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Untold facts about Lord Krishna and Radha

Facts of Krishna and radha

Everyone might have heard the fact that Radha is incomplete without Lord Krishna and Krishna is incomplete without Radha. But have you ever wondered when they both are incomplete without each other, why did not they get married to each other? Many people would be interested in getting an answer to this question.

Though Lord Krishna and Radha did not marry each other, they are still worshipped together by everyone. There are many couples who consider the love bond between Lord Krishna and Radha as their inspiration.

Read this blog if you want to know about some of the interesting and untold facts related to the love life of Radha Krishna.

Following are some of the interesting and untold facts of Lord Krishna and Radha’s life:

1. How did Lord Krishna and Radha meet after their incarnation on earth?

  • It is believed that when Krishna was just four or five years old, he went to the field with his father where the cattle were feeding food. For surprising the father with the spring, Lord Krishna created a thunderstorm and pretended like he knew nothing. It started raining heavily and Krishna started crying and hugged his father for protection.
  • His father was in worry as he had to take care of his child as well as cattle. Then, his father saw a beautiful woman coming to their side and he felt relieved and asked that woman to take care of his child. After the woman assured to take care of Krishna, Nanda left home with the cattle.
  • When that woman and Lord Krishna were alone, Krishna did something surprising. He appeared in the form of a youth that wore orange color clothes, peacock feather on the head, dark-skinned, and holding a flute in hands. He asked that woman whether she remembers the same incident when they were used to be in heaven before their incarnation on earth. She replied yes and she was actually Radha, his beloved. This is how they met each other for the first time after their incarnation on the earth.

2.  Where did Lord Krishna and Radha use to meet?

It is believed that Lord Krishna and Radha used to meet each other secretly in Vrindavan. Lord Krishna used to play the melodious flute every day by the lakeside that used to captivate Radha to come and meet Lord Krishna.

3. Radha and Lord Krishna are never separate:

According to the believed facts, Radha is never separate from Lord Krishna. The bond of love between Lord Krishna and Radha was not physical, rather it was a spiritual and pure form of devotion. So, it is said that Lord Krishna and Radha are two different manifestations of the divine principle.

4. Why did Lord Krishna and Radha not marry each other?

To prove that love and marriage both are entirely different from each other, Lord Krishna and Radha decided not to marry each other. For evidencing that love is more pure and selfless emotion than being physical, both of them expressed the highest devotion of love by not marrying each other.

According to some beliefs, Radha did not consider herself the right fit for him because she was a cowgirl, therefore, she was firm in her decision of not marrying Lord Krishna.

Also, there is one more belief according to which Lord Krishna used to consider each other the single soul, therefore he explained how he could marry his own soul.

If you are really interested in knowing more untold facts of Lord Krishna and Radha’s life, then stay tuned and keep reading blogs on our website.

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