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Why Observe Indira Ekadashi?


 Lord Vishnu is the God who is worshiped on this auspicious day, and if we observe a fast on the day of Indira ekadashi, many of our troubles are removed.

Why Is The Fast So Special?

Being the Ekadashi of Pitru Pad, this Ekadashi is considered best for the liberation of the ancestors. This Ekadashi is celebrated in Pitru Paksha and gives salvation to the ancestors, and their souls get peace in the afterworld.

What Is The Significance Of This Fast?

According to the Puranas, Indira Ekadashi fast is effective even after the death of the seeker. Due to its effect, all the sins of the person are destroyed, and by fasting, they attain heaven, and their ancestors’ mistakes are also forgiven.

The importance of Indira Ekadashi is described in the dialogues between Lord Shri Krishna and Yudhishthira Maharaj in Brahma Vaivarta Purana. Dharma Raj Yudhishthira once said to Lord Krishna – O Lord, what is the name of Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi? What are its procedures and results?

Please tell me.

 So Lord Krishna told him – The name of this Ekadashi is Indira Ekadashi. This Ekadashi destroys the sins and liberates the ancestors from their downfall. The same king was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu and was endowed with lots of wealth. One day, while the king was attending his sabha, Maha sage Narada came down from the sky and came to his place. On seeing him, the king stood up, welcomed him with folded hands, performed all the necessary rituals, and provided him a place to sit. Sitting comfortably, the sage asked Rajan(Indrasen), ‘O Rajan, are your seven limbs delicate? Your intellect in religion? Do you have your mind in devotion to Vishnu? Hearing such words of Devarshi Narad, the king said, O Maharishi, by the grace of you, my kingdom is now well, and the Yagyas are being performed here correctly. Please tell me the reason for your arrival.

The sage said, “O king, listen to my words of wonder. I went from the brahmaloka to Yamaloka. I worshiped Yamraj with reverence and praised the righteous and truthful Dharmaraja. There I saw your father. He was there because of breaking the fast of Ekadashi. He gave a message- I tell you that you listen. He said, ‘Due to unintentional sins committed in my previous birth, I am in Yamaoka. So son, if you fast on Indira Ekadashi of Ashwin Krishna Paksha for my sake, then I can attain heaven.” Hearing this, the king said, “O Maharishi, please tell me the procedure of this fast.”

Rituals Of Perform On This Fast


Narad Ji told him that on the tenth day of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Ashwin, early in the morning, take a reverent bath, then retake a bath in the afternoon, worship the ancestors with reverence and consume food once.

After brushing and taking a bath, follow the rules of the fast with devotion. 

O Achyuta, O Punariksha – I am your refuge. Protect me. In this way, in front of Shaligram Shila, after performing the required rituals, offer abundant food to Brahmins and engage in charity. Whatever is left in the obeisance of the ancestors after smelling, give it to the cow.

Along with friends and family, eat peacefully while maintaining silence.

Narad Ji told him,” O king, if you fast on Ekadashi without being lazy, then your father will necessarily go to heaven.” Having said so, Narad Ji went into deep meditation. According to Narad Ji, flowers rained from the sky due to the king’s fasting and his family and friends. The king’s father went to Vishnu Lok riding on a Garud Dev. King Indrasen, after handing over the throne to his sons, went to heaven after death.

Let’s Take The Benefits Of This Ekadashi

O Yudhishthira, I have told you the importance of Indira Ekadashi. Just hearing or reading this, one gets rid of all sins, and after enjoying all kinds of pleasures, one attains Vaikunth Dham.

So come the holy ones, keep the fast of Indira Ekadashi, which not only destroys every mistake and sins of ours and that of our ancestors but also by listening to the tales of Krishna, by chanting his holy name and by performing kirtan we can get the very rare and sweet devotion of Lord Krishna.

Indira Ekadashi Ki Jai

Sri Sri Rukmanidwarkadhish Ki Jai.

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)

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