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Significance of Karka Sankranti

Significance of Karka Sankranti

It is known as Karka Sankranti when the Sun enters the Karka Rashi. It alludes to the Sun God’s southern voyage, also called Dakshinayana. On this day, Lord Vishnu is honored. Giving clothes and food on this day is lucky. The monsoon season begins with Karka Sankranti. The end of the Dakshinayana is Makar Sankranti. People worship Lord Vishnu over the four months of the Dakshinayana festival. It is a good time for Pitru tarpan because it brings some serenity to the souls of the deceased.

Importance Of Karka Sankranti

On This Sankranti, the main goal of puja and fasting is to find respite from all the negative parts of life. On Karka Sankranti, Lord Varaha Swamy is worshipped in Vishnu temples. Dakshinayana coincides with Chaturmasam, which begins in Shravana and ends at Karthika Masa. Four months are dedicated to celebrating Chaturmasam. During this time, Lord Vishnu is honored. According to popular belief, a day in God’s life corresponds to a year in a person’s life. Dakshinayana, therefore, denotes the start of the night for the Gods.

During the Dakshinayana era, gods sleep. 

During Dakshinayana, the day when the sun enters Karka Rashi is referred to as Karkataka Sankranti. The duration of Dakshinayana is six months. When the Uttarayana phase starts during Makar Sankranti, it concludes. During Dakshinayana, the Sun enters the Southern Hemisphere, and the time is regarded as the night for Gods. The time is fortunate since Pitru traveled to Mother Earth during Dakshinayana; they then watch as their kids conduct the Shradh ceremony. The Shradh ritual is important because it helps the soul find divine calm. The dead person’s soul can become one with the creator until they take on a new life form during Dakshinayana, regarded as the optimum time to perform Shradh.

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What is the History of Karka Sankranti? 

According to the history of Karka Sankranti Day, Lord Vishu is worshipped on this day throughout the country. On the festival of Karka Sankranti, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm, devotees contribute food and clothing. According to the historical records of Karka Sankranti, Lord Surya and other deities enter a profound sleep. In contrast, Lord Surya relinquishes control of the universe to Lord Shiva so that he can slumber.

It is the main justification for why Shila Pujan is particularly favorable during the monsoon season. On Karka Sankranti Day, Pitru darpan, various acts of kindness, and having a bath at sunrise are also crucial. On the day of Karka Sankranti, family members also perform Shradhs for the deceased. If their children or the children of other family members do Shradhs during Dakshinayana, it is thought that the Pitru find their way to heavenly tranquillity and harmony.

How is Karka Sankranti celebrated?

During sunrise, devotees should take a holy bath. There is the adoration of Lord Vishnu. During the puja ritual, devotees chant the Vishnu Sahastra Naam Stotra. The adherents benefit from peace and better fortune. Giving out grains, clothes, and oil is regarded as lucky. On Karka Sankranti, the Sun God is worshipped alongside Lord Vishnu and offered puja for good health and fortune. One should not begin any serious or new endeavors on this day because the day is unlucky. Devotees execute the Pitru Tarpan ceremony for their ancestors and other family members who have passed away. The devotees eat sattvic or vegetarian cuisine daily during the ritual as they meditate and chant mantras. Lord Vishnu is honored during the celebrations, and devotees worship Varaha Swamy while reciting the Vishnu Sahastra Naam Stotram. According to some, Varaha Swamy is Lord Vishnu‘s third incarnation.

What are the rituals of this Sankranti?

On the day of Karka Sankranti, people take river baths. Take a bath with water that has been mixed with Ganga water. Do charitable work once the liturgy has concluded. Right now, it is necessary to worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The best fruit on this day is praising Lord Vishnu with a Tulsi letter. On this day, give water to the Sun God and perform acts of kindness. The obstacles of life are overcome, and happiness and prosperity increase by doing this.

Puja Vidhi for Karka Sankranti

  • The prohibition against bathing in the sacred river was announced on the day of Karka Sankranti. In this case, mixing water drops with Ganga water before taking a bath home is advised.
  • Afterwards, give thanks. Do charitable work once the liturgy has concluded.
  • On the day of Karka Sankranti, one might obtain the blessing of the Sun God by presenting arghya to him.
  • Having the Sun’s approval raises one’s status, respect, and honor.
  • Worship of Lord Vishnu is seen as being especially rewarding on this day.
  • On this day, reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama satisfies one’s desires.


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