What is the Importance of Katyayani Vrata?

Significance of Katyayani Vrata

Goddess Katyayani is one of the nine forms of Goddess Parvati. She is worshipped by devotees as the sixth form on the day sixth of Navratri. As per Hindu mythology, Devi Parvati took Katyayani’s form for destroying the demon Mahishasura. According to religious Hindu texts, Goddess Parvati was referred to as Katyayani because she was born to sage Katya. Goddess Katyayani is the most furious form of Goddess Parvati and is often associated with the red colour. And, there is a great significance of Katyayani Vrata for people finding obstacles related to marital issues.

Why did Krishna use to Steal the Clothes of Unmarried Gopis?

According to chapter twenty-one containing twenty verses, Lord Krishna used to enter the Vrindavana forest in the autumn and play his flute. Many gopis used to get attracted to the sound of the flute. Chapter twenty-second, including the thirty-eight verses, describes the way gopis used to pray to goddess Katyayani for obtaining Krishna as their husband. The chapter also shows how Krishna used to steal the clothes of unmarried gopis while bathing in the Yamuna River and also gave girls benedictions.

He did so to tease gopis. Krishna later used to say I understand how tired you gopis must be from daily tasks. So, please come to the shore to take back the clothes. Later, gopis pretended to be angry and said that they are feeling pain because of the cold water of Yamuna. If Krishna didn’t give back their clothes, they would complain to King Kamsa about everything that has happened. But if he gives back the clothes, they would carry out his orders as humble servants.

Later Sri Krishna replied that he isn’t scared of King Kamsa and that if the girls want to follow his command they must immediately come to the shore for taking their garments.

Vow of Worshiping Goddess Katyayani

Since the gopis were feeling cold in the water, they came out of the water covering their private parts. Krishna who had affection for gopis told them that while executing a vow they bathed naked in the water, they have committed an offence against the demigods. So, to counteract this offence they must offer obeisance with folded hands. Therefore, the vow of their austerity will get a positive result.

The gopis follows the given instruction and folded their hands while offering obeisance to Sri Krishna. Then, he gave their clothing back. However, the young girls were so attracted to Krishna that they couldn’t leave. Understanding their state of mind, Krishna further asked them for another vow of worshipping Goddess Katyayani to obtain him as their husband.

Since the gopis had already offered their hearts to Krishna, their desires were not to be tainted by materialistic joy. Therefore, Krishna told them that their cherished desire would come true the next autumn. Then, gopis felt happy and returned to Vraja and even Sri Krishna and his fellow cowherd friends went to another place to graze cows.

Importance of Katyayani Vrata

Chanting of Mantra

According to Sukadeva Gosvami, young married girls of Gokula used to observe the vow of worshipping the goddess Katyayani for the entire first month of the winter season. For this whole month, they used to eat only unspiced khichri.

Each of the young unmarried girls used to worship Devi Katyayani following the mantra – “O goddess Katyayani, O Great potency of the Lord, O possessor of great mystic power and mighty controller of all, please make the Nanda Maharaja’s son my husband. I offer my obeisance to you.”

With this mantra meditation and observing the vrata, gopis attained their desired result.

Goddess of Gokula

Durga is the Lord’s inferior potency and is also dedicated to his service. Being Lord’s potency, this supreme form of energy is not any different from the Lord himself. There is another higher potency whose form is on a similar spiritual level as God himself.

By scientifically understanding this supreme potency, one may instantly attain the Supreme Soul of all the souls, who is the Lord of all lords. There is only one way to achieve the lord. That superior potency of the Lord is called Gokulesvari, who is the goddess of Gokula. Her nature is to remain completely immersed in God’s love. One can also obtain the primeval of God through her.

This particular internal potency of the Lord is called Maha Maya, who rules the entire material world. She also bewilders the whole universe. Therefore, everyone in the universe needs to falsely identify himself with the material body.

The name Durga is referred to as the internal, superior potency, which is also stated in Pancaratra. In all Krishna mantras for worshipping Krishna, the presiding deity is always Durga. This internal potency is known as Krishna’s sister, Ekanamsa or Subhadra. This is the figure of Durga that the gopis of Vrindavana worshipped. Many acaryas have noted that common people are occasionally perplexed and believe that the terms Maha-Maya and Durga only refer to the Lord’s exterior potency.

What is the Significance of Katyayani Vrata?

According to Hindu legend, Maa Katyayani can wash away a worshipper’s sins, banish evil spirits and remove obstacles from their path. The followers believe that Maa Katyayani represents the image of wisdom and tranquillity, which aids in the removal of the Manglik dosha.

Delay in marriage is known to be resolved by Katyayani Vrata Puja. It can be used to get rid of the Mangalik Dosha in one’s horoscope. Through this Puja, all challenges relating to marital problems are removed. It enables one to have a successful and happy marital life.


Gopis of Gokula used to worship the goddess Katyayani with incense, flowers and other things to win Krishna as their husband. Later, other women (unmarried and married) also started observing this vrata to remove Manglik dosha, avoid delay in marriage and also lead a happy married life. So, this was all about Significance of Katyayani Vrata.