Srila Haridasa Thakura: Disappearance Day

Srila Haridasa Thakura

What is the story of Srila Haridasa Thakura?

Srila Haridasa Thakura first manifested in this world in the Bangladeshi city of Khulna’s former suburb, Buron, which is now the district of Sat-Kira. The singing of the Holy Names of Hari-Nam Sankirtan got revealed there, which is a wonderful blessing for that land. He stayed there for a while before going to the Ganga’s banks at Fulia, close to Santipur. Advaita Acarya screamed in ecstasy when receiving his association. Thus, the two started to float on Sri Krsna-pleasant Govinda’s pastimes’ waves.

Sri Haridasa Thakura is a member of the Lord who has attained ultimate liberation. He was completely committed to Sri Krsna’s Holy Names from the moment of his birth. Haridasa Thakura arrived in a family of Yavanas, much as Garuda manifested as a bird and Hanuman as a monkey (Mohammedans). Wherever they arrive, the servants of the Lord are worshippable.

His accomplishments have gained more and more attention. Advaita Acharya was thrilled to have his association when he moved to reside by the banks of the Ganges. Residents of Fulia who were Brahmanas were immensely appreciative of his adoration of the Holy Name and used to visit him every day for darshan.

When the local Mohammedan king heard about everything, the local Mohammedan administrator became enraged and said, “Though he is Mohammedan, he behaves like a Hindu and should be brought here for trial.” The local king, who was also quite immoral, ordered Hari das, Thakur, to be brought there as soon as he heard what that sinful man had to say.

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Haridasa Thakura said the supreme Lord is one.

Just stop chanting and say the Karma (prayer of the Mohammedans), the Mohammedan King instructed Haridas. Response from Srila Haridasa Thakura: “The Supreme Lord is one, even though He goes by many names. The Puranas are the Hindu shastras, and the Koran is the Islamic sastra. Everyone behaves as the Lord has inspired them to, including me. Some yavanas convert to Hinduism, and some Hindus convert to yavanaism to worship the Lord. You may now judge me, Maharaja.”

The Kazi retorted that it would be essential to punish him after hearing these comments. When the Muluk pati heard the Kazi’s order, he addressed Haridasa, “Practice your religion, my brother. You won’t need to worry after that. If not, you will need to be disciplined.”

Haridasa Thakura replied, “Even if you chop my body into pieces, I would never stop reciting Hari Nama,” in response.

After hearing Haridasa speak these remarks with great tenacity, the Kazi said, “He ought to be defeated in 22 different markets. I’ll be able to tell that the scholarly gentleman is telling the truth if he survives this.”

After hearing what the Kazi had to say, the evil Muluk pati gave the order to beat Haridasa Thakura in 22 different markets. By singing “Krsna Krsna,” Haridasa thought of the Lord and felt no physical discomfort in the joy of that thought.

Similar to how the demonic followers of Hiranyakasipu tried innumerable ways to murder Sri Prahlada Maharaja but were unable to do so, the demonic Mohammedans also attempted to damage Haridasa Thakura but were unsuccessful. As the Name’s nectar surrounded Haridasa Thakur, the Mohammedans quickly realized that he wasn’t an ordinary guy.

Thus, they respectfully yielded to the Thakura “Haridasa! We can see that you truly are a saintly person. Nobody has any power over you. The Mulukpati, though, won’t comprehend any of this. He will instead possess our heads.” As soon as Haridasa heard their terrified cries, his exterior awareness vanished, and he began to meditate on the Lord’s Holy Name deeply.

The Mulukpati assumed he was dead when the Mohammedans carried his body to him on their shoulders. As a result, he gave the order to dispose of his body in the Ganga. As Haridasa’s body drifted down the Ganga, he emerged from the water at Fulia Ghat and started chanting Hari Nama aloud. The Mulukpati was frightened upon realizing the greatness of Haridasa Thakura. He traveled there with other Mohammedans and implored Haridasa Thakura to pardon him for his transgression.

They all saluted him because they thought he was a holy man, and as a result, they were all absolved of their crimes. The devotees were in rapture after seeing the Thakura’s pastimes.

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Srila Haridasa Thakura



Haridasa Thakur used to chant Hari Nama

At the foundation of a tree, in a hollowed-out pit resembling a cave, Haridasa Thakur used to chant Hari Nama. Banks of the Ganga, close to Fulia, this “cave” is still present. From Santipura, one can take a train to go there. A deadly snake also dwelt within the tree’s roots. The devotees could not stay there for a very long time due to their fear of this snake, and one day they mentioned it to the Thakura. Haridasa Thakur contacted the snake after observing the concern of the followers and said, “My dear sir, if you are indeed living here, then I am requesting that you please go by tomorrow. Otherwise, I will leave here.” When the snake heard the Thakura say these words, it jumped out of its hole and gave him namaskar before moving on. The devotees were astounded by this activity and were moved to profound and intense devotion for Haridasa Thakura.

Thakura Haridasa was present during Lord’s pastimes.

Thakura Most of the Lord’s pastimes in Nadia took place with Haridasa in attendance, and when the Lord left for Jagannatha Puri, Haridasa followed and settled there as well. After attending Lord Jagannath’s mangal arati each day, Lord Caitanya would visit Haridasa Thakura and deliver him some of the prasadam offered by the deity. They used to stay with Srila Haridasa Thakura when Sri Sanatana Goswami and Sri Rupa Goswami traveled from Vrindavana to Puri. Haridasa would pay his respects to the Cakra on top of the temple from a distance rather than approach Lord Jagannatha’s shrine following custom. He was regarded as a Mohammedan by birth; therefore, people who were caste aware would find his presence at the shrine offensive.


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