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Disappearance Day of Srila Prabhupada

Sri Srivas Pandit

One of the most renowned personalities, Srila Prabhupada, made major contributions to the mission ISKCON. This blog will be talking about his journey and the role he played in the same.

Who is Srila Prabhupada?

Born in Abhay Charan De, Srila Prabhupada is an Indian spiritual teacher and member of the ISKCON movement. Born in the Kolkata (then Calcutta) aristocratic Kayastha family and educated at Scottish Church College. Before taking over the life of a novice abandoner (Vanaprastha) in 1950, he married, had children, and owned a small pharmaceutical company. 

In 1959, he took a vow of abandonment (sannyasa) and began writing a commentary on the Vaishnava scriptures. In his later years as a traveling Vishnu monk, the leader of ISKCON, founded in 1966, made him an influential communicator of Gaudia Vishnu theology in India, especially in the west. 

As the founder of ISKCON, he “appeared as a key figure in the Western counterculture, including thousands of young Americans.” Although criticized by anti-cult groups, J. It was also criticized by religious scholars such as Stillson Judah and Harvey Cox. 

Larry Singh and Thomas Hopkins praised the translation of Bactive Data Swami and defended the group from distorted media images and misunderstandings. Religious leaders of other Gaudiya Vaishnava institutions also paid tribute to him for his achievements. 

He is described as a charismatic leader who has gained followers in many countries, including the United States, Europe, and India. His mission is to bring Gaudiya Vaishnavism, a Vishnu Hindu school taught to him by his guru Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati, to the world. It was to spread inside. 

After he died in 1977, ISKCON, a society founded on Hindu Krishna consciousness, which he used Bhagavata Purana as a central script, continued to grow. In February 2014, ISKCON Communications reported that it had reached a milestone that more than 500 million of its books had been distributed since 1965. ISKCON followers and many Vedic scholars consider his translations and commentary on Bhagavad Gita to be the best and most honest translations of Vishnu literary works.

What is the story of the Srila Prabhupada?

There is a long Story of Srila Prabhupada. Prabhupada was part of a wealthy and wealthy Kayastha Bengali family in a small town near Calcutta on September 1, 1896, the day after one of the most important festivals, Janmashtami (the day Lord Krishna was born). 

He was also called Natural because he was born on the day of Nando Sava (a traditional festival commemorating the birth of Krishna’s father, Krishna). His parents, “Sriman” Grumohande and “Slimati” Rajanide, were devout Vaishnavism (Vishnu followers). Following Bengal tradition, the mother went to her parent’s home for childbirth, and a few days later, Abbey and his parents returned to their home at 6 Sita Kanta Banerjee Lane, Calcutta. At his birth, astrologers predicted that Abbey would be a great religious teacher and would build 108 temples of Lord Krishna. 

Abhay Charan was educated in Europe at Scottish Church College, which is affiliated with the University of Calcutta, a university in Bengal. Most of his professors were Europeans. The university was located in Northern Calcutta, near De’s residence on Harrison Road. 

At the university, Abhay Charan De is a member of the British Society and the Sanskrit Society, and his education is believed to prepare him for future leadership. He graduated in 1920 with a degree in English, Philosophy, and Economics.

He declined his diploma in support of Gandhi’s independence movement. At 22, he married Radharani Devi, then 11 years old, in a marriage arranged by his parents. Radharani Devi gave birth to his eldest son at the age of 14.

Srila Prabhupada traveled to the land to convey his religious teachings to Sir Krishna’s followers. Once, when he was preaching about the Vaishnavism and Lord Krishna, his wife sold his manuscript to a bookstore in exchange for tea biscuits. Later, when he asked about the incident, she was angry and said she liked tea. 

Srila Prabhupada did her best to persuade her to fulfill his mission, but his wife did not change her mind. To welcome his readers, he designed the shining logo of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the upper left corner with the motto “God is light and ignorance is darkness.” His first magazine, he wrote: 1 Under the circumstances from 1936 to the present, I only speculated whether to dare do this difficult task without resources or abilities. But no one discouraged me, so I now dare to start work. 

How did Srila Prabhupada Bring the Krishna Movement to the Public?


