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Covid-19 Relief: ISKCON Dwarka Providing Bed and Oxygen

Covid-19 Relief: ISKCON Dwarka Providing Bed and Oxygen

With the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic unleashing its wrath, we the citizens of India are facing unimaginable losses of our loved ones and fellow countrymen alike. The Covid situation in India remains severe with the nation registering more than 400,000 cases every day. 

The shortage of medical oxygen and other medical supplies has worsened the situation. In this hour of need, as a responsible human being, it is our first and foremost responsibility to do our bit for the Covid 19 relief funds.

Let’s see how these relief funds will be utilized to build and maintain covid care facilities to battle the covid second wave.

India Needs Help for Oxygen and Beds for Covid patients

Covid cases in India are putting up record-breaking numbers and that is a serious cause of concern. With hundreds of thousands of people turning up at the hospitals, there is an inevitable shortage of medical oxygen and beds for covid patients. 

The need for medical oxygen skyrocketed because more than 15 percent of the patients suffering from Covid 19 develop moderate to severe respiratory problems. In such cases, hospitalization becomes a must and patients need oxygen support immediately. A significant dip in the oxygen level for covid can create life-threatening situations.

The shortage in medical oxygen and hospital beds is another cause for huge casualties in India and the numbers are piling up with every passing day. The national capital of Delhi is no exception to this. With more than 20 thousand cases and 400 fatalities every day, the conditions have turned from bad to worse for Delhi. 

In such perilous times, Covid beds in Delhi are an urgent need. Despite the wholehearted efforts of the central and state governments, there is still a huge shortage of covid care facilities in Delhi. As the privileged section of society, it becomes our utmost responsibility to help the less fortunate. 

ISKCON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness) has taken the initiative to come forward and help to build a covid care facility in Delhi. Let us find out how this initiative will help with the covid 19 support that the people of Delhi require in the moment of need.

Support Iskcon Dwarka To Setup Covid Care Facility

After distributing more than 3 crore free meals to the people in need during the lockdowns due to the covid 19 pandemic, ISKCON Dwarka has stepped up to help the people again. We will be setting up a COVID isolation centre at the hostel of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, the University of Delhi with the help of the Delhi Government. 

The centre aims on providing free-of-cost basic treatment to the people affected by COVID 19. From 2nd May 2021, the centre would be fully functional and the citizens in need can be benefited from it. The facilities available at the centre are listed below.

  • 180 beds equipped with an oxygen concentrator. 
  • Doctors, nurses, and required medical care for the patients.
  • Healthy, wholesome, and nutritious meals are intended to boost the immunity of the beneficiaries.

It is understood that this pandemic has had an equally distressful effect on the psychology and mental health of the people too. Hence, ISKCON Dwarka will also provide a team of good counsellors who will help people to achieve some mental peace as it would induce a speedy recovery. We aim to combine the goodness of physical and mental healing which is much needed in such difficult times.

You too can come forward and donate for oxygen and beds. If we donate money for covid 19 relief, it can help save the lives of the people who are deprived of medical care and facilities. 


With the whole country facing the wrath of the second wave of covid 19 pandemics, the national capital is one of the most affected areas with an immense shortage of Delhi covid beds. The need of the hour is to donate for oxygen cylinders as our covid 19 donations can make a huge difference between someone’s life and death. 


The second wave of covid 19 pandemics has affected India in the worst possible ways. The citizens are facing difficulties with insufficient medical supplies along with a shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders. 

ISKCON Dwarka is making a wholehearted effort to make a difference by providing daily free wholesome and nutritious meals at the doorstep of the people in need. Also, we have launched a new covid facility at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, Sector 13, Phase 1, Dwarka to help the people suffering from covid 19.

We all should come together and donate for oxygen in India as our donations can help save someone’s life. You can also contact our helpline number 9717544444 for free doorstep delivery of healthy, immunity-boosting meals for covid affected people.

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