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Living in a capitalist world, we keep running after money day and night to have the best of everything. However, if we hold on for a while and think about it, what good is money? There is no possibility of taking this money with us in the next life, so all we can do with that money is satisfy our material needs. You can give your contribution to ISKCON Dwarka which is the best NGO in India to donate.

It is a must to have the basic means of sustenance that only money can fulfil but along with that, every individual must render his service to the Lord. Therefore, a certain percentage of the earned money must be invested in Lord’s service in whichever form possible. One way in which this goal can be achieved is by donating money to charity in a temple or the House of Supreme Lord. 

Read with us to know why it is important to donate money to the temple, how to donate money to charity in India, the best places to donate money as well as the best way to donate money. 

Why are Donations Important to Nonprofits?

Since non-profit organisations do not have a capitalist approach to earning money, they depend completely on donations. There are a lot of expenditures that a non-profit organisation incurs in service to the Lord and it’s people. They are established for a good cause and therefore, investing in them is considered to be one of the best ways of performing charity deeds. 

Why Should You Donate Money to Charity?

By donating money to an NGO, people can contribute to a good cause and partake of some of the blessings and fulfil their role of service to the Lord. There are numerous reasons as to why one should donate money to charity in India some of which have been listed below:

Internal satisfaction: Every individual has a responsibility towards fellow human beings and must help and support those who are in need. We need to understand that by helping the children of the Lord, we ultimately provide service to Him. There is a sense of satisfaction that derives from helping people and seeing someone smile because of you. 

Makes the world a better place: Certain people have the resources to fulfil their needs while others are underprivileged. Being co-members of the same society, it is our responsibility to help those who are in need and make this world a better place. 

Provides help to people: Behind the success of a person, there are numerous blessings. Once a person has achieved whatever he/she aspired for, they must now solve the difficulties of other people and help them likewise to climb up the social ladder and achieve everything they want. 

Build good contacts: Being a part of a top NGO in India, one can build contacts and surround themselves with people who work for a noble cause and have a good heart. By having positive surroundings one can find the motivation to work for better causes and develop as an individual. 

Positive image: The primary motive of donating money is to serve the Lord and His people, but it also helps build a positive image in the market. People tend to associate with such people and consider them as good and responsible citizens. 

Thus, one should donate money to some of the best NGOs in India since it comes with manifold advantages. 

How Do Nonprofits Raise Funds for Mother NGO?

The non-profit organisations have fundraising campaigns if they need it and also connect with corporate organisations that give funds as a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Additionally, some influential individuals donate to NGOs on their own accord to fulfil their service to the lord. 

What Can You Do if You Have No Money To Donate to a Charitable Organization?

It is important to understand that one does not have to donate a lot of money to consider it as a significant contribution. Additionally, one should not also compare their donations with other people. What counts is that a part of the income must be invested in the service of the Lord irrespective of how significant that part is. 

If one does not have enough money to donate to a charitable organisation, one can also perform his service in other non-monetary ways. These ways include helping fellow citizens in non-monetary ways and preaching to them about the Lord. Praying to the Lord and taking out time for other services of the Lord is also as important as making donations in non-profit organisations.  

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Charitable Giving?

If one were to consider the advantages and disadvantages of charitable giving, there will be only positives. It is our responsibility to take care of the people around us in whatever form we can. The only thing that one would do with money otherwise is to spend it on material comforts which will soon replenish. 

Therefore, the advantages of charitable giving include service to the Lord, a deeper sense of satisfaction as well as a better public image. The only disadvantage of the deed can be that one won’t have enough to spend on oneself, however, if we go by such greed then there will never be enough for such a person. Thus, to maintain a balance between spiritual and material life, one must perform acts of charity. 

Donate Money - Mother NGO

Which Is the Best NGO in India to Donate?

Some of the best NGO in India to donate include Mazi Sainik Shikshan Ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha in Maharashtra, Navjyoti India Foundation in Delhi, Pahal Jan Sahyog Vikas Sansthan in Madhya Pradesh,  Diya Foundation in Karnataka, Kidpower India in Andhra Pradesh, Ashadeep in Assam, UDAAN India Foundation in Maharashtra, Sai Kripa in Uttar Pradesh among many others. 

By donating to one of the best NGOs to donate in India, you can fulfil your responsibility of serving the Lord and be entitled to innumerable blessings. You can also check out the best NGO in India to donate to work for if you are willing to make a non-monetary contribution and fulfil your service in an immaterial form. 


Giving money to charity can help you move one step closer to detaching yourself from the material world and understand the larger spiritual picture. Charity money given to motherhood care NGOs can aid numerous people at the same time bestowing you with blessings making it a complete win situation. 

Only people who do not understand the spiritual power commit the folly of investing their money in completing their material demands. Therefore, it is time for you to realise the need of investing in spiritual services and serving the children of the lord. Since every small contribution makes a difference,  you must contribute whatever you can as everything is of great value.