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Sri Abhirama Thakura – Disappearance Day

Sri Abhirama Thakura

When Nityananda Prabhu’s first child was born, Abhirama Thakura came to offer his obeisances to the child, who died on the spot. In this way, seven of Nityananda’s children had to depart from this world just after giving birth. Finally, a daughter, Ganga-devi, was born to Nityananda Prabhu and Vasudha Devi. When, after offering his obeisances to the child, Abhirama Thakur saw that the baby was unaffected he exclaimed, “This time we haven’t been deceived!” Then he immediately composed one hundred verses in praise of Ganga-devi. When Viracandra Prabhu took his birth, Abhirama again came to offer his obeisances. When he saw that Viracandra was unaffected, he composed Shri Birbhadrastakam.

Sri Abhirama Thakura has been widely known as a learned Acharya and preacher. He has written verses and many other scriptures, which still exist to date. He was strongly associated with Lord Krishna and had grown with them. There are many stories of him as a child and as he grew up next to others. Here in this article, we discuss some of his greatest stories.

He was also one of the few chosen ones to go to Bengal to talk/preach in Gaudadesa. Although his presence shook the atheists there, he also mysteriously disappeared on the seventh day of the month of Caitra.

Story of Sri Abhirama Thakura

The story of Sri Abhirama Thakura began when Lord Krsna and his friends were young. The magnificent story has been discussed in length in Krsna-Lila. However, to understand the beginning, it is important to note that Sri Abhirama Thakura was also known as Abhirama Gopala and Ramadasa. In Karna-Lila, he was mentioned as Gopa.

The first instance is when he was young and had been playing with Lord Krishna, Balarama, and other cowherd boys. While the boys played hide and seek, many hid in a cave. This is where Abhirama had hidden. However, soon Lord Krishna decided to go elsewhere. It was during this time that they forgot about Sridam (Abhirama). When Lord Krishna realized that Sridam was missing, he sent Balaram in the form of Nityananda.

However, when Sridam refused to come out, Balarama told him that he was, in fact, Balarama. But this time around, Balarama, who was tall, appeared smaller to Sridam, so he refused to believe him. Balarama was challenged to catch Sridam if he tried to run at ten paces. Sridam ran, and Balarama caught him. However, Sridam did not believe it. So, he manifested another form of himself, as Rama Dasa, and left with Balaram. Sridam, however, stayed back, as his feelings had been hurt.

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Sri Abhirama Thakura

Gopala Guru Gosvami was Tested by Abhirama Thakura

Before Sri Abhirama Thakura tested Gopala Guru Gosvami, he tested many others. One such person was Raghunandana Thakura. When Abhirama Thakura had gone to visit him, Mukundadasa told Sri Abhirama Thakura that he wasn’t there. Mukunda had known of Sri Abhirama Thakura’s reputation, so he decided to make him go away.

Disappointed, Abhirama Thakura left. However, when Raghunandana Thakura realized what had happened, he went to look for Abhirama Thakura. Catching up with him, he danced in ecstasy with Sri Abhirama Thakura. An interesting bit here is that Raghunandana’s ankle bracelet, also called nupur, fell off during dancing. And the nupur, to date, is worshipped in the same place, which is called BorDanga.

Similarly, Sri Abhirama Thakura tested Gopala Guru Gosvami. However, despite multiple tests, Gopala Guru Gosvami emerged unscathed.

Why and How Did the Land Become Famous as Ram Kund?

Legend says that Ram Kund was created after Abhirama Thakura excavated a piece of land. This happened because Abhirama Thakura had a dream wherein he was visited by worthy of worship deity Sri Gopinathji. Sri Gopinathji told Abhirama Thakura that he was underneath the land and gave him directions in his dream. Sri Gopinathji had told him to take him out and worship him.

When Abhirama Thakura woke up, he decided to find this piece of land. He followed the directions and began digging out the land. And just like he was told in his dreams, he found a form of Sri Gopinathji beneath the earth. The place where Sri Gopinathji was found is known as Ram Kund.

Sri Abhirama Thakura had a Celebrated Whip.

Sri Abhirama Thakura had a worship-worthy whip, and it was known far and wide. His celebrated whip was called Jaya-Mangala. This whip was known for its powers. Legend has it that whoever was touched by the whip would become enamored with feelings of love. The form of pure love that this whip would evoke was similar to that Lord Krishna felt.

The whip is mentioned alongside Abhirama Thakura’s reference as well. One day, Abhirama Thakura had been whipping a boy, and Srinivasa Acarya came to his rescue, saying that Thakura should not be beating a mere child with the whip as he would not be able to handle the strong emotions of love afterward.


There are many stories of Abhirama Thakura, as devotees still celebrate and worship him. He was a learned scholar and was known to be a favorite of Nityananda Prabhu. He was one of the few who were chosen to go and spread the word around in Bengal. However, at one point, Sri Abhirama Thakura mysteriously disappeared on the seventh day of the month, Caitra. The descendants of the disciples can still be found in the districts of Hugli and Bankura, and other places.

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