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Significance of Mohini Ekadashi

Mohini Ekadashi

Today we will discuss the Mohini Ekadashi appearing in the Shukla Paksha of the Vaisakha month. This year Mohini Ekadashi is on 18 May 2024.

Yudhishthira Maharaj Inquires From Sri Krishna

Once, Yudhishtar Maharaj asked Shri Krishna about Ekadashi’s name, its importance, and how to observe its fast.

Lord Krishna said,” I will narrate to you the story of this Ekadashi; this is the same story that Vashishth Muni told Sri Ramchandra.”

Vashishth Muni Enlightens Sri Ram

Once, Sri Ram went to Vashishth Muni and asked him to tell me about the fast, which has the most value, and by observing that fast, all sins and miseries are destroyed.

Sri Ram said, “I went through a lot of pain due to separation from Sita; now I want to listen to that past time that by listening only it vanishes my all pain.”

Vashishth Muni replied to Sri Ram, “Just by taking the name of Ram, all the greatest and biggest pains go away. I know you are asking this question so that people of the world could get some benefit, so now I will tell you about Ekadashi, observing the fast which can erase all troubles. That Ekadashi comes in Vaisakh month Shukla Paksha, which we call Mohini Ekadashi.

Whosoever observes this fast gets free from all the material desires and gets the most benefit. Even just listening to the importance of this Ekadashi, all the sins vanish. “

The Tale of This Ekadashi:

Vashishth Muni narrated as follows:

Once there was a very beautiful kingdom on the banks of the Sarasvati river known as Bhadrawati. The King of this Kingdom was Dyutimaan. This Dyutimaan king was very intelligent and truthful, belonged to the moon vanish, and was a very good King. There was a businessman in his kingdom whose name was Dhanpad. He was extremely rich with lots of Gold. He used his wealth for the welfare of people by digging wells, making beautiful gardens, etc. Also, he was a great devotee of Vishnu. He had five sons, but unfortunately, the youngest son was sinful and used to do all sinful acts. He never worshiped Krishna. Once Dhanpal saw that his youngest son was roaming around with a prostitute, which made him so angry that he expelled his youngest son from the house. All people boycotted his youngest son, he had some money, but soon it was finished. Even the prostitute with whom he used to hang around left him, which made him very sad.

Once, he was so hungry that he started stealing. The king’s soldiers caught him, and then the King came to know that this was Dhanpal’s son. He set him free, but this continued, and the last time soldiers caught him, he was badly beaten and expelled from the kingdom. He started staying in the forest without food and water, and he was so starved that he started killing animals and eating them. He was always frustrated and sad. Once due to his good karma in the past, he went near Kautanya Muni’s ashram. The Muni had just taken a bath, and with the water dropping down from his body, the son Dhanpal got to touch it. Due to that water touch, his mind changed, and he started thinking that he had wasted all of his life on sins. He approached the Muni and started praying to him,” I am a very sinful man; please tell me how to get free of all these sins.”

Kauntanya Muni instructed him that by observing this fast of Shukla paksha Vaisakha month Ekadashi, all the sins of this birth and many previous births were vanquished.

Benefits of Observing This Fast:

The son of Dhanpal observed this fast very faithfully and strictly. After observing this fast, he was free from all his sins. Not only that, but the Vishnu Dootas came from Vaikunth and took him back to the Vaikunth abode after his death. This is the value and benefit of observing this fast.

Vashishth Muni told Sri Ram that no fast is bigger than this fast.

Sri Krishna told Yudhishtar Maharaj that observing this fast is bigger than going on any pilgrimage; even just by listening to its story, a person gets the benefit of donating one thousand cows. This is the value of Mohini Ekadashi.

The Real Purpose of Ekadashi:

Ekadashi means feasting for the soul, so we should do more chanting, read scriptures, do Hari Naam Sankirtan, and get the association of devotees. Increase the activities favorable to devotional service.

Many good wishes to Mohini Ekadashi. Next day parana time is 05:40 am to 10:06am.

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