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Disappearance Day of Srila Jayadeva Goswami

Srila Jayadeva Goswami

Deities of Srila Jayadeva Goswami have never failed to spread the word about him. This blog will help people know more about his life and contributions to spreading the Krishna consciousness. 

History of Srila Jayadeva Goswami

Srila Jayadeva Goswami appeared in the 11th or 12th century of the Shaka era. There is disagreement about his birthplace. The majority opinion is that he was ill in Kendu Birba, now in the Bilbum district. Others claim he was born in either Orissa or southern India. 

Kendu Bilva is about 20 miles south of Suri on the banks of the Ajaya River. Gaudiya Vaishnava Abhidhana says Jayadeva found his Radha Madhava gods in the waters of this river. There, he is said to have rested and worshiped at the temple of Shiva called Kusheshwar on the banks of the Ajaya River. Jayadeva’s father was called Bohadev, and his mother was Vamadevi. 

How was Srila Jayadeva Goswami’s life in Navadwip

After giving this vision to Jayadeva Goswami, the Lord told him to go to Jagannath Puri. Jayadeva Goswami was saddened to leave his master’s future residence, but he followed his master’s orders and went to Puri. 

Mahaprabhu Jayadeva Goswami said he would take Sanyas to Jagannath Puri and enjoy Getagobinda. After that, he appeared there while giving him sight in Nabadvepa. There he is said to be the court poet of King Orissa. 

Srila Jayadeva Goswami’s marriage to Padmavati

Legend has it that Jagannath himself ordered Jayadeva to marry Padmavati. The story is told in Visvakosa as follows: Once upon a time, there was a Brahmin who had no descendants, despite having worshiped Jagannath for many years in the hope of giving birth to a son. 

After all, he and Jaydeva’s wife had a daughter named Padmavati. Brahmin took her to Sir Jagannath and dedicated her to his lotus feet when she reached her marriageable age. When he saw her, Jagannath told Brahmin. He gave up his family life and devoted himself to chanting my name.”

Brahmin took her daughter to Jayadeba and asked her to marry her. However, because Jayadeba did not want to marry, she refused to agree to such an agreement. He said that Jagannath himself arranged this marriage and left you there without saying a word. 

Padmavati began to cry, “My father brought me here to marry you at the command of Jagannath Deva. You are my man, all of me. If you do not accept me, I will fall to your feet and die here. The poet and scholar Jagannath could not leave her after a heartfelt request, so he became a housekeeper of a rice field.

Srila Jayadeva Goswami goes to Vrindavan. 

Jayadeva lived in Nabadwip for a long time during King Lakshmansen of Bengal and built his house not far from the royal palace. At that time, Govaldan Acharya was the king’s chief scholar. As per Ashutosh Deb’s Bengali dictionary, Jayadeva was a court poet of Senator Lakshman. He wanted to meet the poet when Govardhan Acharya announced to the king that Jayadeva had composed a hymn. 

He went to Jayadeva’s house in secret mode, and when he saw him, he realized that Jayadeva had all the qualities of a wonderful and powerful spiritual personality. Deeply impressed and fascinated by Jayadeva, the enchanted king revealed his identity to him and invited him to live in the royal palace. Jayadev lived a very modest life and did not want to live in the luxurious environment of the palace. 

Lakshmanan was disappointed with Jayadeva’s intentions. He immediately proposed to settle in the village of Champahatti and said it was a good place for those who wanted to live a meditative life. He also promised never to come back to disturb him. 

When Jayadeva agreed, Lakshmansen was formerly called Champa Kahatta, named after the beautiful gardens of the Champa trees and the market in the village where Mahaprab’s companion Dovija Bananas met him in Satya Yuga. I built a house for him in the village I was in. 

The shape of a brahmin whose skin was the color of a Champa flower. Similarly, Jayadeba had a vision of your combined Form here, first as Rada Madaba and then as the golden champagne-colored Gaulanga Maha Pub. 

Mahaplab Jayadeva gave him a vision of Nabadwip, and after appearing there, he said he would take Sanyas to Jagannath Puri and enjoy Gita Govinda there. After giving Jayadeva this vision, the Lord told him to go to Jayadeva. 

Jayadeva was sad to leave his master’s future residence, but he followed his master’s orders and went to Puri. There he is said to be the court poet of King Orissa. More information on Jayadeva’s life can be found in the preface to Gita Govinda’s Calcutta Basmari Sahitya Mandir edition. 

The king’s court poet by Orissa Shridardas, the son of one of Lakshmansen’s main courtiers, quoted Amiyabhakavya The Colophon in an ancient manuscript of Gita Govinda, including many of Jayadeva’s poems in his anthology Saduktikarnamrta. Did. Jayadeva had a good reputation as a poet during the time of Lakshmanan. “

Jayadeva took his gods Lada and Madaba on a long journey. When he arrived in Vrindavan, he served his gods near Keshigart. At this point, the merchant built a large temple for the gods. Residents of Dam Jayadeva were ecstatic when they heard Gita Govinda sing in his sweet voice. 

Jayadeva has returned to Kendu Bilva after living in Vrindavan for many years. There he spent his remaining life worshiping the gods and playing Bajan. He took a long walk to the Ganges every day to take a bath. One day, for some reason, he couldn’t do it anymore. 

The Ganges Devi was so kind to him that she came to the village of Kendu Bilva so that he could bathe in her holy water. Jayadeba is said to have died in Kendu Birba, and every year on the first day of the month, Marga, a wonderful festival in his memory, is held. 

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur expressed his opinion that Jayadeva has left the world of Jayadevath Puri. However, there is disagreement over where Jayadeba ended his life. Some say he has returned to Kendu Birba, some claim he was pre, and others say he went to Vrindavan. 

Jayadeva’s disappearance day is the sixth day of the decline of the Moon of Pausa. Some say that Jayadeva returned to Kendu Birba to spend his last days, but there is no evidence that he brought the gods of Radamadaba. Shortly after Jayadeva’s death, these gods were taken by the King of Jayadeva to a place called Gati and are still served in the Jayadeva region.


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