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Varaha Dvadasi: Appearance of Lord Varahadeva

Varaha Dvadasi: Appearance of Lord Varahadeva

On February 21, 2024, people celebrate Varaha Dvadasi, which commemorates the appearance of Lord Varahadeva as the celestial boar avatar of Lord Krishna. This important Hindu mythological event is a historic occasion that demonstrates the power and compassion of the Supreme Lord. This blog explores the cosmic crises that preceded Lord Varahadeva’s descent, the epic conflict with the demon Hiranyaksha, and the spiritual teachings that can be drawn from this heavenly tale.

The Cosmic Crisis

The story begins with the terrifying rule of Hiranyaksha, the powerful demon who used illegal tactics to subjugate and pillage. His unquenchable hunger caused gold to be stolen and exploited, throwing the planet’s balance into uncharted territory. The demigods turned to Lord Brahma for assistance when things got so bad that the Earth plunged into the Garbhodaka Ocean.

The universe’s maker, Lord Brahma, was profoundly reflective in reply to their solicitation. Something momentous occurred while Brahma contemplated: a little pig that seemed to be the tip of a thumb sprang out of his nose. This minuscule structure grew rapidly until it reached the size of a mountain. Witnesses, including holy people and demigods, acknowledged as the pig shouted that it was Lord Varahadeva, the Incomparable Lord Narayana.

The Divine Descent

The accumulated holy people and sages were loaded with wonder and commitment as Lord Varahadeva grew until he enveloped the sky. The Lord consoled them kindly that they were required not to be apprehensive. His best course of action was jumping into the Garbhodaka Sea to find the fallen Earth. Lord Varahadeva found the Earth with ease and love for His devotees; His lovely white tusks demonstrated this.

The demon Hiranyaksha stood in the way of the Lord’s plans to move the Earth back to its proper position. A cosmic combat broke out, and the sound of their maces colliding sent shockwaves across the cosmos. While the Lord’s followers fervently prayed for His victory, the demons applauded Hiranyaksha.

Battle Between Lord Varahadeva And Hiranyaksha

Higher beings from all over the universe witnessed the epic conflict between Lord Varahadeva and Hiranyaksha. The two strong rivals locked edges, raising the force of the battle to a crescendo that sent shockwaves across the universe. Lord Varahadeva’s heavenly might and compassion defeated the demon’s persecution and tyranny throughout this fierce struggle.

When the Lord triumphantly defeated Hiranyaksha, the cosmic crisis ended. With extraordinary delight, the divine animals gave the victorious Lord blossoms to demonstrate their gratitude and commitment.

Spiritual Lessons and Teachings

Important spiritual lessons are imparted by the tale of Lord Varahadeva’s emergence. The Preeminent Lord’s appearance as a boar addresses his ceaseless kindness and status to safeguard his devotees and expressly bring back enormous requests. Raised on Lord Varahadeva’s tusks, the Earth addresses the wonderful help offered to those seeking comfort in him.

The contention between great and evil is an immortal example that the conflict against Hiranyaksha grants us. Lord Varahadeva’s victory emphasises the necessity of unwavering faith in facing challenges and the inevitable triumph of righteousness over darkness.

Celebrations and Observances of Varaha Dvadasi

Varaha Dvadasi is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm and devotion in ISKCON Mayapur and other Vaishnavite communities. Worshipping Lord Varahadeva through multifaceted customs and Abhishek (sacred shower) services, enthusiasts assemble at temples. The atmosphere is permeated by reciting Lord Varaha’s glory and chanting the Lord’s holy name. The festivals signify the day’s extraordinary mediation and the Preeminent Lord’s never-ending protection.

Worshipping Lord Varahadeva imparts appreciation and love for the brilliant gatekeeper and is a stylised practice. As the allies consider the episode’s importance, they are propelled by Lord Varahadeva’s conciliatory showing of raising the Earth and defeating the powers of trickery.


On the sacred day of Varaha Dvadasi, we are inspired to consider the transcendental experiences of Lord Varahadeva. These ancient tales contain spiritual truths that can be applied to any circumstance, as evidenced by the cosmic crisis, the divine descent, and the victorious battle against Hiranyaksha. On this auspicious day, let us fully participate in the sacred rituals and thank Lord Varahadeva for His unwavering protection and benevolence. May the revelation of the heavenly boar never cease to encourage and lead us to virtue and devotion. Continue chanting the Lord Krishna Mantra and reading the blogs for more tales about the ISKCON temple in Delhi. Hare Krishna, Hare Rama.

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