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Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya is a very pious and pure day. It is the perfect day for all auspicious activities in which we don’t need to follow any mahurat. On this day, if we do chanting, austerity and donations, it will give many folds benefits as it will usually give because, on this day, the Moon and the Sun are at their topmost position. Akshay Tritiya means immortal, so whatever you do on that day becomes permanent.

The Start of The Universe And The Yugas:

On this day, many great incidents happened; like on this day itself, Brahma started creating the universe.

Second, the four yugas Satyuga, Treta, Dwapara, and Kaliyug, start on this day. This is why this day is also known as ‘Yugaadi,’ which means Yuga begins from this day.

The Appearance of Lord Parshuram:

Third is that Lord Parshuram also appeared on this day. Lord Parshuram is the son of Jamdagini and Jamdagini is son of Rishi Richik Muni. Richik Muni was married to Satyavati. Richik Muni gave Satyavati a payasam to eat and told her that she would get a divine Brahman Son if she had it. At that time, Satyavati’s Mother was also there, and she was the Kshatriya queen. Richik Muni gave payasam to her too and told her that she would get a very good Kshatriya son if you have this.

Satyavati’s mother thought that Richik Muni gave his wife a better Payasam than her, so Satyavati’s mother asked Satyawati to exchange their payasam, and she did. Richik Muni returned and got to know about this incident, he got very angry and cursed his wife that he would get a Brahman son, but he would be Kshatriya. Satyawati asked for forgiveness and let her son be a Brahman, but his grandson could be a Kshatriya. Richik Muni agreed. So Lord Parahuram was that grandson of Satyawati, who was Kshatriya. One day a King came to Jamdagini, and Rishi Jamdagini offered him a variety of delicious dishes. King was astonished and asked how he got so many good dishes; he replied,” I have a divine cow who gives me all.”

The King thought that this cow should belong to him, so he took that cow. When Lord Parshuram got to know about this incident, he got extremely angry and went to the King and killed him. This king, however, was not ordinary. He had defeated Ravana too. When Jamdagini got to know about this, he was upset and said to Parshuram, “You shouldn’t have killed the King. The King has the right on his kingdom.” So he asked Parshuram to do austerity in the jungle. The King had thousands of sons, so he decided to kill Rishi Jamdagini and kill him. When Lord Parshuram came back from his austerity, he became very angry about this and killed all the sons of that King. He decided to vanish all the Kshatriyas from this earth, and he did. This great Lord Parshuram appeared on Akshay Tritiya.

The Appearance of Mother Ganga:

Ganga’s mother appeared on this day.

The Story Behind Paavan Sarovar:

Also, One day Lord Krishna in Bal, or childhood age, asks his father, Nanda Maharaj, “Where are you going? Mother told me that you are going to Prayag.”

Nanda Maharaj replied, “Yes, I am going to Prayag.”

Lord Krishna then asked, “Why are you going to Prayag?”

Nanda Maharaj said, “Prayag is the king of all pilgrimages, and I want to take a bath in its holy water and get liberated.” Lord Krishna asked his father to go tomorrow, so he agreed. The next day, when Nanda Maharaj woke up and went to take a bath in his pond, bright light and a huge man appeared. Nanda Maharaj humbly asked, “Who are you?”

He replied, “I am Prayag, and I come once in a year to Brij on Akshay Tritiya and get myself clean in this dust of Brij, which makes me more pious and clean and on this day.”

Nand Sarovar’s name has been changed to Paavan Sarovar. Sriman Vedvyasa started writing Mahabharata on Akshaya Tritiya only. This great incident happened on this day.

Bhakti-The Eternal Happiness:

Everything in this world is mortal, which means get destroyed, but the only this that can never be destroyed is Bhakti. So we call Bhakti Akshay. If one starts even little Bhakti, every type of fear disappears from our life, and he doesn’t have to take birth again and again in this material life. This is permanent happiness, people drink alcohol and get happy, but that happiness is temporary. As soon as the effect of alcohol goes away again, you feel sadness.

So if you want real permanent happiness, on this auspicious Akshay Tritiya day, we should do Bhakti to give us extreme happiness.

How Should We Celebrate?

On this day, we should wake up early and go to the temple and have a glance at Krishna. We should chant the holy name and take rounds of Tulsi Maharani. We should listen and read Bhagwad Gita and Srimad Bhagwatam. We should listen and hear Ramayana. We should take a bath in holy rivers. We should give donations and do austerity. So today take the opportunity to get the blessing on this auspicious day and Donate Now.

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