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Akshay Tritiya

In the Padma Purana, It is mentioned that Kartika month is very pleasing to Lord Krishna. Any spiritual work which is done in Kartik month, its advantage comes with great quantity to us.

Significance of Rama Ekadashi

Once The Yudhisthira Maharaj requested Lord Krishna, Yudhishtir Maharaj said that “what is the name of the Ekadashi which appears in the Krishna Paksha of Kartik Month? What is the significance of it? Please! Tell me ?”

Lord Krishna answered that – The name of The Ekadashi which appears in the Krishna Paksha of Kartik Month is Rama Ekadashi, and I’ll tell about the significance of this Ekadashi, listen to me carefully:

There was a King in ancient times named Muchukand, and he had a friendship with Indra, Kuber, Yam, Varun, etc. It is being said that the King was very pious and used to rule with Justice, and with this, He was a Devotee of Vishnu. He had a Daughter named Chandrabhaga, and Chandrabhaga got married to Chandrasen’s son named Shobhen. So, Once Shobhen was with his In-laws, and Ekadashi Vrat was very near, Chandrabhaga was very hesitant because her Husband was very Weak and his order was very hard. On the day of Dashmi, The King announced with Drums and that was like -“It is Ekadashi Tomorrow and all will obey the Fast of this Ekadashi’’ . When Shobhen heard this announcement, he hesitated because he was Physically weak. He was having a fear inside him that he might give up his body! So,He (Shobhen) went near Chandrabhaga and said that “I’ll not be able to obey this fast. I am very weak, physically.” Then Chandrabhaga said this to her Husband that “In the kingdom of my father, everyone used to obey Ekadashi Fast. Even, Elephants, Horses, Cats, Camels also obey this fast. These animals also neither drink water nor eat Grain. So, on the Ekadashi, If You want to stay in my father’s kingdom; You will have to obey Ekadashi Fast. Otherwise, You may go. Then Shobhen decided to obey the fast of Ekadashi. Then started to obey Ekadashi Fast. He was having very anxiety inside him as Thirst and hunger were victimizing him. In that Vigil, Shobhen couldn’t handle thirst and hunger, and he died. So, when he died, King Muchukand did his funeral with fragrant woods, but he understood his daughter that She did not need to sacrifice her life. By obeying her father’s order, She did not sacrifice her life and started living in her father’s Palace. As a result, Shobhen tries to obey the fast of Rama Ekadashi. 

This was the type of Kingdom, In which :

1.No lack of Money can appear, ever.

2. It can not be attacked by Enemy, ever.

3. There were so many servants available.

4. There was a Palace in the kingdom which was decorated with Gemstones like Vaidurya Gem.

So, once, from the kingdom of King Muchukunda, a Bhraman named Saum reached on the Madiranchal hill during the Pilgrim tour, and there he saw Shobhen and identified Shobhen that He is the Son-in-Law of King Muchukand and the Husband of Chandrabhaga and also when Shobhen saw the Saum Brahmin, he also recognized Saum Brahmin, and he came from his Royal Throne and welcomed him. The Saum Brahmin was astonished that how the Shobhen obtained that such splendid Palace! He was curious to know what had Shobhen done, so he got such a groovy kingdom and the Palace? Then Shobhen said to Brahmin that “As because I have tried to obey the fast of Rama Ekadashi which appears in the Kartik month, due to that try, I got this kingdom but this kingdom which I obtained, It is unstable.” When Brahmin heard that the kingdom was unstable, he asked Shobhen “what is the reason behind in it’s unstableness” then Shobhen explained that because he obeyed the fast but not with devotion, that’s why it all was unstable! So, at the Brahmin’s request, Shobhen told Brahmin that if his wife ( Chandra Bhaga) were brought here, all unstableness would change into stability. Then the Brahmin went off and the whole scene which he saw, he told to Chandrabhaga and when the Changrabhaga heard that, She got too happy that She would get a chance to meet her husband, but she asked Brahmin that has he heard the whole scene or had he watched the whole scene by his Eyes? Then the Brahmin said to Chandrabhaga, “I saw your Husband with my Eyes and I would like to tell you that the form of your Husband, the kingdom of him is equal to Demigods. But his place is unstable and we have to find the solution of it, that how to make it stable”. When Chandrabhaga heard this then the desire to meet her Husband got increased in her. She requested Brahmin that “please ! take me near to my husband because I’m not able to endure the separation of my husband, more.”

Then, Chandrabhaga reached Mandir Anchal hill with Brahmin Saum. So, first of all, they went to Vamdev’s Ashram, there. Then in the sage’s ashram, the Abhishek is made of Chandrabhaga, and by the sage’s mercy and blessing, Chandrabhaga achieved a divine form, and after this, when the Chandrabhaga met her Husband. Then her Husband (Shobhen) gave her a seat to the left of him. When Chandrabhaga sat, she said to Shobhen that From the age of 8 yrs, she was obeying the fast of Ekadashi, and under that, the kingdom would be converted into a stable form. So, this is how Chandrabhaga began to live with her Husband on Mandiranchal hill.

Lord Krishna articulates to Yudhishtir Maharaj that “o King! This was the significance of the Rama Ekadashi which appears in the Krishna paksha of Kartik month.”


The person who strictly follows the Vrat or Vows of this Rama Ekadashi, his all desires get fulfilled.

How to Make Ekadashi Blissful

So, when the Devotees hear the Glorification of Rama Ekadashi, then the question comes inside them that “what penance, they can do?”

So, the best method is to keep the fast of Ekadashi as “Nirjala”(without water), in which we don’t intake water. If one can’t do that, then one can intake some water. If thinking that even this can’t be done, then Devotee can intake some fruits and Juice. And If a devotee has to eat something, then cook the food-related to Ekadashi, offer it to Krishna and accept only that food On the day of Ekadashi:


      • Chant more and more

      • Reading Scriptures

      • Hearing 

      • Visit Temple and Darshan of Lord Krishna

      • Do Kirtan /Bhajan with Devotees

      • Attend Mangla Aarti 

    By these efforts, we can make our Ekadashi successful.

    Rama Ekadashi ki Jai

    Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish ki Jai

    Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

    (ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)

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