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Sita Navmi: The Appearance Day of Srimati Sita Devi

Srimati Sita Devi

Guidance To The Art of Living:

Many best wishes to all of you on Sita Navami which is the appearance day of Srimati Sita Devi. Either Ramayan or Srimad Bhagwatam, Lord Krishna‘s past times are extremely sweet. As we have sugar-coated medicines so that kids take them without any difficulty, similarly, in our scriptures, we have the art of living lessons which is extremely important for all of us living. But we don’t like to take them as it has rules and regulations; that’s why Valmiki Ji has sugar-coated them with beautiful stories so that we fallen souls get to understand them and get free from this material world forever. This year Sita Navami falls on 17th May 2024.

Ramayan is also known as Sitayan as it is the past times of Sita Mata equally as it is of Sri Ram in which she gives many lessons of life with beautiful past times. Mata Sita shows how we should live life and what is right and wrong.

The Divine Appearance of Sita Devi:

Mata Sita was not born in any mother’s womb. She appeared from the Earth, and she went to Earth only in the end.

Once when Maharaja Janak was ploughing fields, he found a baby girl from the earth. He accepted her as his daughter and raised her as his very own. As she appeared from plowing the land, she was named Sita, her original name. Sri Ram is powerful, and Sita Mata is his power. If we take shelter from the power, we will automatically come into the shelter of the Powerful.

Sita Devi- The Shelter of All:

During the forest exile, Sri Ram was relaxing by lying his head on Sita Mata’s lap when the son of Indra, Jayant, in the form of a crow, started disturbing Sita Mata. When Sri Ram woke up, he saw that Sita Mata’s chest was bleeding, so he took a grass blade and threw it on Jayant as Brahmastra. Jayant started running all around and did not find any place to hide. In the end, he had to take shelter in Sri Ram. Then Sita Mata took him and placed him on the feet of Sri Ram and forgave him. Acaryas says that this is the character of Sita Mata. We don’t deserve to go to the Lord, but when we take shelter from Sita Mata, then, despite all our mistakes and sins, she provides us with the shelter of Sri Ram.

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The Universal Mother:

As we have seen in Ramayana, wherever there is Sita Mata, no demon was killed there. They got punishment like Jayant, and even Shrupnakha was not killed, only got punishment for cutting off her nose as she is the mother of all, even demons. She has a soft shelter for all. And she taught a lesson that we should destroy sins, not sinful people.

When after the death of Ravana, Sri Hanuman Ji wanted to kill those demons who troubled Sita Mata, but Sita Mata told Sri Hanuman that there were no faults in these servants; they just obeyed the order of their master. This is the mercy of Sita Mata, taking shelter of whom we get Sri Ram’s shelter too. That’s why the appearance day of Sita Mata is extremely important for all of us fallen souls.

Separation From The Lord:

The most important lesson Sita Mata told all of us is that just like she had to be separated from Sri Ram due to attraction for Golden Deer similarly, our attraction towards material things moves us all away from the Lord. We get into this circle of repeated life and death and face all miseries.

As long as the living entity follows the instructions of Sri Ram, he will be happy. But as soon as he separates himself from Sri Ram and starts disobeying him, his life becomes miserable.

Our Take Away:

Sita Mata is the idol of sacrifice and surrendering. In the character of Sita Mata, there is an ideal wife who is responsible and always ready to forgive; we all should follow her character to make our lives successful.

We have got a rare human life, and we need to make it successful by doing Bhakti.

So let’s all surrender ourselves to the power of Sri Ram on this occasion of Sita Navmi and make our human life successful.

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