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What makes Govinda the Best Pure Vegetarian Restaurant?


Vegetarianism has become a choice of lifestyle in today’s time. Not just for religious reasons, but for ethical and environmental reasons as well.

A pure vegetarian restaurant is a place where there are no meats, or egg items, and even the vegetarian food cooked is sans onion, and garlic.

ISKCON Temple’s Govinda’s Restaurant is one such place serving pure vegetarian cuisine, most hygienically prepared, and served with all purity.

The food is not only pure vegetarian here, but even offered to Lord Krishna before serving to the public. Thus it becomes very sumptuous and relishable.

These dishes are more than just food and are completely healthy for body, mind as well as the soul. You might wonder what the problem is with onion, and garlic.

The answer is that according to Ayurveda, onion and garlic falls under rajasic and tamasic foods.

This means that they increase passion and ignorance, and hence are not offered to the Lord. The only kind of food that a restaurant such as Govinda’s is allowed to serve is known as sattvic.

Why Pure Vegetarian Food?

There is a lot of debate over food and lifestyle in the present day and time. But the emergence of pure vegetarian restaurants will tell you that vegetarian food is important today and veganism is also something that is becoming relevant in society.

Spirituality can only be evoked through a sattvic lifestyle. Vegetarian food is part of the sattvic lifestyle. Being a devotee of Lord Krishna, it is imperative that one has compassion for all creatures.

Every life in this universe is very important, and consuming animals is in direct conflict with this.

pure Vegetarian Food

At Govinda’s it is more than just eating, it is practicing Bhakti Yoga, and taking a step towards a better life. Govinda’s is definitely one of the best pure vegetarian restaurants, and that is not just because of its sumptuous cuisine.

It is a place that is touched by the grace of Lord Krishna, and eating here is being closer to God. The Lord Krishna resides inside all living beings, and it is our duty to love and be kind towards all.

Vegetarian is also a great lifestyle choice to remain healthy. Vegetarian food can keep your cholesterol in check, give you better glowing skin, and so on.

There are other protein rich diet like soyabean, pulses etc that are cooked and served as a substitute.

Eating at Govinda’s

Govinda’s is a sattvic restaurant as we have already mentioned before, which means that all food dishes are prepared without onion or garlic.

The menu contains many dishes, all of which are of superior quality. The food prepared here is made from only the freshest produce, and with the utmost care.

At Govinda’s Restaurant, you can expect a great vegetarian spread, which could rival the very best vegetarian food anywhere across India. Here you can relish a large variety of North Indian dishes.

If you are in the mood for some nice veggie noodles, come over to Govinda’s for a great experience.

The menu here at Govinda’s restaurant also includes a selection of Tandoori starters. There is a wide variety of paneer items for you, from chilli paneer, to palak paneer.

This is not all, we also have some amazing dal, and kofta dishes for you, and they go very well with the different breads that are on the offering. Not just that, you also have different types of rice, from jeera rice to Kashmiri pulao, or the humble steam rice.

Everything is specially prepared for you to give you the best experience. You would also be pleased to know that Tibetan delicacies such as Thukpa, and dim sums are also served here.

Oh yes, do not forget to try out some of our appetizers, which includes something called Govinda’s Tandoori Platter. You could also try Tawa Chaap, or Malai Paneer Tikka.

This is not all. At Govinda’s, you even have an option to choose from their Ekadashi specials on the menu, with dishes such as Kele Ke Kofte, and Paneer Makhani, alongside Kuttu ki Puri. Like all great Indian restaurants, Govinda’s also has two Thalis, a normal one, and an Ekadashi one.


Food defines us, as we are what we eat. Being a vegetarian is not just a religious devotion, but also a lifestyle choice. Are you willing to let your earthlings suffer so you can eat them?

Or are you ready to accept God and come closer to helping the environment, showing compassion and kindness? At Govinda’s we celebrate the word of the Lord. Come join us soon and enjoy the delicious sattvic cuisine!

So what are you waiting for…… Enjoy the sumptuous, wholesome meal this weekend with your loved ones. The food is prepared and served following all the norms of social distancing as well. So you need not worry on that front too.

We also offer free home delivery benefits and are registered with swiggy as well as zomato just for the convenience of our regular customers.

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