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Know about Lord Krishna shown Universal Forms within his mouth

Krishna eats mud

This blog talks about what Yashoda Maiyya saw inside the mouth of Lord Krishna. Hope you also see a new world!

Who complained that Krishna eats mud?

One day the gopas complained to mother Yashoda that they saw Krishna eating dirt in a secluded place. Yashoda became very worried and asked Krishna why He had eaten dirt. Krishna said, “I didn’t eat dirt. All of them are speaking lies.” Yashoda love for Krishna then spoke, “If you didn’t eat dirt, then let me look into Your mouth.” 

How is it that the Absolute Truth tells lies? The Absolute Truth cannot tell lies. But as a baby, Krishna increases her mother’s vatsalyarasa. This return of heartfelt love on the liberated platform is the best truth. Sir Krishna opened his mouth, and Mother Yashoda was able to see all the planets, creatures, and demigods. She saw Viratrupa. 

When she saw such an unusual manifestation of Lord Krishna‘s wealth, she began to wonder if she was dreaming or indulging in illusions. Srila Prabhupada explains that when we are bewildered by a situation where we cannot understand or figure out its logic, a devotee takes shelter from the Supreme Lord. 

Srila Prabhupada explains that when inconceivable reversals and challenges come upon us, we may not intellectually understand how or why they happen. In such a state, a devotee naturally takes shelter from the Lord. And the simplest way of finding that shelter is to call out for Krishna’s mercy by calling out His holy names. 

Yashoda Maiya began to pray to Supreme Lord Narayana. When Sir Krishna saw her praying, she smiled at her and covered her again with the power of Yoga Maya.

What is the answer of Krishna to mother Yashoda?

His mother, Yashoda, coming up to him with a wagging finger, scolds him: “You shouldn’t eat dirt, you naughty boy.” “But I haven’t,” says the unchallenged Lord of all and everything, disguised as a frightened human child. “Tut! Tut! Open your mouth,” orders Yashoda. 

Krishna does as he is told. He opens his mouth, and Yashoda gasps. She sees in Krishna’s mouth the whole complete entire timeless universe, all the stars and planets of space and the distance between them, all the lands and seas of the Earth and the life in them.

She sees all the days of yesterday and all the days of tomorrow; she sees all ideas and all emotions, all pity and all hope, and the three strands of matter; not a pebble, candle, creature, village, or galaxy is missing, including herself and every bit of dirt in its truthful place. 

“Sir, you can close your mouth,” she says piously. Every part of the universe has the whole universe. Hamlet, in a nutshell, saw an infinite space. William Blake saw a grain of sand, a wildflower sky, and eternity in an hour.

krishna eats mud

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What is in the mouth of Krishna?

What did Yashoda see in Krishna’s mouth is not new to people. In Krishna’s mouth, she sees the entire timeless universe, the stars and planets of the universe, the distances between them, all the nations and oceans of the Earth, and their lives. “My Lord, you can close your mouth,” she says piously. 

What happened when mother Yashoda saw a wonderful manifestation within the mouth of Lord Krishna?

When Krishna played as a child, he ate the Earth, and his playmates complained to his mother Yashoda, “Mother, your son Krishna eats the earth.” After the explanation, Yashoda’s mother called out, “Krishna, why do you eat the Earth? I gave you sandeśa.” Krishna said, “No, mom, I haven’t eaten anything.” 

“No, your friends are complaining.” “No, they became my enemies this morning. There was some debate. So like this, then my mother, Yashoda, raised this issue. I wanted to solve: “Okay, show your mouth and open your mouth. 

And when Krishna opened his mouth, his mother saw a myriad of universes in her mouth. This is Krishna. Aṇoraṇī yān mahatomahī yān This is the description of “greater than maximum, smaller than the minimum.” Of course, my mother Yasoda couldn’t believe it when she saw it. Godhead. She always thought, “He’s my teenager.” that’s all. “I have to take care of him.” These are called the feelings of her father. Vātsalyarasa. 

When Yashoda challenged, “Krishna, you are eating the Earth. Your friends are complaining.” “No, mom, I didn’t. They say they are wrong. “Now, your brother also says Balarama.” “No, he’s angry with me this morning. So he connected with them.” “I put your face on. I want to see it. 

“So he opened his mouth, and his mother saw millions of Yashoda and millions of universes in her mouth. Then she thought, “Maybe something okay, don’t do it.” That’s all. Please finish it (?). Now Krishna, with millions of universes in his mouth, is being punished by Yashoda. This is Krishna. Aṇyān Mahato Mahīyān. This is Krishna. 

Another day, when Krishna and Balarama were playing with friends, all the boys joined Balarāma and Krishna told his mother Yashoda that he ate clay. On hearing this, mother Yashoda caught hold of Krishna’s hand and said, “My dear Krishna, why have You eaten Earth in a solitary place? Just see, all Your friends, including Balrama, are complaining about You.” 

Being afraid of His mother, Krishna replied, “My dear mother, all these boys, including My elder brother Balarāma, are speaking lies against Me. I have never eaten clay. My elder brother Balarāma, while playing with Me today, became angry, and therefore He has joined with the other boys to complain against Me. 

They have all combined to complain, so you will be angry and chastise Me. If you think they are truthful, then you can look within My mouth to see whether I have taken clay or not.” His mother replied, “All right, if You have not taken any clay, then open Your mouth. I shall see.” 

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How does mother Yashoda understand the philosophy of life?

My mother, Hachimanden, saw the richness of creativity in her mouth. She saw the Cardinal’s points, mountains, islands, seas, planets, air, fire, moon, and stars. She also saw elements, water, the sky, vast air-like beings, and a complete ego. 

She saw all sensory products and rulers, demigods, sensory objects: shapes, sounds, smells, tastes, and tactile sensations. She was able to see three properties of material nature. In his mouth, she saw all living things, eternal time, material qualities, spiritual qualities, activities, consciousness, and various forms of creation. Everything needed to manifest the universe was in his mouth. She saw her nursing Krishna on her lap. 

She was thinking philosophically. She thought: “Let him swear allegiance. That’s why I consider him the wife of Mahara Jananda and the owner of his property. Because of its fantastic power, the cowherd family is my I consider it a subject. I hope he protects me! “

While Yashoda was thinking of her purity, Krishna painted a curtain of her inner energy and overwhelmed her with her mother’s affection for him. She stopped speculating and lovingly looked at her son. She put him on her lap, was overwhelmed by her mother’s love, and caressed the baby. 

The people of Vrindavan are the loved ones of Lord Krishna, the supreme absolute truth, and reward him in various gentle relationships. Krishna ensures that his awe and awe never hinder these transcendental feelings. For Nanda and Yashoda, Krishna is their son, the apple of their eyes, and the meaning of their eternal existence.


Krishna consciousness spreads in the hearts of the people. To know more such facts about Krishna and Krishna Consciousness, keep reading our blogs to gain insights into Krishna mythology stories.

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