What is the Significance of Sat-Tila Ekadashi

Significance of Sat-Tila Ekadashi

Ekadashi fasting does not intend to keep you hungry all day or to eat less. The intent of Ekadashi is: fasting your body while feasting the soul. It means you need to constantly do Hare Krishna chanting, consume less food and be sleepless, as when you eat less food, you stay more active during the day and won’t fall asleep every now or then. In this article, we’ll share with you the significance of Sat-tila Ekadashi to help you understand its glories and why to fast on this day. This year Sat-tila Ekadashi is on January 18, 2023. So, continue reading to learn the significance of fasting on this day.

What is the Story Behind the Sat-tila Ekadashi?

Once Daalbhaya Rishi asked Palastya Muni:

“When the spirit soul comes in contact with the material energy does it start to engage in sinful behaviours, such as stealing and killing? Oh one of the purest personalities, kindly explain to me how one may stay away from their sinful activities.”

In response to Daalbhaya Rishi’s question, Palastya Muni mentioned that as the month of Magha (January-February) approaches, one should take a bath. And, then carefully manage their senses by renunciation anger, lust, pride, etc. Further, you need to concentrate on the Supreme Personality of the Godhead Lord Krishna. You also need to do an aarti ceremony and also offer incense, sandalwood paste, camphor, food and a ghee lamp at the feet of the supreme God Krishna.

After that, collect cow excrement and combine it with sesame seeds and cotton, and make 108 balls before it touches the earth. This should be carried out on the day when the purva-ashadha nakshatra constellation occurs. Next, put these 108 balls in a sacred fire while chanting the holy names of God. During the entire day and night, you must fast from all types of beans and grains. You must offer coconut, pumpkin and guava to the Lord. If any of these are not available, you can offer betel nuts.

After praying and giving offerings to Lord Krishna, you need to please a Brahmin with a warm welcome, purna kumbha (pot of water), a pair of shoes, an umbrella and clothes, requesting him to give you his blessings. Doing so will bring you close to Lord Sri Krishna. You also need to offer a pot full of sesame (til) seeds to the Brahmin.

While black sesame seeds are particularly suitable for ceremonial worship and fire sacrifices, you can use white, brown or other sesame seeds for your consumption. A person, who can donate both kinds of sesame seeds, especially on this Sat-tila Ekadashi day, will be elevated to at least one of the heavenly planets after he/she leaves the physical body.

What are the Glories of Sat-tila Ekadashi?

One should not ostentatiously observe Ekadashi out of greed to earn wealth dishonestly. He should just offer as much as he can in terms of clothing, food and sesame seeds because doing so will guarantee him good health and increased spiritual awareness from birth to birth. He will ultimately be freed from the bonds of this world and be permitted admittance into the Lord’s heavenly home.

Pulastya Rishi said, “Oh Daalbhya Muni, one who correctly observes this glorious Sat-tila Ekadashi with great faith becomes free from all types of poverty – spiritual, mental, physical, social and intellectual, as well as all types of bad luck and adverse omens. It is unquestionably true that keeping the Ekadashi fast and donating, offering sacrifices or eating sesame seeds absolves one of all previous sins. One need not speculate as to how this occurs.”

“A rare individual who correctly carries out these charitable deeds in the appropriate devotional frame of mind according to the Vedic instructions would become completely free of all sinful emotions and return to Godhead, back to home in the spiritual realm.”

On this Ekadashi a devotee must:

(1) Bathe in sesame seeds containing water

(2) Apply sesame seed oil or paste it on the body

(3) Eat sesame seeds

(4) Offer sesame seeds in a sacred fire sacrifice

(5) Give sesame seeds to Brahmin as a charity

(6) Accept some gifts of sesame seeds

These are the six ways in which tila (sesame seeds) are used for one’s spiritual purification on this auspicious day. Hence, it’s termed “Sat-tila Ekadashi.”

Sat-tila Ekadashi

Importance of Keeping Fast on this Ekadashi?

Want to know the importance of Sat-tila Ekadashi? According to Palastya Muni, one who observes Ekadashi, all forms of poverty – whether it is physical, spiritual, social or mental – will vanish. The unlucky will turn out to be lucky in his life. All forms of ominous signs will be destroyed. Those who observe this Ekadasi by making a donation, participating in a yajna or reciting the Krishna mantra will, without a doubt, have all their sins forgiven. All sins will be erased from the person who observes this Ekadasi with great dedication and reverence and he will reach the Supreme Loka/Vakunth Dham.

Why Give Donations on THIS Ekadashi?

Like other Ekadashis, the Sat-tila Ekadashi speedy (Vrat) is also an integral part. On Sat-tila Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu/Lord Krishna is worshipped.

If the Sat-tila Ekadashi fast and rites are performed with complete faith and good intentions, God blesses the devotee with appropriate health, wealth and prosperity and ensures that they never experience food or financial loss. In Ekadashi, it is crucial to donate money, clothing, food donation or other similar items. It is claimed that the Sat-tila Ekadashi rite has a special significance and, if performed with pure intentions, will bring wealth and success to the man’s or woman’s succeeding lives or rebirths. The follower becomes spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and intellectually free from poverty. It calms down all dreadful successes.

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Here ends the narration of the glories of Sat-tila Ekadashi. While performing all the rituals and making donations on Sat-tila Ekadashi, you should also do mantra meditation to attain peace.

“Sat-Tila Ekadashi Mahamahotsav Ki Jai,

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish Ki Jai.”