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Definition and Key Thoughts of Suicide

Suicide Counseling

Suicidal thoughts are quite difficult to handle, especially when you do not have help. Speaking to loved ones or those who understand your mental state or getting suicide counseling will make a big difference in life. 

However, before that, you need to understand what suicidal thoughts are.

Definition of Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts can be defined as a person experiencing thoughts of ending one’s life. It can describe the moment where a person is either planning to end their life, idea of ending one’s life or preparing to do the same. 

As the term suggests, suicidal thoughts are only thoughts, it does not include the final act of ending one’s life. Many people go through such experiences during extreme stress or during turbulent times in their personal lives.

When a person starts to talk about suicide or begins planning suicide, it is important to protect them and help them in any way possible. 

Symptoms of Suicidal Thoughts

As per Medical News Today, suicidal thoughts exhibit symptoms. There are some signs that a person may go through. Understanding the signs can help you recognize when your loved ones go through it and assist them to get suicide prevention therapy. 

The signs for suicidal thoughts can be seen as the following: 

  • The person feels uncontrollable emotional pain. 
  • The person could develop an unnatural obsession with dying, violence, and death. 
  • The person could feel hopeless and trapped in their personal lives. 
  • The person could have mood swings. 
  • They could experience depression, lack of concentration, and panic attacks. 
  • The person could become involved in risky behavior, indulge in addictions, or experience rapid changes in lifestyle and sleep patterns. 
  • The person could increasingly speak about guilt, revenge, and/ or shame. 
  • The person could isolate themselves from others. 
  • They could begin to fix their things and may begin giving things away. 

You must remember that suicidal thoughts in a person do not appear like other emotions and feelings. The person may not talk about things openly. In other words, they may slightly speak of suicide and how they feel. 

Pay attention to the people you’re around. Suicidal thoughts often manifest into the actual deed. Prevention and aid through suicide counseling or speaking to professionals at the helpline +91-9971766666 would help you and the person. 

How to Deal With Suicidal Thoughts?

Suicidal thoughts do not necessarily manifest into an action. Once you see a person having suicidal thoughts or yourself feel that you are having suicidal thoughts, here is how you can help yourself: 

  • Submit to God:
    One of the best ways to deal with suicidal thoughts is by understanding that the materialistic world cannot give you anything. Instead of chasing happiness and the sense of belonging in the material world, religion would help you find the right ground.

If you see one of your loved ones becoming obsessed with suicide, then you could suggest meditation and search for Lord Krishna. Doing so would help them understand what they need and help them find Lord Krishna in tough times, thereby taking away their need to end their lives.

  • Find Balance in your Lifestyle:
    Another way to help yourself or someone you know with suicidal thoughts is to understand the lifestyle plays a huge role in the same aspect. Switching what one does after they wake up and with some new additions to the early morning routine would offer great results. 

Besides, the Hopping Train exercise can have calm suicide prevention effects. Here is what a person experiencing suicidal thoughts can do:

  • Begin changing their lifestyle by understanding Krishna’s infinite understanding of the world 
  • Start the day early by four in the morning 
  • Take an ice-cold bath after waking up 
  • Use the blissful morning to chant RahdhaKrishna-Mangal Bhashon, though remember to gently rock back and forth while chanting the same
  • Remember to chant these on clean temple floors, as it helps with cleansing your soul and antimatter
  • Sun Dancing:
    Also followed by Native Americans, sun dancing helps in cleansing your aura and allows one to feel grounded. The dance is performed by focusing on the lower rim of the sun while lifting arms and chanting.

In other words, if one has seen Chaitanya Prabhu’s stance, the sundance is pretty similar to it. Doing so allows one to feel happy and rejoiced. Suicidal thoughts could be dispelled by dancing in the mornings. 

  • Keeping a Positive Outlook Towards Life:
    Speaking to a suicide prevention counselor or going to therapy would often include speaking about the pain a person experiences. With that in mind, even a therapist would speak about making amends to the aspect of life and outlook towards it.
    Even devoted religious gurus speak of changing the path of life by becoming positive about life. If thinking positively about life proves to be difficult, the person should consider “curiosity” as the driving element. 

Consider that there is a “soul spark,” which is present in everyone. When we die, the soul spark goes out anyway. With that in mind, if the person with suicidal thoughts understands that we all will die eventually, then perhaps the idea of death would evade them.

Another Aspect: Lord Krishna’s Words

Suicidal thoughts are often connected to the aspect of starting a new life by ending previous miseries. However, going by what Lord Krishna had said once, doing so is neither an option nor justified. 

Lord Krishna suggests that life is always falling. Souls are constantly moving from one life to another. So, when you have been given a life, it translates to our soul being given the time to rectify a variety of things. 

The present life can be described as divine timing wherein one can contemplate life and take actions to rectify what causes them misery. Life is a chance to re-evaluate and clarify results for ourselves.

What does Counseling do if a Person is Suicidal?

If religion and meditation do not work, counseling for suicidal patients is another form of aid. Counseling will help the person with suicidal thoughts in more ways than one. 

A good therapist will be able to gauge the issues and help the person understand why they feel what they feel. Furthermore, the therapist will be able to walk the person out of their suicidal mindset.

What are Suicide and Suicidal Behavior?

Suicide and Suicidal Behavior

Suicide: Suicide is the actual act of committing suicide. In this, there’s a loss of life. The person ends their life by taking their own life through any means. It could be by way of jumping or a form of self-strangulation.

Suicidal Behavior: Suicidal Behavior is the phenomenon where the person seeks validation for their thoughts. It is the stage before committing suicide. Herein, the person could talk about ending their life, could think about what to do, and more. 

What are the Risk Factors for Suicidal Thoughts?

The risk factors for suicidal thoughts include: 

  • Trying to take one’s life
  • Acting out and taking on risky behavior
  • Could cause potential harm to those around
  • Indulging in alcohol and drugs

How to Get Rid of Suicidal Thoughts through Counseling?

Suicidal thoughts are a contemplation of one’s life and how to end it. Suicidal thoughts, if prevented, will help the person to get over their issues and make their lives easier by helping them out. 

Counseling for suicidal thoughts always helps a person, as counseling sessions help get to the root of the cause. Once the cause is recognized, one can begin to rectify their thoughts about it.

Final Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts can affect anyone at any time. There is no specific time for the same. Although stress and emotional turmoil are noted as primary causes of these thoughts, there’s always a possibility of a variety of things acting as a trigger.

With that in mind, counseling for suicidal thoughts helps in understanding the triggers and reducing the stress effectively. A therapist or a counselor can help evade suicide and aid in making life painless and meaningful.

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