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Feeling Sad for a long time: Here’s What to Do?

Feeling Sad for a long time

What’s more human than experiencing grief, sadness and sorrow. Humans are known to imbibe sadness and feeling less of selves. We often hear humans saying “I am very sad” and surrendering to death due to depression, sadness and a feeling of dissatisfaction. Let’s know what to do when feeling sad for a long time.

Depression or the state of being emotionally sad is not scarce and can be seen in every third human. The underlying reasons may vary but sadness and grief always lead to human bodies fighting to survive and remain. Though the depression epicentre remains a mystery, ISKCON tries to help individuals conquer the feeling of depression or fight the feeling sad for a long time.

What Can Trigger Sadness? 

Did you ever feel devastated about the things you cannot control? That is the initial trigger for sadness. Sadness is just like other human emotions, common and frequent. However, sometimes, a human advances so much in grief that it turns into depression. As the reasons for the depression can seem subtle, the situation becomes awful. 

Living in a body with a depressed or sad brain can be daunting and drains hope, energy and faith from self. It often starts with being emotionally sad. Events when humans feel unsatisfied, worried and cheated. As satisfaction is a continuous chase, bothering things more than one can control, triggers depression and a feeling of suffering. 

What Are The Three Things That Can Bring on the Feelings of Sadness?

  • When humans lost things that cannot be recouped
  • When humans bother things to an elevated extent
  • When humans lost their trust in themselves and Krishna

ISKCON have many devotees of Lord Krishna associated with the desire tree and have seen people fighting and conquering sadness and sufferings. One shall remain calm, composed and balanced while fighting sadness and grief. 

Humans are known to complicate things. We always keep our wants and needs everlasting. But Lord Krishna is here to fulfil our needs but not our wants. We should keep our needs a priority; wants are never-ending infatuation.

Balance your prayers and inner selves. It is not an overnight triumph but a continuous battle. Stop saying “I am so sad”, say “I’ll be happy”. 

How Do You Calm Down When You’re Sad?

Having continuous sadness makes it difficult to keep the soul calm and serene. In such a condition of feeling sad for a long time, when the mind seems to fight with the soul to survive and to regain the spirit of living, surrender yourself to Lord Krishna. 

Krishna is greater than our highs and lows, he is stronger than our griefs and powerful than our sufferings. Krishna is the sovereign of mother earth, He is the one who can absorb our sadness and can bless us with happiness and contentment. He is the one who can save us. Chant “Hare Krishna” every day and experience the magic of his pure name. “Hare Krishna” is a stronger and panacea for our all grieves. 

Krishna never lets His devotees suffer. But we should keep robust faith in him and should keep our loyalty and credence to our Lord. Everything else is temporary and only the blessings of Krishna are everlasting. 

What Should You Do When You’re Sad?

Whenever a situation comes when you feel depressed, there always is a good or a bad path for its deliquesce. One that meets with spirituality is good and another that encompasses immoral activities like alcohol, drug abuse, playing cards, betting games is a bad one. 

It should be our complete conscience to choose the right and spiritual path. After All, What else can help humans more than Lord Krishna? 

ISKCON has comprehended the nature of human’s sufferings and has contemplated the relief for depression. By the grace of our Lord Hare Krishna, we hereby suggest some of the remedies for depression.

Desi cow Gomutra ark

Since time immemorial, Nature has answered all. Desi cow’s Gomutra is believed to have healing powers. Its consumption can channelise positivity and can pervade physical as well as mental well being. It is readily available in the purest composition in ISKCON temple stores for 50-100 rs. (INR) for each bottle. 

One should consume 1 bottle cap of Gomutra in 2 bottle caps of warm water on an empty stomach twice a day for three months. Its relieving powers are rapid and bring serenity and calmness to the soul. This can mitigate the realisation of feeling low.

Exercise regularly

Even supported by medical science, regular exercise works analogously to antidepressant medicines. But having a body with the thought of “I am very sad” finds even moving or walking a daunting task, regular exercise can sound cumbersome. 

But that’s the drill. Conquering depression is all about overcoming the negative energy harbouring inside of us. A walk of 10 minutes of physical activity can boost the brain cells and neurotransmitters to secrete happy hormones thereby channelizing the positive vibes in the body. 

One can also go swimming, cycling, walking amidst nature. Just relax the self and harbour the optimism inside of you. It’s all a journey from feeling very sad to feeling all jubilant. 

Avoid Negative Thinking

Depression or sadness makes the soul’s inclination to negative things thereby making it strenuous to do things that keep the body and soul balanced. One shall involve oneself in activities that bring efficacious results.

Don’t feel down. Talk to someone you love. Normalize cultivating support. Share your pain, grief with someone you believe in. Talk with lord Krishna also. Consider him as your friend, your guru and your usher to the light path.

If needed, join support groups such as one in ISKCON. Call or connect on +91-9971766666 for counselling. ISKCON’s network is always happy to help. These groups help in creating a network that provides communication and mitigates the feeling of sadness. Enjoy the fun group social activities to communicate and be a part of the network.

Do Things That Make You Feel Good.

Staying serene and feeling internal well-being is paramount for people who feel depressed or sad. These feelings can be eliminated by doing what makes one feel good. 

We know this sounds like a cakewalk, but it is not so for sad people. People with a depressed soul often find it impossible to imbue with activities they feel good about. Conquering this feeling can help keep nerves calm and composed. 

Listen to music, paint a masterpiece, go cycling, play with kids, do whatever makes you feel alive.  

If you ever say to yourself, “I am very sad”, channelize positive energy within you. Talk to Lord Krishna, chant his name. He never lets his believers cry or suffer. He can and will end all human sufferings but one shall keep loyal faith and belief. 

Depression is surviving in a body that wants to surrender. Instead, surrender to god. He will make things serene. Do what makes you feel good, keep up the pace of your body’s healing power, Keep your nerves together. The power to fight with feeling sad for a long time always lies within us.  

Stop feeling so sad. Satisfy your inner warmth. Everything is temporary except Lord Krishna. Imbibe nature’s remedies to conquer the phase of sadness. Chant Krishna’s true name, guzzle prescribed Goumutra, walk amidst nature. May Lord Krishna help us all! 

Hare Krishna! 

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