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What Are the Ways to Nourish Healthy Relationships?

permanent happiness

Our loved ones are the most significant possession we can have in life. There are hundreds and thousands of people around us who are deprived of the love from their loved ones and permanent happiness

Many are no more in this world. Many have greed mixed in their blood. Many are living under the roof of selfishness. The reason could be any, but the result is one- loneliness.

We should know how vital each individual in our life is and learn how to maintain a healthy relationship. The relationship in bhagavad gita is defined as the purest things in the world. 

The following Krishna mantra will throw light on the facts that we all know but fail to follow at some point in our lives. 

1. Love yourself first

It is often the law of attraction – the thought that we attract the items that we specialize in and surround ourselves with – and it applies to relationships and life. 

If you embrace positive thinking, accept passion, and are kind and accepting of yourself, you will attract people that do an equivalent. Learning self-love isn’t always easy. 

You will get to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs and rewrite your story to offer you strength and confidence. But if you are wondering how to have a healthy relationship, it’s an important initiative.

2. Raise your standards

You must hold yourself to high standards if you would like a healthy relationship. If your expectations are low and you are not fixing the trouble to grow together with your partner, the result will be a close and deteriorating relationship. 

What is it that you truly want from your healthy relationship? What are the standards you would hold for your dream partner? What does one expect from your partner, physically and emotionally? Whatever it’s, that’s the bar that you must hold for yourself also. 

You are a lively participant during this relationship; the way you would like them to point it out for you is how you want to show up for them.

3. Meet your partner’s core needs

What does a healthy relationship look like? It is like two people making each other’s needs their own. The more you are doing this, the more fulfilling the connection becomes. 

Find out inner connection, and what are your partner’s core needs? Comfort? Security? Significance? How do they need these needs met? Through touch, words, or something else?

Cultivate the skill of genuine understanding. Going beyond just knowing your partner’s needs at an intellectual level suggests connecting at a deeper emotional level and empathetically standing in their shoes. 

Is your partner your favorite priority? At an equivalent time, are you feeling fulfilled by the relationship?

4. Communicate effectively

Healthy relationships depend upon effective communication. You do not get to be a mind reader to understand what your partner wants – odds are they have told you. 

But communicating during a healthy relationship means listening. Remember, it is not about you – it’s about what you will do for the person you are keen on.

Once you recognize your needs and your partner’s and learn to communicate, you will actively ensure they are being met. 

5. join

Our lord Krishna says that lack of growth is best referred to as stagnation, which may cause deterioration when it involves a relationship. 

Growth may be a product of uncertainty and an act of pushing into uncharted territory. Sometimes discomfort may be a good thing, so do not let fear hold your relationship – otherwise you – back.

6. Appreciate your differences

You do not get to ignore or background the differences between you and your partner. On the contrary, appreciating your differences and spending a lot of time is essential to maintaining a way of pleasure within the relationship. 

Those minor differences are what awakened your interest in one another in the first place, and this is often something that you should keep on the brink of your hearts and minds. 

Appreciate one another, and you will not only appreciate the life you have got created together – you will enjoy it.

7. Develop trust

Trust is the foundation of all productive and healthy relationships. 

And it is during times of stress and uncertainty, when your mutual commitment is often subject to doubt, that you truly discover what proportion – or how little – you trust each other.

Can your partner trust you to be there for them, even when you are stressed or uncertain? Can your partner trust you to be honest and transparent with them, even once you desire what you have got to mention might wound them? 

8. Be honest

When brooding about having a healthy relationship, honesty is vital – including being honest with yourself. Being faithful – and assured in – yourself may be a vital element in forward-looking conflict resolution in your relationship. 

It is essential to be honest and courageous once you face disappointment, pain, and surprise. The foremost passionate romances have moments of sadness. 

Do not avoid conflicts once they come. Face them honestly and fearlessly, knowing that you simply and your partner are up to any challenge.

9. Redefine intimacy

Intimacy is not just physical, and it is not always about “big moments.” Real intimacy is about the smaller everyday moments in a love relationship. 

It is sitting next to at least one another on the couch watching your favorite movie for the tenth time. It is making your partner’s favorite meal without them asking you to.

If you discover yourself struggling in your efforts to attach, keep pushing. Keeping the spark alive takes work. 

10. Discover the facility of polarity

Polarity is that the attraction between opposite energies. Healthy relationships, regardless of the partners’ physical genders, have a partner with masculine energy and feminine energy.

To achieve lasting passion together with your partner, you would like to explore your polarity. It had been this polarity that attracted you to each other, and it’s this powerful interplay that will maintain passion between you. 

11. Align your values

Differences in energy are not the only kind. A successful relationship will use these challenging situations as an opportunity to re-align and grow, rather than using them as an excuse to interrupt down.

What are your values and goals or outcomes? Are the communication patterns and goals of your partner compatible together with your own? 

Misalignments in these areas can produce friction, but they’re also opportunities to evolve the connection to a replacement level of passion, intimacy, and connection.

12. Shift your focus

If you propose to travel the swerving, obstacle-ridden road toward a healthy relationship, you would like to be clear to yourself about the result you want; once you achieve clarity and commitment, you have got focus. 

Where focus goes, energy flows. Will you specialize in the negatives, or will you set your energy toward solutions? Bhagavad Gita has the solution to all such problems.  

Choose to specialize in solutions, and you will be ready to run through issues and celebrate the ways your differences enrich your life together. You will begin seeing your differences not as a drag or source of pain but as a source of delight and excitement.

13. Keep it going

You have worked on the way to have a healthy relationship and reached a happy place. Now you progress forward, leading by example and always nurturing a healthy, loving connection.

You always have choices, regardless of what life throws your way. You will experience pain and suffering and punish yourself and your partner with it. 

Otherwise, you can take what comes, process it, learn from the experience and find out how to apply that lesson to your life. 

Final Thoughts

Thus, all you have to do is fall in love with yourself and with the ones who love you. We are all gathered with people who are with us, but we are never sure who wants our good. 

So, learn to maintain a healthy relationship with those who never fail to put in efforts to make you happy.

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