Parsva Ekadashi Significance

Parsva Ekadashi

Tale of Parsva Ekadashi

“A king by the name of Bali reigned during the treta-yuga. Despite being born, he was exceedingly loyal to Me despite being from a family of demons (daityas). To appease Me, he performed the home rituals (fire offerings) and sang to Me in some Vedic songs. He encouraged the twice-born Brahmins to offer daily sacrifices out of reverence for them. But this powerful soul quarrelled with Indra and finally defeated him in combat. I had granted Indra his entire celestial dominion, which Bali, after that, seized. Because of this, Indra and all the other devas (demigods) and other wise men and women came to Me and protested about Bali Maharaja. They worshipped Me beside their spiritual leader, Brihaspati, bowed their heads to the ground, and offered numerous sacred Vedic prayers. As a result, I consented to represent them as My fifth incarnation, Vamanadev, a dwarf.” 

King Yudhishthira asked, “Oh Lord, how did you defeat such a strong demon simply by appearing as a dwarf brahmin? I am Your devoted follower, so please make this apparent.” The Supreme Lord said to Sri Lord Krishna, “Despite being a dwarf, I was a brahmana, and I went to the devout king Bali to request land as charity. Oh, Daityraj Bali only gives Me three steps of land for charity, I pleaded. For Me, such a modest plot of land will be equivalent to all three planets. Without giving My request much thought, Bali granted it. However, when he promised to give Me the land, My body started to swell into a massive transcendental shape. With My feet, I covered the entire Earth; with My thighs, I covered all of Bhuvarloka; with my waist, the Swarga skies; with my stomach, Janaloka; with my chest, Tapoloka; and with my head and face, Satyaloka. I discussed all aspects of material formation. My enormous form engulfed every planet in the cosmos, including the Sun and the Moon. “All the demigods, comprising Indra and Shesha, the snake king, started to chant Vedic hymns and make prayers to Me as they witnessed this amazing pastime of Mine. “Oh, the sinless one, I have covered the entire Earth with one stride and all the heavenly planets with the second,” I exclaimed as I grabbed Bali’s hand. To calculate the third step of land you promised Me, where should I put my foot?” After hearing this, Bali Maharaja offered Me his head as the third step and knelt in humility. Oh Yudhishthira, I despatched him to Patalaloka by putting My foot on his skull. I was ecstatic to see him so humiliated and informed Bali that I would live permanently in his palace in the future. Then, on Parivartinii Ekadasi, which falls in the month of Bhadra’s light half (August–September), Bali, the son of Virochana and Prahlad’s grandson, installed a Deity form of Me in his home. I’ll keep sleeping in the milky expanse till Haribodhini Ekadasi, which falls during the month of Kartika’s waning phase. The merit one gains at this time are especially potent.


What are the Glories of this Ekadashi?

Which Ekadasi occurs during the month’s light fortnight (Shukla paksha)? Sri Yudhishthira Maharaja asked Lord Krishna. 

What is the worshipable Deity for this Parsva Ekadashi, Bhadrapada (August-September “Hrishikesha mase”), and what benefit does one receive from observing it? 

The Supreme Personality of Lord Krishna said to His loyal Yudhishthira, “This Ekadasi, Oh my Lord, reveal all this to me.” 

Therefore, Yudhishthira, also known as Vamana Ekadasi, bestows to those who follow it enormous merit and ultimate emancipation from material servitude. 

It is also referred to as Jayanti Ekadasi because it purges a person of all their immoral emotions. One is set free from all his past wrongdoings only by hearing of its glories. This fast is so optimistic that keeping it confers the same benefit as offering a sacrificed horse. This Ekadasi is the best since it grants emancipation so quickly. Therefore, one should observe a fast on Vamana Ekadasi if they sincerely want to be free from the harsh material world. A Vaishnava should worship the Supreme Lord as Vamandev, the dwarf manifestation with eyes like lotus petals while keeping this holy fast. By doing this, he worships not only Sri Hari but also Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. When he dies, he undoubtedly enters Sri Hari’s abode. No fast is more crucial to observe in any of the three worlds.


Is Annada Ekadasi, also known as Parivartinii Ekadashi?

This Ekadasi, also known as Parivartini Ekadasi, is particularly fortunate since it commemorates the day the sleeping Lord Vishnu turns over on the other side.” Afterwards, Maharaja Yudhishthira prayed to the Lord, “Oh Janardana, could you possibly answer something for me? Why does the Supreme Lord alternate between sleeping and turning on His side? What happens to all the other living things when you sleep? Please explain to me how You restrained Bali Daityaraj (also known as Bali Maharaja), the ruler of the demons, and how one can appease the Brahmanas. In the Chaturmasya-mahatmya of the Bhavishya Purana, you tell how to follow Chaturmasya. How is this done? Please address these questions for me and be merciful to me.” Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, responded, “Oh Yudhishthira, lion among kings, I would happily tell you about a historical incident that, just by hearing it, cleanses one of all impure feelings.


Parsva Ekadashi


What Benefits of observing fast on Parsva Ekadashi? 

As a result, one should closely observe Parivartini Ekadasi. It does purge one of all sinful reactions because it is particularly purifying. If possible, one should give a qualified person some yoghurt mixed with rice and silver on this day and then remain awake throughout the night. On this day, the devoted devotee should worship Lord Trivikrama, Vamanadeva, the supreme father. One will be freed of all material conditioning by this straightforward observation. One who follows this holy Parivartinii Ekadasi in the manner I have described will undoubtedly find every form of enjoyment in this life and the kingdom of God in the afterlife. One who follows this holy Parivartinii Ekadasi or Parsva Ekadashi in the manner I have described will undoubtedly find every form of enjoyment in this life and the kingdom of God in the afterlife. Because of how potently this Parsva Ekadashi is observed, one who only hears this tale with devotion will visit the home of the demigods and shine there like the Moon itself. This ritual has the same impact as performing 1,000 horse sacrifices. 

Thus concludes the Brahma-vaivarta Purana’s description of the splendours of Parivartinii Ekadasi, also known as Vamana Ekadasi, which takes place during the waning phase of the month of Bhadrapada.

Sri Vamana Dvadashi, also known as Lord Vamanadev’s appearance day, occurs the day after Ekadasi. The Ekadasi fast lasts till noon. After noon, the fast is broken with Ekadasi prasadam. Break your fast with a wonderful Mahaprasadam feast on the day of Lord Vamanadev’s arrival! The following day (Sri Vamana Dvadashi), observe Lord Vamanadev’s presence by fasting once again till noon and reciting further Mahamantra Japa invocations to the Lord in supplication for His protection.


Importance of donations on Ekadashi

What is better than indulging in good deeds on an auspicious day like Ekadasi? Making donations on this day multiplies the good coming your way, washes away all your sins and helps you contribute to society. Iskcon Temple Delhi is working towards many causes, and the devotees are more than welcome to contribute, donate and be a part of these causes. Visit our website to know how to donate money to the causes we support.



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