on this day and got married to Lord Vishnu, she is also worshiped on this day, and people buy gold and silver as this day is of Goddess Laxmi. In Srimad Bhagwatam, the resident place of Goddess of Fortune is the Vaksha Sthal of Purna Purushottam Lord. She enhances the opulence of people, demigods, and overlords of three worlds by staying there with mercy. In other words, Goddess Laxmi lives on the Vaksha Sthal of Purn Purushottam, Lord, and any devotee who worships Lord Narayana or Vishnu ( Sri Krishna), she watches him and is ready to bless him with happiness, money, and all opulence. And also, among devotees, the some who do not serve Lord and only worship for greed, their opulence gets toddle, and devotees’ opulence is as permanent as Lord Narayan.

Past Time Of Dhanteras

 There was a king named Hem, and he had a son who had a Dosha in his Kundli, which was that after his marriage, on the 4th day, he would be bitten by a snake and will get die. After the wedding, when Prince’s wife knew about that, she started to think about what to do? She did some arrangements. She was having too much silver and gold. So, she scattered gold and silver around her building and enlightened the house with the lamp, and then by making hearing melodious Bhajans and Kirtans to her husband, she was trying to keep awake Prince, and by this, the Night passed. When Yamraj came, he could not see anything as because due to the lustrous environment created by Gold, Silver, and lamps, he was not able to move ahead. This is how Prince’s death got averted and that Princess saved the life of her husband. Due to this. Some people used to do Deep Daan to stop Yamraj from entering the house and keep inauspiciousness away. Deep Daan is being done, but this is to be remembered that Yamraj is one of the 12 Mahajanas, which means he is one of the great devotees of God. One who worships Lord Krishna, does not need to worship Yamraj, but we should understand that death firm truth. Today or tomorrow, death will come to whoever worships Lord Krishna. For them always auspiciousness is available because, in the whole world, Krishna’s consciousness is benevolent. By practicing it, the person becomes Mukta Atmaa in the present life.

How Shanteras Connected to Krishna

Dhanteras on November 10, 2023, marks the auspicious beginning of the Diwali festival, a day when people buy gold, silver, and precious items, seeking wealth and prosperity in the year ahead.

Dhanteras’ all three important facts, whether it is of Dhanvatri, of Goddess Laxmi, or of Yam Deep Daan, these thrice are related to Lord Krishna. By this, we understand that if we serve Lord Krishna and get surrender to Lord Krishna, then all good qualities take entry into us, whether it is good health, the mercy of Goddess Laxmi, or relief from the Birth-death cycle.

On this Dhanteras, try to completely surrender to Krishna by that every aspect of life gets enlightened and comes true and you obtain fulfillment and significance of life.

Happy Dhanteras

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish ki Jai

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)

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