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Depression Symptoms: It’s time to start Counseling

Depression Symptoms: It’s time to start Counseling

The increasing pressure of social and financial success is causing many people to be anxious and have mental health issues. In a world where money is being valued over everything and where people are running behind success all the time, there is hardly any time left for developing healthy relations. 

Mental anxieties and depression have also become the by-product of individualistic and pressurised lives. 

Even though mental health is as important as physical health it is not given as much importance. It is very common for people to say that it is alright, it is just the product of overthinking and leisure without realising the gravity of the situation. However, to do well in life it is important to be at peace in the mind.

Therefore, if the people around are not as supportive as they should be and if you are not able to overcome your anxieties on your own, it might be time to seek professional help. You must analyse your condition well and seek the kind of support which is necessary. Taking medicines and undergoing counselling sessions can make you feel better to head on with your life and handle the pressure of surviving.

There is yet another way in which one can handle depression which is by chanting the name of the Lord and detaching oneself from the material world to find calm in the spiritual world. Most of the anxieties are built because of the pressures of material life and therefore chanting the name of the Lord and believing in Him can infuse a new hope in one’s life and help overcome the difficulties. 

Read with us to know the symptoms of anxiety and depression and how to cope up with them. 

Is Difficulty Concentrating a Symptom of Depression?

One of the most common symptoms of depression is difficulty concentrating. The mind often gets numb to the happenings around with the person being unable to relate with the outer realities in case of depression. It is very often a case of hopelessness from life where a person keeps reviewing the negativities of life and cannot break the loop of thoughts. 

It, therefore, becomes a problem in concentrating properly because a person loses touch with reality as well as interest in the world around. It is difficult for a person undergoing depression to connect with the world and focus on learning and the positive side of life. Thus, a person undergoing depression might fail to concentrate in classes, at work or even while having a conversation with someone. 

One can concentrate well on something only if they are interested in that particular thing while people undergoing depression are too much intertwined in their thoughts to focus on the outside realities further making it difficult to overcome anxieties. 

Can Depression Make You Mentally Slow?

Depression can make a person perform inadequately mentally. This happens simply because a person undergoing depression feels tired and is too preoccupied with internal thoughts to perform mentally. Unable to take part in everyday activities as well as losing interest in things are common symptoms of depression. Since a person is unable to wholeheartedly engage in anything they automatically work slower and so does their brain. 

However, once a person is able to overcome their anxieties and depression, they can get back to performing well mentally in no time. 

Does Depression Make You Talk Slower?

Depression takes away the enthusiasm from one’s life. And if a person isn’t excited about something they naturally become slow and uninterested. Since the mind happens to have been preoccupied with a lot of things already a person responds slowly. 

It becomes difficult for a person undergoing depression to engage in healthy conversations since their mind works relatively slower and they are unable to concentrate. However, it might work differently for some people who can engage in superficial conversations without much problem as a coping mechanism for escaping from how they are feeling on the inside. 

How Long Should Counselling Last?

Taking counselling sessions becomes a must if you have been feeling anxious and have been having panic attacks. Just like we need to see a doctor for some physical ailment or accident, we need to take up counselling to maintain good mental health. A counsellor can help you identify the depression symptoms, symptoms of depression in women, symptoms of depression in men as well as symptoms of depression in teens. 

Seeing a counsellor can help you face the challenges that you have been running from or that you have been undergoing and guide you on how to overcome anxiety and depression. The possibility of healing mentally increases manifold if you choose to see a counsellor and take pills if required. 

The time taken to heal and feel happy again can vary from individual to individual. Different people take a different amount of time to open up and to heal. However, the time taken is not that important as far as you can get back on track and have hope again. Additionally, the time taken to overcome depression can also depend on the approach taken by the counsellor. 

Along with taking counselling, there are other ways of overcoming depression and anxiety. Engaging in things that make you happy such as exercising, painting, going for a walk or hanging out with your friends can all play an important role while trying to handle anxiousness. It is important to engage in all those activities that make you feel more alive at the same time it is important to take a break from things that are adding pressure. 

Taking a break from the regular job or studies and going for a small vacation can help certain people feel better while engaging further in work to avoid overthinking can be the cure for others. What matters is to analyse the activities which make you feel good and which make you more anxious and follow the lead. 

Since depression also leads to a lack of hope in life or can even be the result of hopelessness, there is yet another way that can aid you in overcoming it. One of the best ways to have faith in life is to believe in God. Those people who believe in God and have faith that God is looking after them rarely give up. 

This can also help you in detaching yourself from the anxieties of the material world such as unfulfilling relations, career anxieties, work pressure and look towards the positive side of serving the Lord. A devotee lives with the ambition of performing service to the Lord and being entitled to His blessings without caring so much about the happenings of the material world. 

Therefore, becoming a devotee and chanting the name of the Lord can give a person more peace and hope thereby overcoming depression. 

There are different cures for different people and hence it becomes imperative to visit a counsellor and seek their opinion and support to overcome your mental health issues. Contact +91-9971766666 to start counselling sessions that will put an end to all your anxieties. You will never find yourself alone if you seek support and there will begin your journey to being mentally healthy again. 

Once you overcome your anxieties, you would be ready to participate in all the social gatherings, perform well at work as well as be happy internally. 

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