Utpanna Ekadashi 2021: Iskcon Dwarka


The Ekadashi, which comes in the Krishna paksha of Margshirsh month, is called Utpanna Ekadashi. The glorification of this Ekadashi is mentioned in Bhawishya Uttar Puran.

The meaning of Ekadashi is to – “Fasting for body and feasting for the soul.”


Once, Arjun asked Krishna that. 

“You told that this Ekadashi is a sanctifier and the result of this Ekadashi is more than 1000 Ashvamegha Yagya. So, how can it be possible? Please! Tell me that why this Ekadashi is so admirable!”

Then Krishna replied to Arjun that. 

“I’ll tell you that why this Ekadashi is Supreme auspicious?”

There was a demon in Satyuga named moor, he was very dangerous, and he always used to scare Demigods by depriving the Demigods of Heaven. He took heaven by defeating Demigods, and the Demigods were wandering on the Earth. Then with their chief “Indra” they went near the Shiv Ji and said, “We all are very tensed, the demon named as moor has pulled out us from our Lokas and now we are wondering on Earth. Please! Tell us any solution so that we can overcome by this problem”.

Then Shiv Ji told them, “Go to that place where Lord Vishnu is present with Garud. Please! Go there as because Lord is Jagganath. He is the owner of the entire universe, he will surely help you!”

After this, all Demigods went to Vishnu Lok, prayed to Lord Vishnu with folded hands, and said, “oh! Enemy of demons, oh Madusudhan please! Save us from the moor, he has pulled us out from our lok. You are the mother-father of this universe, you are the creator of this universe, and you are nourished of this universe. You are the supreme beloved of all the demigods, you are alone providing us the enjoyment. That’s why we are praying to you, please! Save us, we are in your shelter, besides you, there is no support for us. Now, we are defeated by these demons and pulled out from our lok and by that, we are wondering on Earth. Now, please! Save and protect us!” Now, after hearing all prayers, Lord Vishnu asked them that 

“Which demon has done this? What is his name? And how is he getting strength? Please! Don’t be tensed, now you are in my shelter, and tell me who is he?”

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Then Indra said 

“This demon is the son of Nadijang demon who is the extraordinary fearsome and he has only work to do harass Demigods and he has made chandravati as a base camp and by there, he controls everything. And he has started the works of all Demigods. He began to shine like Sun, started to do rain by having the form of a cloud by that he is having all the responsibility of all Demigods. It is very difficult for us to kill him. Therefore, please! Kill him and make us victorious.”

By hearing all these gods became very angry and gathered all Demigods, went off to Chandravati to kill that demon, and then all the Demigod went off to Chandravati with Lord Vishnu. And when moor knows all that, he began to roar very loudly. By that roar, all the demons gathered with weapons, that weapons were as lustrous as the shine was coming from them. They all began to defeat all the Demigods in the war, and all the Demigods ran off.

When Lord Rishikesh saw all that, he started to kill all the Demons and killed almost 100 demons one by one, and then he started a war with Demon Moor, and that war continued till 1000 years. Then God showed that God got tired and went to in a cave of Badrika ashram named Hemavati. That demon, also by chasing God, went to Badrika ashram and he reached & saw that Lord Vishnu was sleeping. And in mind, he planned that “Today I’ll kill this Hari as he killed my most of the demons.”

Then, from Lord Vishnu’s body, a beautiful DEVI (divine lady) appeared then she started a war with that demon, and that demon began to think, that who is she? How is she fighting with me like Vajra? And this war got increased as she cut all the weapons of that demon and finally sent him the Yamlok by cutting his head.

When all the remaining demons saw that their leader had been defeated and killed, they ran off from heaven, and heaven became demon less, and all the Demigods got very happy by watching all that.

Now, God woke up and saw that the moor had been killed, and then he thought, who killed him? And then he saw that that lady was standing near him with folded hands, and she was greeting him.

Then God said 

“Who killed this demon? This demon has pulled off the Demigods from heaven, and even I also fought with him till 1000 years, but I also couldn’t defeat him. I was also tired, who killed him.

Then Devi said, “I killed him and I appeared from your body. I killed him because this demon was like a throne who was giving pain to others.”

When God heard all these, he said

“I am very happy from you because you have given relief and bliss to Demigods. And as because you appeared (utpanna) on the day of Ekadashi then you will be called Utpanna Ekadashi. Any boon which you want to get, get it from me”.

Then Ekadashi said that

“Give me boon as

One who will obey this Ekadashi his all sins would wash away.

He would get a place in Vaikuntha ( even if he keeps any type of fast like complete Nirjala fast or whether if he take food one time in a day)”

Then God said 

“All boons which you demanded, I give it to you and my all devotees will obey this Ekadashi surely by that they will get a chance to have a resident in Vaikuntha and live with me” So, here we have got that to keep many types of fast,  donate to Brahmins, donate 100 of cows. Yet, more results will be achieved by the person who obeys Ekadashi.


Now, Lord Krishna said to Arjun that “The one who obeys this Ekadashi strictly, his all enemies’ slaughter will be done by me and also of all the obstacles of his Bhakti. If someone just hears only one sentence of the glorification of this Ekadashi then I’ll excuse his all the greatest sins as like Bhramahatya. If someone donates 1000 cows to scholar Pandits even then the person will get 10 times more result than it, who obey this Ekadashi and besides this Ekadashi, there is no any other auspicious chance to do Vishnu Bhakti and Vishnu worship.”

We all need to obey this Ekadashi by praying well, chanting more holy names, and serving Vaishnavas that gladden the Krishna. Get fast from the body to sleep less, Eat less, Read more scriptures, Chant, and be happy.

Utpanna Ekadashi ki jai

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadish ki jai

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON – Dwarka New Delhi)