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Sri Srivasa Pandita – Appearance Day

Sri Srivasa Pandita Appearance Day

Sri Srivasa Pandita is not a new name in the history of ISKCON. His greatness has been mentioned in many tales and lores of the previous era. Read on to learn more about His life.

Story of Sri Srivasa Pandita

The Story of Sri Srivasa Pandita’s life is a long one. Srila Vrindavana Dasa sang glories about the pastimes of Sri Srivasa Pandita in the following way “It was at Sri Srivasa Pandita’s house, Sri Caitanya performed his sankirtana entertainment. These four brothers (Srivasa, Sri Rama, Sripati, Srinidhi) were always chanting the name of Sri Krsna. He worshipped Lord Krishna and bathed in the Ganges three times a day.”

These four brothers previously lived in the Srihatta district. In all matters, Srivasa was the chief of four brothers. Through the strength of his dedication, he understood that Sri Krishnan would appear in the house of Jagannath Mithra.

Srivasa Pandits’ wife’s name was Sri Malinidevi. She was a very close friend of Sri Sachidevi and was always very helpful. He hears the call of his followers. Seeing the miserable condition of the fallen creatures in Kali Yuga, the believers sadly began to pray mainly for their rescue.

The Lord reincarnated on the day of the Full Moon of the month of Phalguna in 1407 (1486 AD). With his appearance, all promises of salvation began in a world filled with Harinama. Just as Sri Advaita Acarya of Santipura understood that the Lord had appeared, Srivasa and other believers understood from Nabadwipa. 

Malini Devi had previously attended Sachidevi, so Srivasa and Jagannasa Misra came to her at that time to show that she was in particular need now.

No one can admit him as long as the Lord decides not to reveal himself. The Lord has shown many supernatural abilities from an early age, but believers have not fully understood his essence because of his seductive power. 

Srivasa and Malini were like Sri Gaurasundara’s mother and father. Their hearts were filled with parental affection for him. Srivasa and Malini gave Sacidevi and Jagannatha a lot of advice on how to raise a new son. The young Nimai Pandita seemed arrogant through his learning, so Sribasa Pandita decided to give him good advice one day.

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Sri Srivasa Pandita

Why do people study? Explained by Sri Srivasa Pandita

“Why do people study? So that they can understand what their dedication to Sri Krishnan is,” he told Nimai. “What benefits does this learning bring to him if he does not achieve his dedication to Sri Krishnan through scholarships? 

It can be a tedious endeavor and a waste of time in the end. You do something. Once you’ve learned, start worshipping Sri Krishnan now and make this your life’s purpose. 

Nimai laughed when he answered. If you are very kind to me, I will accomplish my dedication at the feet of Sri Krishnan’s lotus flower. So he gradually began to take on his real job of distributing her loving devotion to Sri Krishnan. 

One day, Sir Gaulanga entered Srivasa’s house in an ecstatic mood and asked, “Srivas, who do you worship? Who are you meditating on? [C.B. Madhya 2/258]. With these words, Mahaplab entered the temple of Srivasa’s hometown, sat in Sir Vishnu’s Shimasana, and had his own four arms. The shape revealed a snail shell, a disc-shaped club, and a lotus flower. Seeing this, Srivasa was completely surprised.

Ecstatic love for Krsna

“My obedience to the lotus feet of Visvanbara, the bearer of the entire universe. Its body color resembles the newly arrived rain clouds’ color and is dressed in thunder-colored clothes. My tribute to the lotus feet of Sachi’s son is adorned with feather ornaments and a wreath of red beads (Gunjamala). 

My obedience to the lotus feet of the disciples of the Ganges River. Its lotus face is 1000. Conquer the beauty of the Moon. You have my tribute to your lotus feet, buffalo horns, sticks, and flutes. Your four Vedas have declared you Nanda’s son. Dear Lord, I dedicate my obedience to you over and over again. “[C.B. Madhya 2/272] 

Today marks the flourishing of my birth, the vibrancy of my activities, and the fulfillment of my being with utmost happiness. Finally, my ancestral pedigree bears fruit on this auspicious day. In conclusion, my house, which was also their house, was blessed. 

Today, the great happiness of my eyes was that I could see the person whose lotus feet were being manipulated by the goddess of luck, Lakshmi Devi. Compassion for Srivasa by revealing himself to the whole of his family, totally unpredictable. Seeing Sri Vasa Pandita’s niece standing in front of him, Prab called on her, “Narayani! Call Sri Krishnan with tears in your eyes.” 

And soon, the girl, only four years old, began screaming, “Hari! Krishna!” in a crazy frenzy. While she kept shedding tears, a flood of her tears ran down her body and wet the ground around her feet. 

There was a maid named Duhkhi in Sri Srivasa Pandita‘s house. She brought water from the Ganges to the Mahaplab bath every day. One day, Gaurasundara asked Srivasa, “Who brought this water?” 

“Duhkhi brings it,” Srivasa replied. “From today on, her name is Suki.” Thus, the Lord pointed out that the Lord’s servants and His followers were not Dukhi (sad). Rather, they are sukhi (happiness). 

Teachings by Sri Srivasa Pandita

The Teachings by Sri Srivasa Pandita spread around the globe.  


Krishna‘s mantra is a powerful weapon to fight all things bad & evil prevalent in our world. To safeguard yourself from all harm, keep chanting Krishna’s name and experience the inner bliss that follows. 

Radhe Radhe.

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