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Merry Christmas

History and Facts about Christmas

Jesus Christ Messanger Of Lord

According to the Holy Christian scriptures, Jesus Christ is the son of God, a spiritual master, and the representative of the Lord. Also, in the 17th verse of the 9th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord says that he is the father of this world, and in the 14th verse Lord says,

Ahem beej bradha pita.”

 If a person loves Lord Krishna, they should also love Jesus because the one who loves the son will love the father equally. Similarly, if someone loves Jesus with all their heart, they should also love Lord Krishna the same way. If a person says, “I love Lord Krishna, so why should I love Jesus?” This means that their knowledge is incomplete, and similarly, if one says, “l love Jesus so why should I love Lord Krishna?” Their knowledge is also incomplete. If a person understands Lord Krishna, they will understand Jesus too and vies-a-vis. Sometimes, Lord, they come to this earth, and sometimes they send their representatives to this world according to the need of the hour. Jesus Christ is one of those representatives. The similarity between the major religions worldwide, such as Christian, Hindu, Buddhism, and Muslim, is that they believe that Lord or their representative comes to earth from their spiritual world. According to Christian beliefs, Jesus Christ is the son of the Lord, and from the abode of the Lord, he descended on earth for the salvation of the living beings. Bhagavad Gita and other various scriptures also state the same. There is no difference in ideology, the only difference is in the culture, environment, and civilization, and that’s why the description or meaning might differ. The ideology of the Lord or their representative descending on earth for the salvation of the living beings remains the same in every scripture.

Devotees of Lord – Real Saviour

Despite being treated miserably, Jesus christ only used to pray to the Lord to forgive the humans because they were unaware of their doings. Vedic texts have many examples like this, and some of them are Haridas Thakur, Vasudev Dutt, and Prahlad Maharaj. Haridas Thakur, despite being a Muslim, used to chant Krishna’s name, and for this, he was beaten up badly many times in the middle of the market, but still, he showed a sense of kindness towards the one who beat him up. Vasudev Dutt was a symbol of mercy. He prayed to Lord for the living beings who were in sorrow due to the sinful deeds of men all over the world. He prayed to get punishment for all the sinful deeds of humans to himself. Prahlad Maharaj too asked for the salvation of himself and all the humans in pain or sorrow when asked for a vow from Lord and Sindh.

Similarly, Jesus Christ is also an example in the Bible. He is the son of the Lord and still went through all that mistreatment. These are the signs of a Mahatma.


Jesus Christ used to say, “despise the sin not the sinner” this is a beautiful sentence because the sinner always lives in an illusion and cannot tell what’s right, and if the Guru himself despises the sinner, then how will the sinner get salvation. That’s why pure devotees, the actual devotees, despise no one. Even while being hanged by the humans, Jesus says, “Lord, please forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.” These are the signs of an actual devotee. They know they cannot despise people because they live in an illusion of their ways of living and perspective. There is no place for hatred in Krishna’s consciousness. Here, every person is welcomed to chant Krishna’s name, take the offerings, understand the secret knowledge of Bhagavad Gita, and make their material life a success. Jesus Christ said, “Hallowed be thy name” he wanted to chant Lord’s name, and then there are some people who question the existence of the Lord. How is this possible when Jesus himself says that Lord exists; it’s just that he couldn’t take Lord’s name because of a reason, but there is a name. In our Vedic texts and scriptures, we can see that Lord exists, and so does his name because, as mentioned earlier, Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says, “ahem beej bradha pita.” And this is what we preach in Krishna consciousness.

Bible also Present the Message Of Godhead

A devotee of a Lord always has a friendly relationship with all, and that’s why we say that a true devotee has no enemies. A person steadfast in the devotion of the Lord knows very well that by devotional service to the Lord, attainment of God, freedom from the cycle of birth and death, and all the problems of human life are resolved. That’s why the devotees who have experienced this personally want to spread this message to humanity. The Bible and Bhagavad Gita both mention that one who goes to the abode of the Lord never comes back and spends their life happily with God forever. Devotees of the Lord dedicated their lives to propagating God’s name, and one of the examples is Jesus Christ. He was hanged to death by people, and he gave his life in the name of the Lord. This was because he wanted to propagate Krishna’s consciousness, which is extremely hard to do. A Krishna-conscious person knows that the only reason for their troubles is to forget their eternal relationship with the Lord. That is why the greatest benefactor of human society is the one who can help themselves and the people around them to remove all the miseries. Thus a pure devotee is always busy in service of the Lord, and in this way, we understand how merciful Lord is to those who always serve Lord and are ready to take any risk for it like how Jesus Christ did.

On this Christmas, let us also take inspiration from Jesus and dedicate our human life to the conditioned creatures’ salvation and try to get the Surrender to the supreme Lord.

Merry Christmas
Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish Ki Jai

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