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Sri Vakresvara Pandita – Appearance

Sri Vakresvara Pandita

What was the story of Sri Vakresvara Pandita

Sri Vakreshwar Pandita was in attendance with Sriman Mahaprabhu during his time in Navadwipa, and he also accompanied him to Jagannath Puri after he accepted sannyasa. During the Lord’s stay in Puri, he continued to dwell with him there. Sri Vakreshwar Pandit was born in the Guptiparanaer Triveni Village. He was an excellent dancer, and kirtaniyaand could dance for 72 hours straight. 

Sri Vakreshwar Pandita was a vital singer and dancer in that assembly when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu started his pastimes of congregational chanting of the holy name of Sri Hari in Navadwip. Devananda Pandit was saved from Mahaprabhu’s anger because of his benevolence. He also accompanied the Lord in his voyage to Ramakeli; Devananada Pandit was once regarded as the foremost Bhagavat lecturer. Srivas Pandit went to hear his lecture one day, and hearing the Bhagavatam brought him to tears with euphoric love. Srivas Pandit was pulled from the assembly and placed outside by a couple of Devananda Pandit’s naive students, who thought he was causing a commotion. Even though this happened in front of Devananda, he did not prevent his students from acting in this disrespectful manner toward Bhagavat.

Two Types of Bhagavat

The book Bhagavat and the devotee Bhagavata are the two sorts of bhagavat. As a result, Devananda Pandit was accused of offending a big devotee (maha-bhagavat). When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu learned of the disrespect shown to his loving disciple, Srivas Pandit, he offered several directions concerning the Bhagavat. He stated that individuals who read the Bhagavad but do not pay respect to the devotee-bhagavat are merely violators and that even if they study the bhagavat for eons, they will never reach godhead love. The devotee Bhagavata and the Bhagavata book are indistinguishable. To comprehend the Bhagavata literature, one must first honestly serve the devotee-Bhagavata. As a result, Mahaprabhu disregarded Devananda and did not show him kindness.

Sri Vakresvara Pandita

Devananda was blessed with the words.

One evening, Sri Vakreshwar Pandita arrived at the residence of one devotee from Kulia, who lived across the Ganga from Nadia, to conduct dancing and chanting of the holy name. Devananda went there after receiving this good news, and he was delighted when he saw the manifestations of divine love in the person of Sri Vakreshwar Pandit. Gradually, a large crowd gathered at that location, and Devananada Pandit, with a cane, kept the gathering in check to avoid interrupting Sri Vakreshwar Pandit’s joyful dancing.

Devananda arrived and offered dandavats to Sri Vakreshwar Pandit’s lotus feet when he finished dancing and sat down. Vakreshwar Pandit continued to chant and dance for two praharas (six hours) into the night in this manner. Sri Vakreshwar Pandit was happy with this service and blessed Devanana with the words “Krsna-bhaktihauk” – “May you acquire devotion to Sri Lord Krsna.”

By the kindness of Vakreshwar Pandit, Devananda’s devotion was aroused from that day forward. After that, Mahaprabhu went to Nadia to see his mother and mother, the Ganges. He bestowed his grace on Devananda at Kula. “I’ve noticed you since you served Vakreshwar’s association may be found, that location is the sum of all holy places and equal to Sri Vaikuntha.

Sri Vakreshwar Pandit’s disciple Gopal Guru Goswami.

Gopal Guru Goswami was Sri Vakreshwar Pandit’s disciple, and Sri Dhyanchananda Goswami was Gopal Guru Goswami’s disciple. “That person who was previously exceedingly competent in the arts of singing and dance, the gopi, Tungavidya, is presently renowned in the world asVakreshwar Pandit,” Dhyan Chandra Goswami wrote in his-Dhyan Chandra Paddhati. On the fifth day of the unlit fortnight of Asar (Ashadha – June-July – Vaman mase), he appeared, and on the sixth day of the brilliant fortnight of the month Asar, he terminated his pastimes in this world. While Vakreshwar danced, Mahaprabhu would sing, and Vakreshwar would grab His lotus feet and say, “O moon-faced one, provide me 10,000 Gandharvas, and allow them to sing as I dance.” Then I’ll be content.” “You are one of my wings,” Mahaprabhu said. I could fly in the skies if I had another.”

Sri Radha-Kanta is Vakreshwar Pandit’s worshippable God, whom he worshipped in Kasi Misra’s house, which was also Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s dwelling (Gambhira). To this day, these deities are still revered there.

Sri Vakresvar Pandita is the Lord’s loving servant who danced for seventy-two hours without stopping. When Sri Vakresvar Pandita fell at Mahaprabhu’s feet and cried, “O moon-faced lord!” Mahaprabhu sang as he danced. “You are like a wing,” the Lord said. I was hoping you could give me a tenth of a million, Gandharvas. If I can dance while they sing, I’ll be happy. I’d be able to fly in the skies if I had another like you!”


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