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What is the Significance of Bhaimi Ekadashi?

Bhaimi Ekadashi

Bhaimi Ekadashi, a sacred Hindu observance, falls on February 20th, 2024, marking a day of fasting and spiritual significance for devotees. It is believed to purify the soul and invoke divine blessings.

Bhaimi Ekadashi (also called Jaya Ekadashi) is one of the auspicious days to observe fast and make your way to Lord Vishnu’s abode. That’s why many people fast on this day to free themselves of sins and live a wonderful healthy life. Asking about the importance of Bhaimi Ekadashi, Yudhisthira Maharaj once said, “All glory to You, Sri Krishna, O Lord of Lords! O Universe’s Master, You alone are the source of the four different types of living things: those produced by eggs, sweat, seeds and embryos. Because you are the source of all, O Lord, you are also its creator, maintainer and destroyer. My Lord, you have kindly explained to me the significance of Sat-tila Ekadashi, which comes every dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha) in the month of Magha (January – February). Now, I request you to acquaint me with the Ekadashi that comes in during the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of this month. What is its name, and how does one go about watching it? Who is the Deity who presides over this glorious day that you hold so dear?” 

 What is the Importance of Bhaimi Ekadashi? 

Lord Krishna replied, “Oh, Yudhisthira I’ll be happy to share with you information on the Ekadashi, which takes place in the bright half of Magha. All types of wicked reactions and evil influences are eradicated by this Ekadashi. The lucky soul who fasts on this holy day is released from the heavy load of ghostly life; it is known as Jaya Ekadashi. This Ekadashi is possibly the best one since it grants freedom from birth and death. It needs to be treated with respect and followed closely. Please pay close attention as I recount a historical incident that I previously described in the Padma Purana, O Pandava.” 

What are the Glories of this Ekadashi? 

 Sri Krishna further narrates the take that Devas (demigods) who lived in Lord Indra’s celestial kingdom in the distant past were happy under his wise governance. Indra sipped ambrosia and enjoyed the company of fifty million celestial maidens (Apsaras), who danced for his delight in Nandana Forest decorated with Parijata Flowers. Pushpadanta headed a group of singers that had lovely vocals. Indra was entertained by Chitrasena, the primary musician, along with his beautiful son. 

Malyavan, his wife Malini and other family members. 

 Pushpavati, an Apsara, started to be drawn to Malyavan at that time. Her heart was stabbed by Cupid’s jagged arrows. She enchanted Malyavan with her gorgeous body, 

 colour and entrancing brow movements. 

Malyavan was fascinated when he saw Pushpavati in all her exquisite beauty. They had travelled with the other performers to dazzle Lord Indra, but because they were so captivated by one other, their singing and dancing suffered. Their rhythm fluctuated and their speech stumbled. Lord Indra was able to recognize the root of their errors right away. He was offended by the musical performance’s disarray and become furious and yelled, “Useless fools! While in a trance of love for each other, you pretend to sing for me! You insult me! I condemn you both to suffer like pisachas from now on (hobgoblin). As husband and wife, travel to the worldly areas and collect the consequences of your offence.” 

Malyavan and Pushpavati were dumbfounded by the punishment and plummeted from the celestial Nandana Forest to an Earthly Himalayan peak. They were devastated as the effects of lord Indra’s cruel curse greatly reduced their celestial intelligence and caused them to lose their sense of taste, smell and touch. 

Malyavan and Pushpavati suffered more constantly as they wandered in the severe altitude. Their teeth chattered constantly from the cold, even in a cave. They were so startled and perplexed that their hair stood on edge. Malyavan asked Pushpavati in this miserable situation, “What horrible sins did we commit that we should suffer in these pisacha bodies, in a miserable setting? This is the devil’s work! Although hell is fierce, this agony is even more abhorrent. Oh! Sins should never be committed! 

What are the Benefits of Observing Fast on Bhaimi Ekadashi?  

 However, that day happened to be the fortunate Jaya (Bhaimi) Ekadashi, also known as the Ekadasi of the bright fortnight of the month of Magha. Due to their extreme agony, they didn’t consume any fruits and leaves and didn’t even have water. 

Unknowingly, they had observed Ekadasi abstaining from all food and liquids. 

Malyavan and Pushpavati, sunk in despair and unable to stand up, fell beneath a Pipal tree. Sundown had occurred. Even colder and more dismal than the day was the night. They trembled in the chilly snowfall. When they both started to feel utterly numb, they held one other to stay warm as their teeth chattered in tandem.  

However, O Yudhishthira, they were fortunate the next day, thanks to the compassion of the fast they had observed on Jaya Ekadasi even without knowing the benefits of Ekadashi fasting. Later, Malyavan and Pushpavati renounced their evil forms as Dvadasi began and had once more achieved lovely celestial bodies with gleaming jewellery and elegant attire. They both exchanged startled glances as a celestial aircraft (vimana) suddenly appeared for them. As the pair entered the stunning vimana and flew immediately to the heavenly regions, encouraged by everyone’s good wishes, a chorus of celestial inhabitants sang their praises. 

Malyavan and Pushpavati soon arrived in Amaravati, the capital of Master Indra, and went straight to their lord (Indra Deva) to offer their submission to him.  

Lord Indra was shocked to see them change back to their original shapes so quickly after he had cursed them. Indra Deva asked, “What extraordinarily virtuous deeds did you perform to give up your pisacha bodies so quickly after I had cursed you?” Who broke your bonds with my potent curse? 

Malyavan replied, “O Lord, we were freed from our suffering as pisachas due to the great mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna (Vasudeva), as well as the potent influence of the Jaya Ekadashi. O master, we were returned to our previous status because we unintentionally performed devotional service to Lord Vishnu by observing the day that he cherishes the most. And, then he chanted the Sri Krishna mantra” 

Indra Deva then said, “I may now worship you because you performed service to the Supreme Lord Sri Keshava by keeping Ekadashi, and I can see that you are now free of sin. I applaud everybody who devotes themselves to serving Lord Sri Hari. Then, Lord Indra Deva granted Malyavan and Pushpavati complete freedom to enjoy one another and explore the celestial planets as they pleased.”  

 Importance of Giving Charity on Bhaimi Ekadashi 

Understanding the importance of Bhaimi Ekadashi, many people give charity on this day. Along with Hare Krishna chanting, when you donate water, food, clothes, sesame, shoes, fruits, an umbrella and other necessities on this day, you’re doing a good deed. After all, charity on Ekadashi is known to free you from your sins and lead your way to success.  


That’s why one must strictly observe the fast on Bhaimi Ekadashi. When you observe a fast with full devotion and faith and donate money to charity, you’ll get closer to the Supreme Godhead while freeing yourself from sins. 

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