In 1936, just days before the death of Bhakti Siddhanta Tasaraswati, Prab Pada was specifically ordered to spread Krishna consciousness to the West in English. Message from Prab Pada’s Diary, Jaraduta’s Diary. As the Indian freighter Jaraduta approached its destination, its intended scope of mission weighed heavily on it. 

In examining these compositions, scholars referred to them as “an intimate record of his prayer preparations for what was in front of him” and “how Bactive Danta Swami understood his own identity and mission.” Consider it as the view of. 

Here I am now you can do whatever you want with me. But I think you have something to do here. Otherwise, why do you take me to this terrible place? How do you get them to understand this message of Krishna’s consciousness? I am very unhappy, unqualified and I like it the most. So I convince them for your blessings. 

Since he was responsible for the company, his personality and management skills were responsible for much of ISKCON’s growth and success in its mission. When ISKCON was founded in 1966, he suggested that the broader term “Krishna consciousness” in the title should take precedence over “Krishna consciousness,” the name Krishna had everything else. He rejected this proposal because it contained form and the notion of God. 

Another center was established in San Francisco in 1967 after a group of believers, and a temple was established in New York. From there, he traveled all over the United States with his students, spreading the movement through street chants (Sankirtana), distributing books, and speaking in public. After 

ISKCON was established in San Francisco, a small number of followers of the San Francisco Temple were sent to London, England, where they contacted the Beatles. George Harrison showed great interest, spent a considerable amount of time talking to him, and recorded with the Rada Krisna Temple members in London.

In the years that followed, his role as a preacher and leader of the Lord Krishna Conscious Movement took him several times worldwide to build temples and communities on other continents. When he died in Vrindavan in 1977, ISKCON was an internationally known Vaishnavism expression. 

Throughout his mission, he followed the teachings of Chaitanya Mahaplav, preached, and introduced Bhakti Yoga to an international audience. In Gaudiya Vaishnavism, this was seen as the fulfillment of a long-standing mission to introduce the teachings of Chaitanya Mahaplav to the world.

What are the teachings of the Srila Prabhupada?

Following are the Teachings of Srila Prabhupada

  • A devotional carrier to the lord! “To carry out devotional carrier approach to observe withinside the footsteps of Rādhārānī, and devotees in Vrindāvana positioned themselves beneath the care of Rādhārānī for you to obtain perfection of their devotional carrier. In different words, the holy carrier isn’t always a hobby of the fabric world. 
  • yānti deva-vratā devān pitrn yānti pitr-vratāh bhūtāni yānti bhūtejyā yānti mad-yājino `pi mām “Those who worship the demigods will take start some of the demigods, individuals who worship the ancestors visit the ancestors, individuals who worship ghosts and spirits will take start amongst such beings, and people who worship Me will stay with Me.” However, the Bhagwad Gita (7.20) says that demigod worship is supposed for guys who’ve misplaced all their intelligence 
  • Surrender approach to behave according to Krishna’s choice. Krishna’s choice becomes that Arjuna has to combat and kill the Kauravas; however, Arjuna declined to combat. However, after listening to the Bhagavad Gita, he understood Krishna’s actual position as the Supreme Omnipotent Lord and agreed to abide through Krishna’s choice.
  • Prabhupāda: Attempt to observe the four standards as we’ve prescribed: no intoxication, no gambling, no illicit sex, and no meat-eating. That’s all. This is goodness. These prohibitions are there. Why? To preserve you in goodness. In each religion. Now, withinside the Ten Commandments also, I see that “Thou shall now no longer kill.” The identical element is there. However, human beings aren’t obeying. That is an extraordinary element. 
  • Referred to withinside the Śvetaśvatara Upanishad (five.9) to be the ten-thousandth a part of the top of the hair. If one takes the top of the hair and divides it into hundred elements, after which takes this type of divided elements and similarly divides it into hundred elements, then what stays is the dimensions of the soul. Since the soul is so tiny, it isn’t always viable to look at the spirit soul with bare eyes. The soul is located withinside the vicinity of the heart. 
  • A king isn’t always supposed surely to understand taxes from the residents and acquire wealth to spend in experience gratification. World monarchy has failed ever because kings started to fulfill their non-public senses with the taxes collected from the residents. 


We hope this blog was able to answer your questions like Who is Srila Prabhupada Iskcon. To know mpre about such interesting facts and people, visit our website. 

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