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Lord Shiva’s Offering – Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja

Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja

The enchanting world of Krishna Bhakti (devotion to Krishna) unfolds layers of profound wisdom and esoteric practices. Among these practices, the Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja stands out as a luminous gem, offering devotees the pathway to attain the coveted side-long glance of Shrimati Radharani, the embodiment of divine love. Attributed to Lord Shiva himself, this prayer transcends the boundaries of sectarian worship, revealing the immense power of Radha’s grace in attaining Krishna consciousness.

Exploring Lord Shiva’s Offering – Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja

Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja is revered as the King of Prayers, a sublime petition seeking the most merciful side-long glance from Srimati Radharani, the eternal consort of Lord Krishna. Comprising verses rich in poetic beauty and holy zeal, this stotra encapsulates the essence of divine love and surrender.

Delving into the Significance of Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja

The Stava Raja isn’t just about attaining divine love; it delves into the very essence of bhakti.  Here, Lord Shiva, a powerful deity in his own right, exemplifies the importance of humility and surrender in devotion. By yearning for Radha’s glance, he underscores the supremacy of her prem (divine love) as the ultimate gateway to spiritual realization.  This prayer becomes a guidepost for devotees, illustrating that true devotion transcends hierarchies and awakens the yearning for Radha’s grace within every soul.

The Essence of Lord Shiva’s Offering – Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja

The twelve verses of the Stava Raja are a captivating tapestry woven with love, longing, and exquisite descriptions of Radha’s divine beauty. Each verse paints a vivid picture,  addressing Radha with various epithets illuminating different facets of her divine nature. From “Munindra-vrinda-vandite” (worshipped by the greatest sages) to “Vrajendra-bhanu-nandini” (daughter of Vrishabhanu, the king), Lord Shiva acknowledges Radha’s supreme position and influence.

The verses further embellish Radha’s physical beauty, comparing her complexion to lightning and champak flowers and her eyes to restless chakra birds, ever-seeking the moon.  These descriptions serve not merely as aesthetic appreciation but as metaphors for the brilliance and allure of Radha’s divine love.

Understanding the Power of Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja

The true power of the Stava Raja lies in the potent blessings associated with its recitation. The concluding verses (13-19) unveil the immense benefits a devotee can attain through sincere and dedicated chanting.  The most sought-after blessing is the “kripa-kataksha” – the merciful side-long glance of Radha.  This divine glance is believed to have the power to absolve one of past, present, and future karmic burdens.  It paves the way for entrance into the eternal pastimes of Krishna and Radha in Vrindavana, the ultimate goal for devotees on the path of Krishna Bhakti.

The Stava Raja also promises other boons, including fulfillment of desires, attainment of pure devotional service, and access to the mystical realms of Vrindavana.  These blessings serve as potent incentives,  fueling the devotee’s yearning and unwavering dedication to the path of Radha’s grace.

Discovering the Mystical Depths of Lord Shiva’s Offering – Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja

The Stava Raja goes beyond the realm of the literal.  Each verse is imbued with symbolism that unlocks deeper layers of spiritual understanding. For instance, the descriptions of Radha’s dwelling place – groves of Ashoka trees – represent the blossoming of spiritual awakening within the devotee’s heart. Similarly, the chakra bird, ever seeking the moon, symbolizes the relentless yearning of the soul for the divine light of Radha and Krishna.

Chanting the Stava Raja becomes a meditative journey, transporting the devotee to the idyllic world of Vrindavana.  As each verse unfolds, the devotee visualizes Radha’s divine form, playful movements, and the enchanting atmosphere of Vrindavana.  This visualization fosters a deep connection with the divine realm, further intensifying the yearning for Radha’s grace.


In conclusion, Sri Sri Radha-Kripa-Kataksha Stava Raja stands as a timeless testament to the power of devotion and surrender in the path of Bhakti Yoga. As we immerse ourselves in the sublime verses composed by Lord Shiva, we are reminded of the boundless love and compassion of Srimati Radharani, whose divine grace can uplift and transform our lives. May the chanting of the devotional hymn in Hinduism lead us closer to the lotus feet of Radha and Krishna, where true bliss and eternal love await.

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