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India Fights Covid 19: Oxygen Beds Setup By ISKCON


Ever since India has reported its first-ever COVID-19 case on January 27, 2020, The situation has been oscillating. The little virus with no stringent origin has been affecting the lives of a mass of people. With severe to extreme symptoms, the airborne and contact spread of critical situations made people cripple for their breaths. As the pandemic inched towards progression and started grabbing people in massive numbers, COVID 19 awareness was heading the heat and everyone was coping and comprehending this new age virus. 

But the disease proliferated more rapidly than our speed of acting. When the scenario was becoming crazy and corona left everyone strained, India imposed a national lockdown to control the spread of COVID. Breaking the chain of its spread was the only reliable solution. “India fights COVID” started rooting out in Indians. 

When humans were struggling, humanity too was scuffling. As India went behind doors for an undefined time, people ran to their homes. The migrant workers in numbers of lakhs came to roads to march forward to their houses. The transport suffered. The times were critical and scary. Not only this, but the other verticals of the life chain were also grappling with unlimited and undefined scenarios for vital help. There was no food for people, the daily earnings of people vanished and everyone was anxious and helpless. 

Where India Needs the Most Help

For a country like India, where a significant number depends on daily earnings, the people struggled to get two meals, transport to reach destinations, medicines, proper medical help, and whatnot!

Not only this, even the people suffering from COVID were struggling for medicines, hospital beds, superior healthcare, and the whole covid care facility seemed to be trembling. The country’s healthcare facility was disturbed. The patients of COVID were increasing day by day and the graph did not seem to be downfalling any time soon. 

The government was preparing hospitals and ICU beds even in non-medical establishments like ashrams, grounds, and stadiums. To accommodate and provide health care to needy people battling COVID, every effort was being done but the situation was still out of the first. India needed more hospitals, paramount health care facilities, medicines, and whatnot!

The COVID wasn’t gone. When the second wave of this deadly virus emerged in mid-April 2021, the situation didn’t seem to be any different but actually even worse. There were medicine shortages, oxygen cylinder shortages. The hospital beds were not available. People were fighting for their breaths. “India fights COVID 19” reemerged with no significant improvement from the last time.

India was again in the need of reliable solutions for medicines, hospital beds, essential drugs, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, and the most essential: Humanity.  

The capital; Delhi, was one of the worst-hit areas from COVID. People were waiting for hours and days for a hospital bed and Delhi oxygen bed availability wasn’t balanced as well. 

How Individuals are Trying to Help


When mortals were running for drugs, oxygen concentrators, many people came forward to help. Some were helping with drugs, homemade foods, oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, and everything essential as well. 

Foundations were emerging for collecting funds to help the needy. Funds under Pradhan Mantri Yojanas were raised. The ashrams, NGOs, shrines, philanthropists marched forward to gather resources and help for humans battling COVID physically and mentally. 

Such one establishment was ISKCON Dwarka. The shrine established a COVID care facility for diseased individuals providing free care, oxygen support, Doctors, nurses, lab tests, and essential medicines which somehow vanished from the markets. 

The establishment was raising funds and necessary resources for COVID nursing and treatment providence. The whole initiative was under The Lotus Trust- the welfare arm of ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor to support the crippling healthcare facility. 

The covid nursing center established at ISKCON Dwarka was gathering resources and essentialities for the mass of people. As the resources and essential services vanished and were available at a high cost, the cost of one oxygen concentration had reached around 80,000 (INR). 

The establishment was running every day with a daily cost of around 2lakhs (INR). The facility held around 180 beds and contributed to Delhi oxygen beds availability. To continue providing sources and essentialities to COVID patients, the facility has developed an unbiased system of donations and helping fighting warriors of COVID. 

ISKCON Delhi with the support of the government has set up a COVID care centre at DDU College, Dwarka. This center provides free of cost basic treatment to the people affected by COVID19.

ISKCON Delhi is thankful to Shri Naveen Aggarwal Ji, DM South-West Delhi who has always been supporting and Janakpuri Super Speciality Hospital, Janakpuri for providing its specialized guidance to TR Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. which is giving medical care to the patients. This center has 200 beds with oxygen and also provides doctor and nursing care, oxygen support, required medicines, testing, healthy wholesome nutritious immunity-boosting meals, and housekeeping facilities to its beneficiaries.

ISKCON volunteer says, “We not only believe in treating the disease but also healing the person so that they become fully active and healthy. So in this center along with required basic medication and treatment, we also focus on activities that keep a person both physically and mentally fit.”

Apart from a physical ailment, people nowadays are so much distressed and have become restless, so ISKCON Delhi has arranged yoga classes, mantra meditation, and few good counselors at the center who can take care of the mental peace of people which could be effective in the speedy recovery of its beneficiaries. This center would not only provide physical healing but mental healing as well which is much more needed to overcome these hard times.

How Can You Help?

To make your help reach genuine needs and to support and save the trembling human race, donate to verified organizations. ISKCON Dwarka is a verified and unbiased organization running a facility of 200 covid beds in Delhi for COVID victims. You can also Support with little help. 

One can donate for the care of 1 patient for 1 day or any day. The cost of a COVID care facility for 1 patient for 1 day is around 5000 rs (INR). Your little help can save someone’s life, family and can give new breaths to COVID victims. One can also donate funds for 1-day running costs. 

The funds collected will be used unbiasedly for the sewa of the people. As ISKCON ALways believes, humanity saves humans. 

Resources are scattered and so are essentialities. The people with a handful of resources should donate and act in philanthropy to save the human race. As the pandemic emerged, the need to help each other was elevated. 

People served homemade food, medicines for COVID patients, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, and whatnot!. But if one feels perplexed as to how to help? one can simply donate to verified organizations to make sure their help reaches the ones in need. All it takes is to have a thought of Sewa. 
. As this disease takes a toll on the mental as well as the physical state of patients, a helping hand can make them feel relieved and alive again. The COVID 19 awareness programs should increase their pace to make sure there never comes a situation when humans face the need to fight for every single breath. May humans and humanity never suffer a pandemic again.

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